Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Students  presented their papers Tuesday. Next week we will start with the three students left who weren't able to present. We ran out of time.

We will also complete the MCE 2 and write a reflective essay on The Pidd Experience after completing the Hootenanny Essay on Thursday. We have four more meetings until the end of the semester.

Email your essays to me along with the self-reflection. Look for my graded response.

Have a happy holiday (smile).

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This comment has been removed by the author.
Rodrigo Elenes
Professor sabir
English 201B
21 august 2013
Syllabus response

I am a freshman in college. I have never reviewed a syllabus. However, I can say that the syllabus you provided us is of great help. My family and friends had mention that when I went to college I would receive a Syllabus. Now that I have it I can see that it’s like a road-map for the class. This is my “go to” whenever I need to know what is due next. In the first page I could see the date of my finals. This will allow me to prepare for it. I can also see in the second page that I will be having a research project. And over it lets me get prepare for it. Furthermore the syllabus explains the homework assignments requirement it talks about no late papers and any papers below a c grade will be revised or we will have to rewrite. And now that I read that getting a C or lower grade makes me prepare for and A. So I don’t have to rewrite and worry about it anymore. The grading section gives me a good picture on how much every little assignment from weekly essays to my finals. This syllabus is an amazing tool you have gave us to refer back to at any time. I believe the syllabus is not long and I believe it’s reasonable. I read it and I understand every little thing and I agree to the agreement.

Celeste Beas
Professor Sabir
English 201B
21 August 2013
Syllabus Response
In the syllabus it talks about the work that we are going to be doing. I like the fact that we are going to branching out and not focusing on one style of writing. We are going to use multiple styles. One of them will be a book report and so that is something that I have not done in so long. We all know that a basic book report goes all the way back to elementary school but with the knowledge that we have we can go deeper into the book and write more. Another style of writing will be almost like a reflection on an individual who has impacted society. So, that will be something new for me because the only similar writing I have done is an essay on someone who has been a role model to me.
Another thing that caught my attention that was on the syllabus the professor is giving us basically what we are going to achieve in the class. It says we are going to read a book do 3 or so essays. It is basically preparing for what is to come. And in my point of view I actually like it because then I can look back on it and look at some of the details and see how I can gather information so that I can be prepared and submit a great essay. It also goes to say what we should be able to achieve from the class. To me, it is kind of hard to respond to a syllabus because everything on this syllabus is understandable and it’s clear and to the point. It says what we need to do on our part to be successful in the class.

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