Monday, January 22, 2007


Homework due Wednesday, January 24

Homework for Tuesday, January 23 is to watch President Bush's State of the Union Address. When I checked the website for, the time listed is 6 p.m. tomorrow on Channel 5. He'll be on all the channels though. Listen to the analysis afterwards too. I like to listen to KPFA radio, 94.1 FM.

As you're listening to the speech, take notes. Use these notes as evidence to support your responses to the questions.

Now consider the following questions:

What were the salient elements of this speech? What was its purpose? Was the speech organized in such a way that you could easily discern what he was trying to prove? Explain.

Was the evidence sufficient and effective?

Do you agree with his claims?

Was there anything he failed to cover that you were waiting to hear? If so, what was this?

Talk about the delivery. Was the president calm, poised, confident, nervous.... How do you know this?

Be prepared to share your 250 word essay response with classmates on Wednesday.

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