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In class writing on Descriptive Themes

Today in class we reviewed the chapter on Description in WWT. Students then responded in a 250 words essay to one of several themes or topics from Chapter 3 in WWT.

You can post your essay here. Make certain that you include your name and course, as well as your email address so I can respond with a grade.

Homework: In Frankenstein, read up to Chapter 9. Visit the supplementary sites listed below. I suggest Spark Notes. Also, if you want extra credit for the 100 Families Field Trip, you can write about it.

By now you should have identified at least 1-3 persons for your social entrepreneur essay. If not, get started. The planning sheet and 5-10 sources are due Wednesday, March 28, to share.

An introduction and conclusion to the essay are due: Monday, April 16.

The first draft of the essay is due: Monday, April 23

The final draft is due Wednesday, April 25. Email the essay, the planning sheet, and all the works cited and bibliography pages to me at

Don't forget the Cyber-Essay on the War in Iraq 4 Years Later. It was due yesterday, March 19 by 12 midnight. Post it at the initial assignment post.

Jacqueline Hendy
Mon/wed 10-12

Haunted Houses

The day I heard that my Spanish teacher was taking a field trip to Santa Cruz I was shocked because I had never been on a field trip in high school. However, she was not taking my class but her other class had most of my friends in there and I was the only that was not going. I was highly upset until I heard that she was letting people from my class attend the trip. At this time the seats on the bus were being filled and I wanted to secure my place. So when the lunch bell rang I made a made dash to her classroom to ask if I could go, happily she said yes and gave me a permission slip. That was a big mistake.
The day of the field trip I was so elated because I was getting a day off of school, my friends were going to be there and I was go to be going to Santa Cruz. Getting on this big charter bus I was hit in the face with this stench of musk or onions. The whole bus ride was nauseating I tried to sleep it off but the seats were hard it felt like I was sitting on rocks, the space between the seats was cramped I thought that I was going to get blood clots. Somehow I just kept thinking that I would be off this bus in a little while and pretty soon I would be getting on the park rides even though I am desperately afraid of heights. We finally made it and the first thing that my friends wanted to do was go to the hunted house. I was totally up for it because I am into things like that. We paid our tickets to the hunted house operated and he sent us of and told us to have fun but that was what I did not have.
My friends pushed me to the front so hard that I almost lost my balance. The house was pretty dark but I was not scared. There were black lights through the whole place so it looked like we were glowing from radiation contamination, bloody hands were hanging from the ceiling, and severed heads were popping out of special compartments. My friends looked like that their hearts were going to burst out of their chest. I laughed uncontrollably at them, yet that was not the funniest sight that I witnessed. One of the guys that were in the house with us was tall so it was funny to see when he got stuck in this big fake spider web. He couldn’t get out and yelled for the rest of us to help him out of this mess.
The tour of the house was almost over and I hadn’t been scared out of my mind yet. We were at the door when I tried to open it but I could because it was locked. Then I tried it again that’s when I almost passed out because a man in the most hideous mask and costume scared me so bad that I tried to run the other way. Going the other way did not make it better because the light had gone off and I was in pitch black darkness. At that time my friends had found my on the floor hold my knee. I had ran into something and got a big bruise. That rest of the day was pretty good but my knee hurt the whole time we were there. I now know that I am scared of some things, like people jumping out of exit ways.
Sarah Pruitt
Ms. Sabir
English 201B M.W 10-12
Description Essay
Spoiled Children

Spoiled Rotten

Many years ago I used to baby sit my best friend Gingers little cousin. She was a four year old girl that had struggled and defeated cancer. She was probably one of the most spoiled girls I have ever met. Because she dealt with having cancer at such a young age her parents gave her whatever it was she wanted, and they gave it to her when she wanted it. Her Name was Rosie. She stood about three feet tall with beautiful dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, she had the face of an angel and just something about her personality that made you want to love her. Since she could not play at the parks with other children, because of all the germs, Rosie’s dad decided to bring the park home to their backyard. He built Rosie a three story tree house in the backyard equipped with a bench swing, a slide, a refrigerator and microwave, and even a room with a bed so she could camp out in her tree house. By the time Rosie was five she had heard the word “no” maybe twice in the entirety of her life.

