Monday, January 29, 2007


Monday, January 29

Today in class we reviewed the definition of argument in reference to a cover story from the East Bay Express, November 9, 2006: The Making of a Criminal by Kathleen Richards Students looked at the cover of the newspaper and reflected on the visual argument presented.

We came up with the following definition of argument: A discussion of differing points of view; a controversial opinion; a debate over a subject where there are 2 or more sides; a debatable subject or issue; "a course of reasoning demonstrating truth or falsehood; a persuasive reason" (American Heritage Dictionary).

"In argumentative writing you take a stand on a debatable issue" (Hacker 344).

After jotting down their reflections, students then responded to each other's responses with a counterargument.

We started a grammar quiz which we will complete on Wednesday.

Lastly, we reviewed the exercises in Writing with a Thesis pp. 1-10. Homework is to read and answer all the questions for pp. 10-21. Additionally, students are to bring in an example of a visual argument to class to share.

Students need their Rules for Writers, dictionary and WWT daily.

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