Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our final is Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 12 noon to 2 p.m. Students decided that they would like to go out to lunch for our final. We can talk about locations for meals next week.

Homework is to locate or identify your social entrepreneur. Bring in your 5 sources in MLA format. The final essay will be due with the portfolio. Bring it to the restaurant, along with an abstract for all present (smile). We will present informally there.

I will give everyone a portfolio checklist next week and we will start assembling the portfolio.We didn't get to all of the plans I listed below. It took the entire class time to talk about the Ode article.

Today we watched the New Heroes video on Muhammad Yunus and read the Ode article. Students then wrote a collaborative essay: thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

We also practiced the 3-part thesis structure and developed a sample outline using Muhammad Yunus as the example.

Lastly, we created a bibliography with three sources: the video, Yunus's website and the Ode article. Visit 

Ode article on line:



Link for a website that explains how to write an abstract:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Students  presented their papers Tuesday. Next week we will start with the three students left who weren't able to present. We ran out of time.

We will also complete the MCE 2 and write a reflective essay on The Pidd Experience after completing the Hootenanny Essay on Thursday. We have four more meetings until the end of the semester.

Email your essays to me along with the self-reflection. Look for my graded response.

Have a happy holiday (smile).

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Book Report Essay & Photos

Today in class we practiced writing the Book Report Essay together using Guy's book as an example. The topic we chose was "evolution means change."

Students practiced the 3-part thesis (handout). They then started writing their introductions. Homework is to complete the introduction and outline. Students write their IPS in class. Don't forget to find three other sources: published book review, author profiles and perhaps an article on the topic.

I gave students an article from Ode magazine on social entrepreneur and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. We will review it in two weeks (when we return from Thanksgiving Break.) We also adjusted the due dates for the next essay(s)--Pidd included.

Presentations are Nov. 20 for the Book Report Essay. Bring any questions on Thursday.

We will continue writing Thursday. I gave students a handout on conclusions as well. We will write a conclusion on Thursday too.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012, many students were able to get over to the Oakland Museum to see the Dia de los Muertos Exhibit, as well as 1968 and the Playing with Fire: Artists of the California Studio Class Movement. For many students this was the first, but hopefully not the last time at the OM. Tickets for Peralta Community College students were $2.

I left COA at 1:30 PM which made me a bit late, but I saw students in the Dia de los Muertos and in the History Gallery. I hope I didn't miss any of you.

1. Work on Pidd this week. Catch up. According to our schedule, we are finishing up Pidd this week. Do the exercises for the remaining essays: Parallel Structure and Subject Verb Agreement. If you need help, go to the Writing Center.

2. Complete your book for the Book Report Essay.

3. Complete the Frontline World On-line Assignments

4. Start thinking about your SE. COA librarians can help you. I can too. Let me know if you are still undecided next week.

Don't forget to VOTE! 

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