Thursday, December 03, 2009


Portfolios are in!

Congratulations to all of you who completed the course! We are finished! Grades will be ready in a week. If you'd like to know your grade you can call me or ask me next week. I can drop students up to Dec. 5, 2009. All students should be proud of their accomplishments this semester. Remember, writing is a process which varies from person to person, so keep reading and writing and reflecting and you will improve in your thinking, analytical and writing skills. I know, it isn't parallel structure, but I didn't mean analyzing (smile).

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Additional Essays for the Portfolio

Please add the in-class essays to the SPHE section of the portfolio: Pronoun Case, Be-Verb Essay, Possessives, Parallel Structure, Subject Verb Agreement, and your Censorship or Rap Against Rap essay (your Hootenanny).

Please just include final drafts of the SPHE. Create a separate section for the Censorship or Rap Against Rap essay: Include the first draft, the revised draft and your Stewart Pidd-like analysis with templates and corrections of the essay. (Every essay included in the portfolio is an essay with a passing grade: C or above. Some students didn't have a lot to correct in this essay. I think everyone had something to correct and often it was a combination of both grammar and something else like missing evidence or incongruence in the argument or clarity which might have meant a little rewriting. Discuss this in the essay about the essay, your introduction is a good place for this.

Some students have really excelled these past two weeks raking in As. You should be really proud of yourselves, you certainly earned it, especially those students who haven't been in college for a while and were at first intimidated by the writing load.

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