Wednesday, October 31, 2007


All Hallow's Eve

Happy Ancestor Day everyone! It was a busy morning and afternoon. In the morning class we began a discussion on censorship as pertained to the essays by Michael Gartner and Nathan McCall. The afternoon class divided into a couple of camps, some who'd read the essay and others who had not. Debbie, Qwen, Jonathan, Chesi and I had a instructive discussion on the questions of form, questions of content. Students, who hadn't already done so then went to post their responses to an essay question on the blog. (Remember to preview your essay before posting so you can edit it. Once you post it, only I can remove it.)

The lecture today was types of arguments, both Gartner and McCall's essays were examples of claims of policy. Other types of essays are claims of fact (not absolute facts) and claims of value. I mentioned deductive and inductive reasoning, but we didn't go into details about it.

In the small group in the section on Questions of Form, we looked for multiple examples of "concessions," words or phrases that an author uses to acknowledge agreement with his audience, especially a potentially antagonistic one. For those who hadn't read the essay in advance and missed this discussion we will return to it in another assignment. You could also answer the questions at the site where you posted your essay response.

Some of you are behind. Catch up. We will be writing the research essay during the month of November. Each week a key element is due. We will also be reading a book, which we have already started: Evolution of a Revolutionary. We will also be doing reading and writing responses in class. We will meet in the smaller lab on Monday, November 5.

The first phases of the research essay is due. You should also be up to chapter 3 in the Guy book. There are no more copies in the bookstore. Purchase it elsewhere. You can order it from an independent book seller like the one on Park Street in Alameda. Ask if she could rush it for you.

I gave students lots of handouts, one is a library worksheet which we will complete in class. I advised students to stop at the reference librarian's desk at COA to get the password to access the library databases while off campus. The library is open until 7 p.m. and on Saturday. You can also use the libraries and writing centers at other Peralta colleges. Public libraries have free Internet access. When off the COA campus you need the password to get into the databases.

The librarians here and at other sites can help you with your searches. I can help you also. Come by my office hours. I am giving your papers to my reader tomorrow. You will get you papers back Monday. Revisions will be necessary only for those students who have not written passing essays. We'll have mini conferences Monday while other's work on independent assignments.

Old assignments
Students are responsible for all the assignments given, here in cyberspace on the blog and elsewhere. After she reads the midterms, I will have my reader look at all the assignments and make a list of postings. You can still complete cyber-assignments. You can catch up on the weekends or something. I'll give you until November 13. There's no class November 12, Monday.

Don't forget to view minimally 3 Focus World videos and answer the questions I asked for each one. This needs to be completed before Monday, November 5.

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