It is vital when a child is young to establish morals, values, and structure into there lives. Rosie’s parents did the best they could to give her everything she wanted incase she did not make it through her illness. They thought if they could give her whatever she wanted that she could live the happiest life possible. However, this should have stopped once she recovered, but since Rosie had rarely heard the word “no” it did not go over so well when they tried to finally tell her, “no Rosie you can not have that Barbie doll.” Rosie threw her little body on the ground and started to kick her feet, pound her fists, and even started screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. Rosie could not handle that her parents told her she could not have the doll. She was throwing a tantrum in the middle of a store isle. I could not believe what I was seeing. When I was young when my mother said “no” there was no questioning her, that was her final answer. Rosie’s parents were quite upset to see there little girl crying on the floor of the store and told her she could take home her doll of choice. Her parents gave in and in turn showed Rosie exactly what to do to get her way every time. Her tantrums did not end with the Barbie doll and they just kept getting worse. Rosie had indeed turned into one spoiled rotten little girl.
Ramon Malveaux
English Mrs. Saber

Animals in the zoo

In many cases the animals in the zoo are missing taken for animals that everyone can pay to go see. But not me I think of animals in the zoo as people in jail or monkeys in a barrel. Can you imagine if all the animals got loose out of the zoo? It would be because everywhere people everywhere would be running and screaming. Well in jail I think it’s a zoo on it’s on because it’s a lot of people that may have done some bad things. And some one may be innocent and convicted for something that they didn’t do. And the whole system is messed up in the jail can you imagine If all the convicts got out or broke out of the jail. People would problem be running and screaming everywhere.
People have a good life on the out side but on the in side there people justr trying to make it back to there family and there’s people that have life in jail so they have nothing to look up to and try to make it hard for others. I can’t imagine I would probably try to escape are kill my self I can’t be locked up from the world I would go crazy my self because I would not be able to go have fun on my own. I like to have fun go clubin are something it would be messed up if I couldn’t that’s why I just got to be free.
Haunted houses.

Newpark Mall in Newark, CA is supposedly known to have it’s supernatural activity. It may not be during business hours, and if so, not every customer may have witnessed anything. But since I am employed there, personally I would know of these things. A few years ago, my friend’s sister Gwynne, use to work at the engraving keepsake store called “Things Remembered.” She use to go on explaining how she would never go towards the other end of the mall near Old Navy. She claimed that someone was murdered there and that till this day you can hear screams towards that location. I never heard of Newpark Mall being haunted? I’ve been shopping there for years, ever since I was a little girl! I’m sure if it was so, the owners of the mall wouldn’t want the public to know because it would loose its business. I never saw or heard anything myself, so I just assumed it was some kind of story, myth, a rumor that was never true.

Currently, I am employed as a sales associate and visual merchandiser for the Forever 21 store, inside Newpark Mall. Not until a year and a half, I have personally experienced some kind of supernatural activity alone. As a visual merchandiser, I have to work on our stores floorsets for each season, early in the morning before our store opens. These projects take a little over a week, so we start at 5am. On my first day of a 5am floorset, I have never felt so shaken up in my life! I was running late for work, I just wanted to hurry up and park real quick into the parking garage and go inside. After I parked my car inside the empty garage, it felt so eerie since it was so dark and lonesome outside. I was scared to even get out of my car. I didn’t know if I had to go through an employee hallway to meet with security or try to see if the mall entrance doors were open. Usually the mall doors don’t open until 7:30am, but I wanted to avoid the Tilt backdoor entrance so I checked if the public doors were unlocked anyway.

