Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today Julien presented his Social Entrepreneur essay. Julien post your abstract and write a self-reflection. Class write a response to Julien on his presentation. what worked well?

Reminder: the essays were due by today. If anyone is missing an essay he or she is not passing the class. Check your email for grades. Everything will be in by or before Monday, May 23.

We will meet in A-232 on Monday to review the portfolio assembly. Today I handed out copies of the portfolio checklist.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Today in class we started our narrative essay 2. I gave students two chapters from Writing with a Thesis: A Rhetoric and Reader. Tenth Edition, by authors, Sarah E. Skwire and David Skwire. The publisher is Thomson Wadsworth 2008 in Boston, MA.

Students who have not revised or turned in the final two essays: The Book Report and the Social Entrepreneur essays, you have failed the class. The SE essay was due last week.


Portfolio Checklist Draft

Portfolio Checklist 2011

This checklist can serve as the table of contents. Put a check next to the items to show inclusion in the portfolio. Use as the second page to the portfolio, after the cover sheet. Where there are questions for the section, students can post the answers to the narrative there.

Number the pages with a header.

Name ______________________________
Date ______________________________
Class including class code and semester ____________________
Address _______________________________________
Phone number __________________________________
Email address__________________________________

ENG 201 A
20232 Lec 01:00-02:50 PM MW Sabir D-204

ENG 201 B
20239 Lec 01:00-02:50 PM MW Sabir D-204

Class Meetings: Jan. 24—May 18, 1-2:50

May 23 9 AM to 12 PM A-232
Portfolio assembly workshop _______________

Portfolio Due Date
Portfolios due by Friday, May 27, 12 Noon electronically. Make sure you receive a receipt for your submission. No paper copies, no exceptions.

Grade Justification
What grade do you think you've earned this semester? What evidence supports this conclusion?

1. Portfolio Essay 1 Don't forget to talk about SPHE _______

2. Portfolio Essay 2 __________________

3. Stewart Pidd Hates English _______________

Quizzes: List scores for all:
Punctuating Sentences Quiz A______ Quiz B______; MLA Style Title Quiz ________; MLA Style Format _________; Pronoun AGR ________; Pronoun Case _______; Quotations and Ellipsis Marks Quiz _______; Possessive Nouns and Pronouns ________; Parallel Structure ________; Subject-Verb AGR_______

Essay Exams
Essay Exam 1: Pronoun Case______; Essay Exam 2: Possessives; Essay Exam 3: Parallel Structure __________

For each essay exam, note which errors were chosen and whether or not you had to revise the essay. If you did, what corrections did you make, and why?

Grammar Exams
Grammar Exam 1: Score: ________. Analyze your score. What type of errors did you make?

Grammar Exam 2: Score: ________. Analyze your score. What type of errors did you make?

Other Pidd Essays: Sentence Punctuation ________; Pronoun AGR _________; POV _____; Be-Verb ________; Subject-Verb AGR________.

List scores for all. Analyze your errors. How many revisions? Why?

In-class assignments (type them) ___________
First essay assignment: Write about a woman you admire _________

Half the Sky Portfolio
Post the graded assignments here and fill in the blanks

Planning Sheet, Outline, Thesis _________
First Draft _________
Final Draft Grade __________
Revisions (how many? Grades?) __________

Pidd-type essay grade__________or narrative _______________

Please include in this section peer comments and self-reflections (how many?)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Half the Sky freewrites (how many?)_______ and reading logs (how many_______(if typed include them) and grade on reading logs ________

War Stories
Poetry of War __________

Book Report
Planning Sheet, Outline, Thesis___________
Final draft grade__________
Pidd-type essay grade ____________or Narrative________________

Book Report presentation___________
Peer reviews (how many?)_________________

Book Report Presentations:
Grade is an “A”for all presentations or “-0-“ for opting out. The presentation is a quarter of the grade for this assignment


Social Entrepreneur

Planning _____________
On-line Frontline World (on-line responses 3) Post them here

Library Research sheet _______________(if you did it)
List of sources (5) minimum in MLA format (post here)

Essay: Planning Sheet, Outline, Thesis__________
First Draft (peer review)__________
Final Draft Grade ______________
Revisions _____________
Pidd type essay ________________ or narrative ____________

SE Presentation date ___________
The presentation is a quarter of the grade.

