Friday, September 21, 2007


Boxes often hold profound spirit.

Thursday in the English 201 class we shared essays, and discussed their thesis, topics sentences and conclusions. What we were looking for was coherence. Was the essay about one topic or did it stray off course. Were there enough examples or did the author make statements not supported by evidence. All students didn't have their assignments so I went around and just grabbed a couple and one student, who'd written his in longhand shared.

Our freewrite was a poem, "Untitled" (15). We didn't take attendance so the students who didn't share their thoughts were not marked present. The heading is a revision of a student's thesis based on themes from this poem.

The day before, the English 201 class, 1-3 had a library orientation with Jane. They had to complete an exercise after which we went on a tour of the library. The library just purchased some great books on hip hop culture: biographies, historic links to African spoken traditions--marvelous resources. Look for them on the cart where the new books are shelved.

I plan to host study sessions on Monday mornings, 9:10-10:50 in L-235, beginning, Sept. 24. It will be a combination office hour and instructional opportunity for students to get immediate feedback on their writing. I hope to recruit a few graduate students who can act as tutors. In the meantime come prepared with specific questions, so that I can help as many of you as possible in the two hour session each week. It will be a time you can work on grammar, develop ideas to write about, whatever you need to succeed academically in this course.

The show at Slims was cancelled, so there goes our fieldtrip. Remember I asked about the group, "Dead Presidents"(sp)? Well, on Hard Knock Radio, I heard yesterday that they will be performing on Sept. 30 at the Mezzanine in San Francisco. No, this is not a recommendation or a new fieldtrip notice, although I do like the group's writing. (I don't like the venue.)

The essay on masculinity as reflected in hip hop culture through the lens of misogyny, homophobia, violence, or media, is due by Sunday, Sept. 23, 12 noon. Send it to me at Please include your Initial Planning Sheet. Paste and attach it. Include the course title and meeting time.

There is a program on HBO early next week, Sept. 24-25, on the history of hip hop a student said. If anyone watches it and writes about it, you can get extra credit. Also, if you can tape it for the class, please do so and I can reimburse you the tape or DVD or CD.

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