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Early Morning Class 8-9

Today's guest visit was cancelled. We will meet him next Thursday, October 18. I don't know yet where we will be. I'll let you know if we will meet in the classroom or Writing Center. We'll see how the week goes.

Presently, for our freewrite we are watching the So Many Tears video.
Read the lyrics first. Afterwards find a poem in The Rose That Grew From Concrete, the reflects thematically the mood and lyrical message in the song. (The poems on pp. 27-33 work.) Reflect on both in a short three paragraph freewrite: opening paragraph, 1 body paragraph and a conclusion. Incorporate an example in each paragraph.

Respond to one classmate's' freewrite. Identify yourself in the response.

Homework: Keep reading. In the handout from Reading to Write, read and answer all questions up to pp. 15. We will meet in the classroom Monday, October 15. Have a great weekend. In Dyson we are up to Chapter 7. We will finish the book by Thursday, so pace yourself. Out midterm question essay will be a response to a question developed from themes from the text.

So Many tears

In Tupac’s poem “God”, we can read about his sadness and tears came from his heart.
He asked god for help for love from friends. He wrote and sang his broke hearted words against the world. He feared no man, but God. He sang in the song “ So many tears”.
In his soul, he looked for corners no one gave him answer, but God. This poet has firmly belief from God.
“God , can ya hear me?”
Genius is the masterpiece by God. God would take care of his work of art. Tupac believed in God’s love. Therefore, he still loved each one during his life.
From his poem and song lyrics, he showed a real thing for us, that’s love of god.
song: So Many Tears
poem: What Is It That I Sarch 4

In the poem “What Is It That I Search 4 “ It talks about Tupac searching for a mission and he doesn’t know if it will be achieved and what lies in front of him only lies beyond the shore and he will never find a answer to what he is searching for in his life. I chose this poem because in the song “So Many Tears” it talks about him trying in his life but somehow he keeps struggling and he wants to see some happiness again but with all those crazy thoughts Tupac said “this ain’t tha life for me”.
The song “Shed So Many Tears” by Tupac Shakur is written in grief, you could literally feel Tupac’s soul crying out for help, love, and peace. The song begins in his elementary years, and from that point on he endured many years of suffering throughout his life. The many struggles that surrounded him left him with a sense of being trapped. In trying to break free from the madness, he asks himself the question of will I survive or will I die? His pained answer was that there was “nothing left”. With the many homicides of his peers, he felt like he was bound to die because that’s all his life consisted of. He begged for God to “Take me away from all tha pressure and tha pain, show me some happiness again.” This was his way of showing his sincerity in wanting to make a change in his life, but when would it end?

In Tupac’s poem “God”, there were many similarities to the song “Shed So Many Tears”. He speaks of being alone and sadness in both the poem and the song. For him, God was the only constant in his life when his many pleas for an out fell upon deaf ears.

Tupac was a young man who was dealt a tough hand in life. Gangs and drugs was the environment which led to the poverty and pain he experienced. He refused to embrace his unfortunate circumstances; he wanted to free himself of it but simply didn’t know how. Battling suicidal thoughts and his inner demons, he cried out for help but his somber pleas remained unanswered. Ultimately, he felt as though death was his only escape from all the pain and the madness. “Can’t take no more I’m fallin’ to tha floor beggin’ for tha Lord ta let me in Heaven’s door” was his way of letting us know that he had given up, life was too hard, and he wanted to die, all while asking God to forgive him of his sins.
So many tears

So many tears in his life? In Tupac’s song So many Tears, he told he had suffered through the years. However, his struggling seems genuine human struggle since all of us have two side of nature deep in our mind, good and evil.
He is talking about his early age that he couldn’t resist of reality because he was a helpless and hopeless child surround by hard ghetto life without direction and help. After he grew up, he worshiped the money, but he knew that material thing can’t give him happiness or source of significance and security. Moreover, the lyric showed me that he already knew about it is not the way. In his lyric of So Many Tears, he told that “I spend my time in this cell, ain't livin' well I know my destiny is hell, where did I fail? My life is in denial” He knew God is out there, but without personal connection and relationship his suffering was continuing. “I had my mind full of daemons tryin' ta break free. They planted seeds and they hatched sparking tha flame inside my brain like a match.”
While I was reading his lyric So many tears, I recalled Paul’s struggling in Bible, Roman, Chapter 7. “When I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For in my inner being I delight in God's law; but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?” Paul’s suffering ended up after he gave up his effort to distinguish a good and evil from his side. Instead Paul gave his ownership to God, his Creator and followed His direction step by step, and under the Father's wing he got peace as His child. I believe that this fundamental human struggle will continue from generation to generation. To free from the cell of human limitation, and to solve the question of who I am, it will continue. Whenever human being wants to stay in the cell of orphanage, so many tears will remain on our life.
Chon Hong Cheang

There are so many similarities between his famous song “So Many Tears” and this poem “God” They both talked about his sadness in his life; therefore, god was the only “person” to talk with.

“Keep Ya Hand Up”
In this song, Tupac talked about all his sadness and madness in here. The song was begun in his elementary years. At that point, he had already suffering. He tried so hard to change his life, but he couldn’t. He begged for god to take him away from all the pressure and all the pain. Showed him some happiness again.
The song So Many Tears is about death. The video shows scenes of dead people, tombs, body bags, burning crosses, police tape closing off a crime site. Tupac speaks of being cursed, blind and being in prison—“Now I’m lost an I’m weary/so many tears, I’m sucidal, so don’y stand near me/ My every move is a calculated step/ ta bring me closer/to an early death now there’s nothing left. This theme – pain, suffering and murder, suicide is one Tupac revisits many times. I can almost say that like a cloud these themes are present in most, if not all of his work. Even the happy songs and poems have an ominous ring.

I have a class now, so I will have to return to this thought later :-)
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