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Reflections, Themes, and Other Afternoon Assignments

1. Various themes run through Dyson's book, Holler If You Hear Me. Some resonate for certain readers more than others. Let's look at education. In a freewrite think about the significance of education in Tupac's life. Think about the importance of education in your life.

2. Now, use evidence from chapters 3-5 to talk about education or miseducation according to Tupac. Discuss how Tupac's belief that knowledge is power is developed in these chapters. Write this as an introductory paragraph on the theme "education." Post here (min. 10 sentences.

3. For homework, you will develop an outline and write a conclusion. For examples of introductions, see English 201, 8-9 entries below.

Debbie Adame
english 201
Education is a way to suceed in life. I believe that u got to have some kind education to be able to understand and have giudence in life. Education can be thought just about from anyone and everywhere. To me, education shouldnt cost money. For example, education can be thought from music. The singer Tupac.
Tupac didnt really have an education, but he thought education thru his music and poems. Like Tupac says"its not an image;its just a way of life;its a mentality". Yes we do have education in our minds and i believe thats where education begins. If u have education u will be a great sucess in life and u will be admire. Tupac once said"hearse wheels rolled away the remainsof a young man who our childrenwatched,admired and perhaps emulated to some degree"
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Education is very significant and important on anyone's life. Tupac wanted to have a "useful, relevant education"(p.76). Tupac was a very smart person, but in school he sometimes goofed off. Tupac wanted to learn more in school, he wanted school to get him and other students ready for the real world, he didn't just want to learn the basics. Tupac did not just want to learn how to read, write and do math in school, he also wanted classes on subjects about the real life, for example " religious cults, sex education, drugs and police brutality"(p.77). By having this subjects on school you wouldn't learn about them on the streets. Tupac believed that knowledge was power. If there were more youths with diplomas they will be powerful. By there being more youth with diplomas there would be less out on the streets, using drugs.
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Education is the key to success. I feel that knowlegde is power,To be successful in this system. Tupac said that education is life experiences that instead of teaching students English they should be teaching politics. inviting the rich to see the life through the eyes of the poor. With education we can provide or self with better jobs. To be a role model, for the poor to become a aware and successful. knowledge is the way of understanding this system and the pain it brings. Guideness upon the people who can't see there's a way out. Lets focus on how we can be better instead of being bitter.
Education is the key to success. Well at least positive success. The kind of success that helps you to feel like you you are actually doing something. Tupac was a very fair example of someone who believes that success is needed in order to achieve. For Example in The Rose that Grew from concrete collection of poems, tupac has a poem about failing. This simply proves that Tupac feels that in order to achieve you must fail first. This ties into him being a believer that education is the key. Also in chapter 3 son of a panther tupac says: "By embracing education as well, Tupac hit on a key of liberal reform; that enlightened minds help improve socal behavior" realize that he said education, by embracing this enlightens the mind to improve your social status. Tupac was a very intelligent man with a very impressive way of thinking.
education is the key to everything i beileve. to have anything to be anything you have to have educucation. or elese you wont make it very far in life. i think that tupac's out look on life was indeed simular. it was proven in one of his songs when it was said and i quote "were not ment to survive its all a setup" "you got to keep yourf head up" which in my opinion is saying that society doesnt want you to survive they want you to fail, in every aspect and on a overall out look education a definit way out, in the book "holler if you hear me" dyson makes tupac out to be a prime example of a person who belived that in order to succeed you have to achieve certain things. in my eye's tupac was a very educated person that proved his piont.
Chon Hong Cheang

Knowledge is the first thing you need to open up the door of success. Education is every important to everyone. Personally, I dun think you get to a step of success if you only get education. There is only half success to me. Our life is always needed to keep updating new stuffs and getting new knowledge everyday. You would never finished learning if you really want to learn things in your life. In the book, Tupac had a great attitude in learning stuffs. He was not only wanted to learn those basic stuffs at school. He would also want to learn some other stuff such as, “religious, cults, sex education, drugs and police brutality”. (P.77) He want himself to be prepare for the real world. As I can tell he was already a maternal guy at that time.
English 201 (1-3)
Education in Tupac's life was not the norm. I felt Tupac was bored with the whole, "teaching from the book, one instructor and so many students." I felt like me, Tupac was very smart, but school could not' and/or did not keep his attention. Finding it more educational, from the everyday people, people he say everyday, doing their everyday, day-to-day routine. From the working people, to the students. Drunks, to "crack heads," also people who sold drugs. In addition, I am sure many more. Me, I never done or had any interests in drinking or doing drugs and that’s all because I’ve seen people, that I love, who I was close to, done it and lose totally control of themselves.
Tupac stated, "I think that we got so caught up in school being a tradition...”(Holler if You Hear Me, page 76, last paragraph, third sentences) I have to agree!
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