Surprisingly, they were unlocked. That usually isn’t normal and I didn’t know if my manager was already inside our store and just left the public doors open for me or if anything was expecting me inside the mall. I took a chance and walked in all alone. Every store was gated down, lights turned off. I was so dark inside, it felt kind of scary. The only lights that were on, were the stand-by emergency lights. At the moment, since I was already late to clock-in, no ghost of murder story came to my mind. The escalators to go upstairs were turned off, of course but I walked up the stairs anyway. When I arrived at my job and stood in front of the store, the gate was down and the lights were off. It seems as if no one was at my job yet. I decided to call the store, so the phone ranged constantly and no one picked up. I just assumed that maybe my co-manager Mary Grace was running late as well. I stood there and waited for a few minutes, thinking that she couldn’t be anymore late than what I am.

Then all of a sudden I had heard a scream afar from down the hallway. I had no clue what was, so I got quiet and listened for it again. A few seconds later, I had heard the same scream. It sounded like a woman who was in danger, and that she was screaming for her life. My heart dropped at that moment.. The story that Gwynne had told me a few years ago, popped into my head. I thought to myself, ‘could that be the same screams that Gwynne was telling me about?’ I really didn’t want to find out anymore or wait and see if something was going to appear in front of me. I assumed if I showed fear to the screaming spirit that was still stuck into this mall, it would test my fear even more. So I slowy speed walked down the hall, down the escalator, out the public entrance door, into the garage, and back inside my car. I locked my doors, waited until someone showed up and sat there shaking. I didn’t know what that was, and I didn’t even want to go back inside. Quickly I called my ex-boyfriend, cause I knew he’d answer my call, that early in the morning. I just needed someone to stay on the phone with me to keep me sane at the moment. He heard all the stories and I explained to him what had just happened to me. And to end my day, with the curiosity I still had within me, I found out that those haunting stories held inside Newpark Mall was no myth or rumor, they’re real and have been also witnessed inside Tilt and Anchor Blue as well.
Anonymous said...
Usually when people think about a haunted house they imagine ghosts roaming the halls, objects moving in the air and creepy whispering voices emerging out of no where that make the hair¡¯s of your back stand up. Of course the outside has to look creepy and in a bad condition to realize the house is haunted. It has to look antique with spider webs hanging down from every corner and the coat paint of the house looks rusty and in critical conditions. But in my case, the house I visited was the total opposite of a haunted house whose image from the outside looks creepy. The house I once stepped foot in was all freshly painted with a crisp white coat and ready for any costumer to buy. There were absolutely no signs of any spider webs producing or emerging. The front yard was all well maintained and there was even a cute small little garden with fresh lily¡¯s and yellow tulips growing in the front. It all looked so perfect and brilliant.
How ever, the inside was not to perfect as the exterior was. Yes, it was well cleaned and vacuumed but it contained an unbelievably putrid smell. At first the smell was hard to recognize because it had a mixture of rottenness and something dead. I figured it could be a rat that was hidden somewhere dying and hadn¡¯t been discovered yet. The awkward thing about it was that the aroma only hit you when you were in the kitchen area. There was also a sensation, that someone was watching you from every corner of the house. The energy in there was tremendously perplexed among everyone.
I specifically remember going inside a room of the house and sitting down in the bed that was left for display. I was sitting there with my two cousins checking the room out when suddenly I felt the touch of someone grasping my ankle. I did not react immediately because I thought it could have been my cousins plying around trying to scare me but when I looked at them they were all in front of me. I checked the bottom of the bed intensively but realized that the gap in between the bed and the floor was excessively small for any one to fit through there. When I realized what I had discovered I immediately departed from the room, leaving behind my bag and cousins in the room. Without noticing in my way out, I was out of the house and inside my car. I stood there for the rest of the tour around the house determined to leave but I was not allowed because I had to wait for the rest of the group and leave with them.
Later on that day I tried commenting the incident to my family but naturally they didnt believe me. After that day I decided not to make it a big deal so I tried forgetting about it but the truth is that it still comes back to haunt me in my sleep at night. Frequently I have beggining to dream weird dreams that are very hard to explain. For example sometimes I when I wake up in the middle in the night I open my eyes and try to move but I find myself incapable of moving. It was as if I was frozen stiff and my body was peralized. And sometime I can feel my body being stached with an enormous weight on top of me.
Many people might think that i'ts make believe but if you stop and think, Why would I want to write something that's made up it's not affecting you and it certainly wouldn't affect me if I was lying. I just would'nt get nothing out of lying.

