Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today Julien presented his Social Entrepreneur essay. Julien post your abstract and write a self-reflection. Class write a response to Julien on his presentation. what worked well?

Reminder: the essays were due by today. If anyone is missing an essay he or she is not passing the class. Check your email for grades. Everything will be in by or before Monday, May 23.

We will meet in A-232 on Monday to review the portfolio assembly. Today I handed out copies of the portfolio checklist.

Marcela Gutierrez

Professor Sabir

English 201A

19 May 2011

Looking at Julien’s abstract I really do like how he broke it down into three main factors of what the audience really wants to know about the social entrepreneur he was profiling, which is Who? What? and Has it Worked? He gave great detail in each section where honestly I didn’t have any questions for him towards the end of his presentation. It was impressive how he actually worked for Think Outside the Bottle as a volunteer, so I’m sure his essay went into great detail since it was personal to some extent. Also like Professor Sabir, I myself was also surprised by how so many water companies do false advertising and all we are really drinking is filtered tap water. Thanks to his presentation I am now more aware of which water bottles I should be buying from, thanks Julien! Overall Julien gave a good abstract presentation which sufficient evidence that is deserving of a high grade.
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