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Cause and Effect Essay Questions

This essay is due be tomorrow at midnight. Refer to Chapter 7 in WWT for examples of the writing strategy. You evidence is from the text. Homework is to read up to Chapter 19, page 146.

Oh, the cyber-essay is due that Monday, May 7.

Don't forget to email your final drafts of the research essay to yourself along with all the attachments: Initial Planning Sheet, introduction and conclusion paragraphs, bibliography and works cited pages and any other pre-writing activities you want considered, like peer reviews.

Choose 1 question and respond in a 250 word essay. Post in the comment section. Include your email address so I can send you the grade.

1. Why is the monster in pain and who is responsible?

2. Why doesn't Mary Shelley name the monster and how does this anonymity effect his character's development in the story?

3. What is the result of Dr. Frankenstein not taking responsibility for for his creation?

Sarah Pruitt
English 201 B
Cause and Effect essay

• Why is the monster in pain and who is responsible?

In Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein looses his mother, Caroline, early on in the story. He is over whelmed by his mothers’ death. About one week after her passing he travels to Ingolstadt to attend school. Victor gets the idea to try to create life from death. Ultimately I believe Victor thought if he could this he could bring his mother back from the dead. He learns later that this is impossibility, but he spends many weeks studying life and decay. He decides to try to give life to a creature that he assembled. Dr. Frankenstein spends two years building the creature in hopes to have a being that will worship him for being the creator. This creature was to be of great stature with slick black hair, skinny black lips, and yellow tinted eyes that contrasted with his green skin. One story night Victors’ dreams become his biggest nightmare when the creature is brought to life. The creature awakens and gives Victor a slight smile, however, the creature is dismayed when his creator starts screaming and running in fear. This is not the last time the monster will have to deal with this sort of reaction. Any human the creature would try to talk to would also only run away in fear. This caused the creature a lot of pain. He would see humans’ talking and interacting with each other and which only made him realize more and more how lonely he was. This started the creatures killing spree, he swore revenge against all humans. Victor also helped fuel the fire even more when the creature approaches him later on in the story and asks him to make a female version himself. Victor agrees to do this but later has regrets and destroys the project days before it was ready to be brought to life. So who is to blame for all the creatures’ pain and suffering? I believe it is his irresponsible creator, Victor Frankenstein. He created a creature that he immediately abandoned because he felt it was too hideous to love or care for. Through Victor abandoning the creature he ended up suffering the most because the creature killed everyone in Victor’s life that he cared about.
Ashley Lezada.
ENG 201B MW 1-3.
Cause and effect essay question.

Choose 1 question and respond in a 500 word essay. Post in the comment section. Include your email address so I can send you the grade.

1. Why is the monster in pain and who is responsible?

In the story Frankenstein, Victor left his family back in Geneva to go to school at the university in Ingolstadt. Before he left home, his mother Caroline had caught scarlet fever, from nursing Elizabeth back to health and then died before being able to treat herself. Still going through pain and grief, Victor continues his studies in science at the university in Ingolstadt. Victor then becomes more serious about school and begins the further his knowledge in anatomy, death, and decay. The more Victor focuses on science, the less contact he has with family and social life. He becomes obsessed with the creation of life and tries to experiment on his own. After all of his studying and using the knowledge from his professors, he neglects everything and focuses alone to create a new being. From using the ancient alchemists as inspirational examples, victor grows onto this unhealthy obsession and then searches for old body parts in charnel houses. After all those months of labor of creating some creature, it is now brought to life.
When victor sees what he has now created, this monster’s appearance frightens him horribly, that he goes into shock and becomes ill. When he is well, he does not want to acknowledge the monster anymore. Victor neglects his creation and soon regrets creating it. So now this monster is dwelling around with no attention, love, or care. Victor doesn’t realize that the monster he created has characteristics and actual human feelings. The monster becomes outraged because it is abandoned, with no friend or anyone to turn to. So instead, it seeks revenge towards human beings and has the mentality to torture or even kill.
Now that the monster is out on its own, it begins to question of why he was created in the first place and starts to pick up on simple strategies of survival. He then learns by himself about being thirsty, hungry, cold, warmth, building fires, preparing food, and what dark and light looks like. Near a cottage town where the monster stays at, he sees human beings from afar. Knowing what his reflection looks like, he tries to avoid all human contact. Yet by ease dropping, he tries to learn their language for future communication. Then thoughtfully stops stealing their food, and leaves wood at their doors during their times of poverty. Without any contact, the monster learns about human relations and the importance of having loved ones around. Which causes him to sadden even more through his depression, since his creator left him alone. Watching his cottage neighbors, only makes him hope that Victor will soon turn around from his punished ways of abandonment. To keep himself company, the monster stays alone reading and studying human history. But as he continues to watch the rest the humans, the more he feels alone and isolated. From seeing Felix, Agatha, and Safie’s relationship, the only way the monster thinks he can lift up his tortured life is to have a companion of his own; specifically a woman monster. He feels that Victor owes him. It’s the least Victor can do to heal the pain that the monster is going through in his journey of life alone.
no one did the assignment
Brittany Wilson
English 201 B
Cause and Effect Essay

