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Homework Due Monday, January 22

Assignment: The question relates to the theme this semester: Nature vs. Nurture. Is the protagonist in Grazed by a Bullet a victim of circumstances or did she make a bad choice? Defend your answer with evidence from the story. Respond in an essay (250 words min.) This is not an on-line assignment. It is due Monday, January 22.

Here are the links for the YO! articles, just in case you couldn't find them. The story: Grazed by a Bullet wasn't at

Here it is: Grazed by a Bullet by Labrittany Beene

Here is Blood in My Eyes by Amber Johnson

Here is a link to a 4-Part series on gun violence at New American Media (YO! is a part of the same organization).

Got Shot: The Series

Today in class we had a lively discussion about the article Grazed by a Bullet. Most students, while sympathetic to the protagonist's plight, still could not absolve her of her decision to take ectasy, drink, and go for a drive with friends who were also intoxicated. The fact that she had not experienced the violence first hand before was not a strong "victim" argument, nor did my comments that she was traumatized still from the loss of so many friends and her brother in the same area where she went riding with her friends.

When it comes down to it, the matter of choice and destiny are often blurred. Are we doomed by the company we keep if we choose to continue to keep said companions when obviously the road they are on is a deadly one?

W. Sabir
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