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Example Essay

For your Example Essay use this controversy as the topic: Did Imus go too far in exercising his right to freedom of speech? Watch the press conference for the Rutgers Women's Basketball team. It was conducted yesterday and you can watch it here. There are two parts. If you need to see Imus' comments, there is a link to it once you get to the press conference. The essay is due today by midnight. Be certain to check it for grammatical correctness and include your email address so I can send you your grade. The essay should be 250 words long. Post here.

Watch this recent interview with Imus and Rev. Al Sharpton. The two men do not agree:

I found some really interesting responses to Imus' comments and what should happen to him. Rev. Sharpton said the girls could forgive him, but forgiveness doesn't mean there are no consequences. Rev. Sharpton's analogy to his being stabbed by someone when he was protesting for civil rights, did not mean he didn't expect the man to do prison time was a great example of one accepting the consequences for one's actions, good or bad. If Imus didn't want to eventually lose his job he shouldn't have made these type of comments about black women not once, twice, but at least four times, according to the Leheur News Hour interview with journalist Clarence Page on Monday, April 9.

The question I want you to answer is: What is the temperature of the nation around comments like the newscasters. Should he resign or get fired? Why or why not?

By the way, this week is the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's integration of the baseball league.

Other homework
Continue working on your social entrepreneur essay. Visit the (Frontline) site for video clips of other social entrepreneurs profiled.

Read up to Chapter 17 in Frankenstein.

Sarah Pruitt
English 201 B
Cyber Essay
On April 5th 2007 on the “Imus in the Morning” show Don Imus referred to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy headed hoes.” As he was talking to Sid Rosenberg on the phone they both exchanged some rude and slightly sexist as well as racist comments using terms like “jigaboo’s” and “wannabees.” Before the weekend was over coach Stringer held a press conference to address the comments made about her team and Reverend Al Sharpton invited Imus on to his show so that he could ask him to justify his previous statements. Imus is currently dealing with his two week suspension which very well could turn into the permanent termination of his job which he has held for over forty years.
Racist comments are not to be taken lightly. Even if Imus said it in a joking manor, he admits that his comment is inexcusable. During his talk with Sharpton he says that he does not expect people to just dismiss his comment but he is hoping that people can find it in them to at least forgive him. America seems to be pretty heated about the situation because WNBC has been receiving mainly only phone calls in regards to the public thinking Imus should loose his job over the racist comment. WNBC took it upon them selves to suspend Imus for at least two weeks in hopes to satisfy their listeners. The fact of the matter is however, the people do not seem pleased with Imus only being suspended; the people want more punishment for his actions.
I personally feel people make mistakes and people say things they do no mean all the time. The fact that you did not mean what you say does not excuse your comment but people should be more understanding and compassionate about the situation instead of just prosecuting him for his mistake. He apologized for his actions and did what he thought was necessary to make right with the team, but it still seems that all people are doing his prosecuting him regardless of what he says. I do not think Imus should get fired; no one can force you to listen to his show, so if his comment impacted you that deeply it is your choice to not tune into “Imus in the Morning” everyday.
A. Stephens
English 201 B
April 11, 2007

Remarks by Don Imus

The remarks by Don Imus calling the Rutgers Women’s basketball team “Nappy Headed hos” were totally inappropriate. If Tavis Smiley, Michael Eric Dyson, or Steve Harvey said on a radio show that girls from an Ivy League school were “blonde haired hos”, they would have been fired immediately. These talented young women didn’t deserve this, and they are definitely taking the high road.

I learned about racism from my parents who grew up in Alabama in the 60s. There were separate drinking fountains saying “white” and “colored”, and one of my parents had to give up a seat on the bus to whites. Last week while we were on spring break, I went to Atlanta and visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center. Seeing the pictures and watching a film that showed how marchers were turned back by troopers with guns while they marched across a bridge, and children having water hoses put on them and dogs released on them for protesting for civil rights, was cruel and represented racism at its peak.

When you think about it, racism isn’t as bad as it was in the 60s, but it’s still evident. As long as there is hate in the world, some people won’t be able to see beyond color and Don Imus is a great example of this.

There have also been other well-known public figures that have made racist comments. In the case of Don Imus, this is not the first time he has made this type of comment, and he probably will do it again. I believe Don Imus should be fired. He obviously knew what he was saying and there should be consequences for his actions. For him to get a two week suspension is a slap on the hand.
Perez English 1b


Did Imus go too far in exercising his rights to freedom of speech?