Why is the monster in pain and who is responsible?

In Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein left Geneva to go to school in Ingolstadt. Shortly before then he ends up loosing his mother. After loosing his mother, Victor still decides to continue pursuing his education in science based on life, death and decay of the body. Victor ends up cutting out all sources with his friends and family. Along with the rest of the outside world to stay focused on his studies. I believe that Victor Frankenstein thought that if he could bring a creature to life then he would eventually be able to bring his mother Elizabeth back from the dead. Frankenstein spends more than two years creating his creature. Going to the graveyards and finding all the right parts that he thought would fit the creature and the right type of parts that he liked. Frankenstein hoped that the creature would love him and he would finally have someone that would worship him.
After all the two years the creature is brought to life. When Frankenstein sees what he has now created, the creature’s appearance frightens him so terribly, that he goes into shock and becomes ill. When Frankenstein starts to recover he doesn’t want to acknowledge what he know calls "monster" anymore. Frankenstein starts to doubt himself on his creation. This is one of the many screams and shocked faces that the "monster" will endure. Any human being or animal that came in contact with the "monster" became frightened and ran away in fear. This caused the "monster" a lot of pain and suffering. This causes the monster to become outraged by his creator and by humans, it starts his killing parade. Killing everyone that Frankenstein loved.
Since the "monster" is all by himself now he learns how to survive. He then learns on his own about being a human. They get thirsty, hungry, and cold. The creator learns how to build fires for warmth in the woods, prepare food, and tell the difference between day and night. The "monster" starts to learn how to speak a near by cottages language. Since the "monster" used to steal their food when he didn't know it was their time of poverty. He repaid them by leaving wood piles on their house fronts. This causes the "monster" even more pain after he sees the importance of having a loved one. The "monster" starts to want a companion in his life, so he goes back to Frankenstein and asks of him to create a female creature so he could be some what happy. Frankenstein agrees, but abandons he project before it is ready to be presented. Due to Frankenstein's behavior this is why the "monster" is in so much pain. He has human feelings but is faced with no one to love him.
A. Stephens
English 201B

Cause & Effect: The Result of Dr. Frankenstein not taking Responsibility for his Creation

The result of Dr. Frankenstein not taking responsibility for his creation was the loss of his loved ones and revenge from the monster he created. When Dr. Frankenstein went off to college, he did really well and had a great future as a scientist. He became obsessed with having the ultimate power by creating a human being. He worked many nights gathering the human parts and equipment he needed to create. Unfortunately, when his creation woke up, it looked so terrible that Dr. Frankenstein rejected it.

The monster wanted acceptance by someone. He thought a young boy who was not prejudiced might work, but it didn’t. When the doctor’s brother rejected him, the boy was killed. The servant of the doctor’s family suffered because the monster planted evidence on her that made people think she was responsible for the boy’s death. Even though the doctor knew the servant was innocent, he didn’t speak up and allowed her to be convicted and put to death.

The monster was even shot when he saved a girl from drowning. Even though the monster had compassion and wanted people to see the good inside him, they only saw the outside. The monster tried again for acceptance and thought he had it with the blind man and his family in the cottage. He figured since he had been helping them without their knowledge by clearing snow and stocking wood, maybe they would let him be a part of their family. When the blind man’s family saw him, they were afraid and moved away from the cottage. The monster was rejected again and to show his anger and to show it, he burned down their cottage.

It didn’t take the monster long to realize that the only way he could have someone to love and accept him would be to have a mate that looked like him. Although Dr. Frankenstein promised to make him a mate, he changed his mind. For the monster, this was the final straw. He decided he would make Dr. Frankenstein suffer the same way he had. One by one, the monster killed the people close to the doctor.
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