Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012, many students were able to get over to the Oakland Museum to see the Dia de los Muertos Exhibit, as well as 1968 and the Playing with Fire: Artists of the California Studio Class Movement. For many students this was the first, but hopefully not the last time at the OM. Tickets for Peralta Community College students were $2.

I left COA at 1:30 PM which made me a bit late, but I saw students in the Dia de los Muertos and in the History Gallery. I hope I didn't miss any of you.

1. Work on Pidd this week. Catch up. According to our schedule, we are finishing up Pidd this week. Do the exercises for the remaining essays: Parallel Structure and Subject Verb Agreement. If you need help, go to the Writing Center.

2. Complete your book for the Book Report Essay.

3. Complete the Frontline World On-line Assignments

4. Start thinking about your SE. COA librarians can help you. I can too. Let me know if you are still undecided next week.

Don't forget to VOTE! 

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