New Heroes essay responses (Inderjit Khurana, Mimi Silbert . . .), include with SE portfolio.

Other cyber-assignments

Response to introductory letter________
Response to syllabus _________

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Extra Credit: President's State of the Union Address.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Cyber-Freewrite Response to President Obama's State of the Union

Monday, February 28, 2011
Character Profiles Cyber-Assignment

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Cyber-Assignment Reflection on Information Literacy

Wednesday, February 09, 2011
Reflections on the Literature Circle

Wednesday, February 09, 2011
Cyber-Assignment: An Interview with Nicholas Kristof

HTS Introduction Summaries
Summaries of the introduction to Half the Sky here. 250 words.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011
Half the Sky: paraphrases and its originals.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011
Cyber-Assignment: February 1, 1902- May 22, 1967, was poet Langston Hughes' birthday. Response to one of his poems. I suggested I Too Sing America.

Extra Credit: Students can turn in a graded essay from another course if the other teacher doesn’t mind. It has to use research and MLA style documentation, so certain courses are not applicable.

Anything else?____________________________________________________________________

Teacher research

Can I use your work in presentations and publications? Would you like to be anonymous? If I plan on using your essays or work in a book, I will let you know and share any proceeds.

Yes, I agree.
No, do not use my work.

Final Grade

Portfolio checklist _____________
Portfolio Essay 1_______________
Portfolio Essay 2_______________
Portfolio Grade_________

Course Grade_________


Portfolio Essays

Portfolio Checklist Spring 2011 Draft

Mailing Address__________________________________
Phone Number_____________________________________
E-mail address___________________________________
Course number and code___________________________

The portfolio narratives (These are essays)

1. The narrative will look at the 18 weeks, the themes we looked at this semester,
women and empowerment.

What have you learned about yourself this semester? What have you learned about the discipline you are studying here: reading and writing that you plan to carry forth into your lifelong pursuit of learning.

Please also comment on the texts and whether or not they were helpful in this process. You can also talk about the instruction, culture of the class and the teacher. You can also offer suggestions.

2. The second part of the narrative looks at the writing process and what you have been learning about yourself as a writer. Take two essays and talk about the planning, research and revision strategies you used. It helps to choose an early paper and compare to a later paper. Often you can more easily see the differences in your writing and a better example of mastery of certain concepts. Also discuss skills you need to improve and how you plan to address that.

Additional narrative considerations for the portfolio essay:

The second essay has students look at the writing process and discuss their own writing process: the topics chosen, the information used, revision strategies, writing as a process. This should include a definition of the difference between editing and revising and a value statement on the place for both in composition.

I am really interested in discourse about audience and how that shapes or determines how the writer approaches her topic.

I am also interested in discussion of the revision process, and whether or not seeing writing as a work in progress or a draft, liberates or stagnates the creative process. (Students are to use examples from their writing to illustrate these points.)

I'd also like students to think about and give at three specific ways how they have grown as writers and thinkers this semester. Each essay should be minimally 1-2 pages (250-500 words).

We will work on portfolio assembly, Monday, May 27, 9-12 noon, in A-232. If there is a final being given there, call me to find our location.

Monday, May 09, 2011

We are coming into the final stretch (smile). Congratulations! Today we wrote Essay Exam 3: Parallel Structure. Students also completed Grammar Exam 2. We didn't get to the Subject Verb Agreement Essay. Finish the exercises so we can get to it Wednesday.

If you do not understand the emailed Pidd comments, respond with a question, so you can revise the essay. Change the subject line to indicate such.

Bring in your drafts for the Social Entrepreneur essay Wednesday. Students are on their 2-3 revisions of the HTS and book report essays. Some of them are getting better.

If there are too many errors students have to write a Pidd-type essay for their essays.

Details matter. We have three more meetings left. During finals week, I will be around if students want to come in and work on their portfolios which aren't due until the Friday the week of finals.

Bring your Alice Walker handout to class Wednesday for our freewrite.

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