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Tomorrow is our last class. Congratulations to all of you who are still here. It was a pleasure meeting you all and I hope you are pleased with the sojourn, now that it is almost finished. I also wish you well in your other endeavors here and elsewhere.Please let me know if I can be of service to you as you matriculate through the high education maze.

Finals are next week: Monday, May 21 10-12 in the Writing Lab (10-12 class), and Wednesday, May 16, 12-2 in the Writing Lab (1-3 p.m. class).

For your final, you will present your paper. This presentation need not be longer than 5-10 minutes. Please include visuals and let me know in advance if you need multimedia equipment like a projector, CD player, or laptop. You can do PowerPoint from a desktop computer. You can also use the Internet. (We will not have an overhead projector or a TV/DVD player unless you tell me.

We will look at Definition, Compare and Contrast and Argument in WW. Please read all the sections on Revision (pp. 190-191; 221-222; 253-254) in WWT, plus pp. 237-259.

Here is a draft of the portfolio check-list. If I forgot any assignments, please let me know. I didn't have time to check the assignment checklist I gave you at the beginning of the semester, not did I include yesterday's assignment. If it was unclear, re: Frankenstein, you can respond to one of the chapter themes on pp. 227-228 in 250 words.

The portfolio essay (2 essays)
1. The narrative will look at the 18 weeks, the themes we looked at this semester, nature vs. nurture, and how what you've learned and discovered this semester about writing and yourself, college and life, have transformed or changed you. Do you have a choice over what happens in your life or are you a victim of circumstances?

What have you learned about yourself this semester? What have you learned about the discipline you are studying here: reading and writing that you plan to carry forth into your lifelong pursuit of learning.

Please also comment on the texts and whether or not they were helpful in this process. You can also talk about the instruction, culture of the class and the teacher.

2. The second part of the narrative looks at the writing process and what you have learning about yourself as a writer. Take two graded essays and talk about the planning, research and revision strategies you used. It helps to choose an early paper and compare to a later paper. Often you can more easily see the differences in your writing and a better example of mastery of certain concepts. Also discuss skills you need to improve and how you plan to address that.

Besides the two essays, I also want you to include the midterm essay and research essay. We will work on the narratives together next Wednesday, May 16 in the Writing Lab. You can meet me in the smaller room, L-226.

You have a copy of the assigned essays this semester. The check-list is the same with grades posted next to the assignment. We will look at this the last day of class. Our finals are Monday, May 21, 10-12 and 12-2 in your designated classrooms.

Your portfolios are due Wednesday, May 23, by 2 p.m. in my office, L-236. (I'll be completing a final exam in the Writing Center, so if you arrive early, come in quietly.)

I'd like you to make me a copy of the freewrites and any other pre-writing activities you did in class also. (If you'd like me to make the copies, I can.)

Grade justification:
One student who had me before asked if I'd include the grade justification. If you'd like to argue for a certain grade, please feel free to add a third essay where in let's say 100 or so words you tell me why you deserve the grade you want. You have to document this essay with examples from your essays. This essay is optional.

Assigned Essays:
Writing with a Thesis essay: Narrative, Description, Examples

Frankenstein essays: Cause and Effect, Process, Division and Classification (in class), Definition (not assigned)

Other cyber-essays: State of the Union, War in Iraq, Hand gun violence, Writing process, Love, Grazed by a Bullet, Making of a Criminal, Frankenstein and Justine: Race to Execution (Compare Contrast essay)

Other assignments: Visual Arguments, Love essay, Love essay presentation

Jurassic Park Writing: Midterm, plus other writing and workbook

Bring your work into class Wednesday on a disk so we can talk about how to arrange it. I will also answer any questions you might have about the portfolio essays.

The mysteries of Frankenstein revealed- Erick Hunter.
Elizabeth: Well I believe that Frankenstein is a noble creature; he has never showed any hostility towards me or anyone else for that matter it is preposterous to think he would be so cruel. Furthermore, I have always been around him. Frankenstein countenance has always seemed so warm to the touch, but ever since he has been away he look dreary, removed, and just not his normal self. With his father’s health, slowly fading away it is ever so clear that we must get married before he passed. I just hope Frankenstein can return to us soon.

Cleveral: Frankenstein and I have always been the best of friends, even though he went away to college before me we promised that we would keep in touch. I found it very strange though when I had visited him he seemed very ill, and completely out of it. Furthermore, every time I caught him in trance it looked as if he wanted to get something off his chest; but he never came out to me about it.
However, since now I am dead I have finally know what has been haunting his life so I cannot believe he could bring himself to create such a horrid monster for God sakes that thing killed William! May God have mercy on Frankenstein poor wretched soul.

Grandpa: Though I cannot see anything, I have found out that the only way I can ever judge man is by listening to his words. This Frankenstein you speak of he seem to be trap in limbo, I feel that he is not ready to deal with himself internally.
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