My opinion in the matter of Mr. Imus is that of course he went beyond far his rights. Racial comments like the one’s he approached towards the young lady’s basket ball team were hurtful and despiteful words anyone can ever say to a human being, especially if you are a girl and your being disrespected in that manner. For him and other people the comments he expressed might have been a joke but the way he expressed his comment sounded as if it was directed like a racist remark on the way he compared and emphasized the appearance of the other team’s outlook. He described how the opposing team did not have tattoos and described as well presented appearance.
In reality it doesn’t matter much about the quantity of someone’s words it’s the quality on they’re expressed. To me subjects like these make me feel depressed and frustrated because every where you go whether its in the media, society, basically every where you will hear some form criticism. Some times the comments can be harsh and other times they can be expected to be funny remarks. The thing that people need to realize is that other people don’t always take things as one would want others to interpret. People have to be careful the way they express themselves about others even if its freedom of speech. There are limits and should always be for every one when attempting to express what one has to say.
Thomas Newman
English 201 b
Don Eyemuss

What is and what isn't socially acceptable? Throughout history cultures have developed values and traditions and, at times, even laws, to control what would or could be deemed immoral, evil, or simply just silly. The Greeks had laws which punished hubris; Americans have television shows dedicated to it. What is or isn't socially acceptable thus seemingly changes with time. Society changes; culture changes; but, do people ever change? If you're not aware yet, radio personality Don Imus recently hurled his own unique brand of racism at the Rutgers Women's Basketball team. The so-called "nappy headed hoes" according to Imus. In the 1800's, America, still freshly rooted in its puritan trappings, would not
so much as to even let out a wimper in response to Imus. The America of today, an America torn down and made new with each passing generation, would have something to say this time. But saying what really? When Imus uttered those now infamous words America let out a great, collective gasp. Everyone was shocked. How could anyone ever say such a thing. This simply is not done. Not in our society, not in America -- our America. It was as though we had thought racism had died and had returned from the grave in the form of Don Imus. We shut our eyes and covered our ears, and with our mouths tight with disgust, we knew -- almost instinctively we knew -- that this beast would have to be slayed once again. Not long did it take for the demands of Imus to resign. We wanted him out and we wanted him out bad. With his comments Imus represented a long suppressed racism set free again. Racism in America had never died. It was there sitting at the bottom this whole time. We like to pretend racism is dead to suppress our own shame that we were once and still are this way, smiling nervously as we sweep this dirt under our rug. We like to fancy our society and thus ourselves as modern and progressive. But some things never change.
English 201 A

From being enslave for many years, then to be free work hard and finally have some self esteem goals, pride, and to come together wit other races without be killed. Is far more then a miracle. Blacks have come so far to turn back now, especially women from not having voting rights, walking behind your mate, being a house wife, taking order, etc. Women have become CEO’s, partners at law firms, preachers, business women of virtue and color.
Don Imus have a history of talking down on people and getting away with it, nobody ever took the time to actually listen and pay attention. Maybe they did, but did not have the guts to say anything for the sake of their own job. Don Imus disrespected those girls from the basketball team representing Chattanooga, Tennessee. His words were something around “Look at those nappy headed hoes” How would you feel if someone disrespected you in everyway? It would hurt. Imus got exactly what he deserved, to be cut from both jobs and advertisements he is connected with. I was watching TV I saw that one man was very upset that he said such a thing he turned red as he discussed the word that purposely fled from Imus mouth. The other man said that the black culture is creative and that every one trys to be “down with our urban talk”. He also shared that Imus was trying to be cool and young using “urban” words that young people use. Instead it came out wrong and misunderstood. Because he is a sixty seventy year old man. to me is sound like defending what Imus said. No one can tell him he was wrong for saying what he said, why? You can tell old people nothing!
“Freedom of Speech” how far does that right extend to? Sometimes I believe that people try to exercise that right too far. I am grateful for it; some odd years ago we were not allowed to say nothing. You have to have the common sense to know when, what how, and reason to say what you’re going to say publicly. Imus went beyond the point of exercising his right of freedom of speech. Maybe half of his mind is still stuck in slavery. Imus should have some type of punishment, and not just taking away his job something more that will make him realized that you just don’t say certain things on the air and to people. I began to ask myself after I heard what was said to those women. If no one made a big fuss about the situation would anything have happened? Would anybody have caught on to what Imus said? Two weeks after Imus made the statement he had a sit down with the women of Chattanooga Tennessee basketball team, was it by force or did he meet with the girls because he knew he was wrong? However the women accepted his apology, I wonder why. Growing up I was taught that “if you don’t have nothing to say then don’t say nothing at all”. Some people should think about that before they try to exercise their freedom of speech, sometimes that right can be the very thing that gets you put into jail.
Dinah Oubkeo

I believe that any behavior such as that is intolerant and should immediately be punished. It's for the simple fact that women, especially African American women have came along way for their freedom and equal opportunities. And any man especially he's a man of professional business for over 40 years should be extremely careful making such remarks as that. Not only did he make the sexist and racial comments once or twice but at least for times according to leheur news hour. Of course it personally hurts the coach and her team also because they have to get along and work as a team. The WNBA plays a strong role for young women everywhere and they prove that if you can do what ever you want and nothing is impossible as hard as it’ll keep getting. It’s an opportunity to open all doors that were thought of to never open. Don Imus should very much likely be suspended for a good amount of time and accept his punishment and do something that'll convince the public that he'll be supportive and he has taken the consequences. Yes I agree that the rude sexist remarks have hurt many people and have personally insulted women in basket ball. But we are all human and we do all make mistakes things that we can never take back. As an elder man he should step up to take the responsibilities for what has been done. And as the public we do want to see him resign or get fired, but I believe it’s only fair to let him walk away with the suspension.
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