Mary Perez

3:56 PM
Cesar Contreras
English 201B
Mon-Wed 10-12

Homeless People

In the United States, we see so many people in the streets with raggedy clothes and that don’t have a home to live in. We call those people, “homeless people”. They all have their own reason why they are homeless. We don’t know why, but there are so many reasons why? Therefore, homeless people used to be somebody important is this world; they didn’t have any family that supported them, and now they are treated like if they don’t exist.
At a certain point, before a person turned into a homeless, they might have been somebody important or just a person with a regular life. There are many reasons why he or she became homeless. Some people that fought in a war and were told that money was going to be given to them, well not instead there properties got sold and they didn’t had no money, well just a little. Even some might have run away from home at a young age, then never return home; their life was change, to live in the streets.
Homeless people have family that might of love them at a certain point but then it all changes. A problem was started by him or her that they got kicked out of the house and had no were to go. Also the person might have gone bankrupt and had no help from their family. The person might have done something bad in the past and know in the present, he doesn’t get treated well. Like they say “back goes around comes around”.
There are a lot of homeless people in this world. I don’t even know the count. I just know that there is a lot. It seems that no one, well some people do care about homeless people because they give them food or money. There are other people that are like afraid of them when they get near them. They tell them “go away”, you stink” “don’t get near me”. People want a nice and clean city, but with so many homeless people, that cannot be possible.
Even though they are homeless, they should be treated right. The only problem is the people because they don’t care about them. Homeless people used to be somebody important is this world; they didn’t have any family that supported them, and now they are treated like if they don’t exist.
Spoiled Childern

Spoiled vs. not Spoiled

Spoiled children are the worst kind of kinds of all time, well except for the Pastors and the ministers’ kids. They will never know the meaning of hard work, determination and commitment. For instance my mother had my sister and me one year apart she is twenty-one I am twenty. We grew up very different, in the same house hold but our lives don’t intervene anywhere. You would think that sister are very close and they share everything, like Oreo cookies and milk go together, we are like oil and water we don’t mix at all. My mom spoiled us but not rotten she gave us what her money could buy but indeed we were presented with nice things and cloths. We have different god parents, however my god parents I love them to this day for not spoiling me. My sister god parents gave her anything her mouth or fingers could point or say.

I am out going I like to be around positive people, one of my hobbies is cleaning I could clean all day if everybody leaves the house. I praise dance at my church, work with the kids I love to laugh and enjoy life as it is. I worked for everything I ever wanted nothing came for free. As a child I remember my step dad getting my step- brothers and I up at like twelve making sure the house was spotless the dishes were dried, on Saturday morning we had to go outside and lean up the yard before even forming our mouths to ask may we please go to the park, I vaguely remember my sister getting up either on of those times to help us. My auntie spoiled me but by the time it could take over, determination, kindness love giving etc was already rotted in me. My spoiled is totally different then what my sister was, I still had to work for things. I.e. If I wanted my hair done I had to help my auntie run errands or help was the car, laundry.

My sister twenty one nice shape, she had pretty hair, nice cloths very dainty. Sad to say she is not out going, anti social, don’t like to meet people, she stays to her self, don’t work for nothing, and don’t like to share. She always has this mean look on her face like she has a mustache of dog droppings. Her whole sprit is just negative. Her god parents gave her the moon and the star they never made her work for anything she wanted. My step dad didn’t really push her to clean as far as I can remember. To this day my sister is still spoiled rotten but I can say living on her own has helped she can’t go to mom or dad and say do this do that, she has to take responsibility in her won hands and make things happen. Don’t get me wrong I love my sister but I can blame her for other people’s mistakes.

