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This Easter Monday in class we had a lively discussion in the early class about Frankenstein. The classroom was cold so we met in L-235 and shared passages from the novel that showed the creature as a sympathetic character. Homework is to show Dr. Frankenstein as culpable for the wayward actions of his creation. Cited were the sections on pages: 86-87, 98-103. In the latter we looked at how the story of Felix's family was similar to that of Frankenstein and his creature--the characteristic one would associate with a human being those associated more with the creature than Dr. Frankenstein who like the Turk was more monster-like.

Turk, Frankenstein, monster characteristics: ingratitude, duplicity, deceit, harshness, gluttony, mean, selfish, envy, cruel, conniving, backstabbing

Human kindness as expressed by Felix, Safie, and the creature toward his adopted family: compassion, kindness, generosity, selflessness, thoughtfulness, observant, attached, emotional, joyful, loving

In WWT we discussed Couple Lies and Darkness at Noon, discussed the questions then read How to Speak of Animals (115). Students had trouble stating the thesis. I shared mine.

Homework is to answer the questions on the Eco essay and read Fruitful Questions (112) and answer all the questions. For What I've Learning from Men (118) look up the vocabulary and be prepared to read the essay in class Wednesday.

In Frankenstein read up to Chapter 16 (124). Don't forget, for each chapter you should have a log which should include any words you don't understand or concepts you need to clarify.

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