Being spoiled sounds good in the beginning but when the storm comes the only ones left standing is the strongest people. Nature vs. Nurture plays a significant role in children. Those who are spoiled never learn to stand up on their own two feet; most spoiled people want everybody to wait hand and foot on them. If you spoil a child make sure that you have balance to it, let them work for it i.e. the child make good grades then yes, reward them with something so they keep up the good work. Condition them to know if I do ABC then I will be rewarded with XYZ.
Jonell Ramos
English 201
Prof. Wanda Sabir
M-W 1-3

Descriptive Essay

I never really believe in ghost and often watch scary movies for pure
entertainment. I love to criticize on the characters reaction, poor
judgement call on what to do and where to go. That was until I had my very
own ghost experience.
It all started in the summer of 2006, in the island of Okinawa Japan. I've
been in the Marines for 3 year and some odd months, and finishing up my last
tour overseas while I got attached to be the COG/SOG (Corporal/Sergeant of
the Guard) for Camp Hansen. This base was the only base in Okinawa that was
mostly populated of Marines. I learned and did everything my superior
officer expected of me, for the sole fact that when their not around, I have
complete control of the security of the base. I trained my subordinate and
was hard on them when they screw up but, I was always fair. I ran the daily
routine by the book with my own little twist to it and it was very
effective. As my time to leave was getting closer, I got my replacement 2
months prior to me leaving and I instructed him on how to deal with the
daily plan, if a problem was to occurs, how to deal with it.
My time to leave was getting closer and closer as I realized something. The
Marines that served under me did their job with little to no complaints, and
was effective to dealing with drunk enlisted Marines and Officers when they
cause problems. They took care of problems professionally and dealt with
Marines, enlisted and officers alike with tact. I was proud of them. I
always believe in the saying, "the leader's examples reflect on the
subordinates." I honestly can't remember where I heard it, but it stuck on
One Friday night, around 9 o'clock to almost 10, the Marines were on their
time off and some were watching the movie the Grudge, and some where playing
domino, I was looking at inventory list and one marine ask me if I wanted to
watch the movie with them? I asked them what they were watching and after I
found out, I told him "sure." We watched and finish the movie and got to
talking about our ghost experiences. I had none to tell them. Apparently,
every single one of them has had an experience or two to share. Another
Marine spoke of a ghost of a Japanese woman that was raped and murdered by
Japanese soldiers during WWII. They immediately told me the location was
near our guard shack (the Camps guards headquarter/building). Since I have
other plans for the next day, I asked the guys if they wanted to go on a
ghost hunt.
They were surprise to hear what I had asked them. We prepared and got our
gear needed for the journey. I checked out an NVG (night vision goggles) out
of the armory along with 4 radios. After distributing the radios, we stepped
out and proceeded to the site. We got to the beginning of the trail and I
notice how gloomy and dark it was, even looking through the trail with the
NVG, it was still so dark that I can only see about 20 meters ahead of me.
We hiked for about a half an hour finding some interesting sights along the
way. We saw WWII Japanese mouse hole and some artillery shratenal scattered
around it. We proceeded to the site until finally we arrived to the end of
the trail, near a shallow, almost dried out river as our point man whispered
"we're here!"
We got there around 0240 and we waited for fifteen minutes. The marines and
I smoked a cigarrete or two while we talk about funny experiences we had
while in the service. We started to quiet down and when the last guy finish
his cigarette the fun began and we experience something we'll probably tell
the grandkids.
The time was 0300, and as the last cigarette cherry was put out, a gust of
wind came from nowhere and all of the sudden the area became chilly. The
movie the Blair witch project pop in my head, cause of the similar things
happening like in the movie. In the darkness, there were things that sounded
like animals circling our perimeter. Nobody wanted to turn their flashlight
on, scared of what they might find. My NVG wasn't working for some unknown
reason, I checked the battery and the knobs to adjust for the sights and
nothing was working. The NVG was down. I stopped messing with it and just
turned it off. I just close my eye for fifteen minutes listening to what's
happening around me while I tell the guys to "keep all the lights off, and
look for silhouettes coming towards us." Everything remained the same for a
while and as I opened my eyes, not being able to see as clearly with my
natural night vision as I would with my NVG. That's when everything halted,
the rustling stopped and it got even colder. It seems like something was
blowing behind everyone's neck, the guys and I asking each other if we're
having similar experience. As we paid close attention to our surrounding,
that's when it happened. At first we thought there was a small unit training
in the area, and as we tried to radio the Guard shack, every single radio in
our possession wasn't working. I assumed that whatever happened to the
goggles happened to the radio, I told everyone to turn it off. That's when
we heard the voices.
It was a strange sound what we heard. It started as a female and a male
talking but, even though they sound close enough for us to clearly hear the
conversation, it sound as if the word was muffled. We kept listening trying
to figure out if the language they were speaking was in English or in
Japanese but, to no luck we couldn't hear any distinct word we knew. As the
conversation of the couple carry on, it started getting louder as if they
were yelling. The guy yelled something that scared the girl, the guys almost
went to the direction we hear the noises from. I told them to stay where
they were because it's pointless, the only thing we could do without the
gear working properly was to wait. It ended to the girl screaming to the top
of her lung, and the guy running, there were other voices to join the now,
even though their voice still muffled we can tell they were not the same
language as before. As if, they were chasing the first guy to talk and as
they got some distance, from the way their voices start to fade even more,
we heard gunfire.
We waited about 15 more minutes from the last noise we heard. Everything
returned to normal. Our gear worked once again, the chill we felt subsided,
and the noises in the beginning disappear. I talk to the guys and made sure
we all heard the same thing, discussing theories on what the noise and
voices might have been. There was no way of finding out until we returned to
the Guardshack. We start to make our way back and as we do, one of the
marine have in his possession a digital camera. He walked in the rear and as
he does, he snaps a couple of pictures every 10 seconds we walked. We
reached the gravel road and made our short trip to the Guard shack. When we
got there, the first thing I did was to call the Intelligence Battalion's
officer of the day and asked him if they have any units training in the area
we were just in. they said no, and we left it at that. I went to where the
guys were and we talked about once more. I told them that there were no
units there and I can't explain who were in the area. The marine who were
taking the shots called to us and showed us what he captured on film. It was
a fog shape silhouette of people all over the place. We were shocked and so,
as men, we all agreed to never to explore the event that occurred, for
reasons it may reveal something deeper about a subject we may never be able
to comprehend. Not to mention that it may appear that some of us were
scared. There is nothing that can compare to seeing, hearing and feeling the
apparition, poltergeist, or anything superstitious presence.
Porsche Williams
M-W 10-12

Animals in the Zoo

Going to the zoo is always a fun experience. Well with the exception of the smelly elephant poop. Although I haven't been in quite sometime it's something that I still enjoy doing. I guess you can call me an animal lover.
In fact one of my favorite animals is the tiger, especially the White Tiger I love the way they look, thier pure white coats with those deep black stipes and those blue eyes, I think they are one of the most gorgeous creatures on earth, especially as cubs they are the cutest things, If it were legal to have one and they stayed cubs forever I would get one. Although Tigers are one of my favorites I also admire the giraffes that's another beautiful creature, they possess such elegance and grace, their long necks and to die for eyelashes, I like to consisder Giraffes the supermodels of the Zoo. There are a number of animals that are beautiful but it seems as though animals these days are becoming more and more scarce, especially the exotic ones. Animals are b eing extinguished for personal and selfish reasons. These beautiful creatures are being taken away in order for mankind to produce material possessions, selfish reasons that could possibly take away any future enjoyment of going to the zoo, for myself and others. I hope this day never comes. Going to see animals in zoo is an enjoyable experience.
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