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Social Entreprenuers and other assignments

On "Frontline: World," I saw a program about a micro-lending organization called KIVA where lenders who want to help small businesses in Uganda. Now KIVA is all over the world. All loans have been paid back 100 percent. Visit to see the video.

Here is a link from this site to other entrepreneurs. Choose ones that interest you:

The organization is in San Francisco. There is a link to other Frontline programs about Social Entrepreneurs. Watch this program and over the week, watch two others. Respond to the following questions: What is a social entrepreneur? What problem did the person profiled identify? What is the name of the organization they started? Describe their relationship to the community they serve. Why did they decide to address this issue? What is the local component? How does the community own the process?

Define "social," "entrepreneur," and "philanthropy." This should be a part of your introduction. A philanthropist gives money to worthy causes. A entrepreneur is a business person. A social entrepreneur is a business person whose business creates social good and economic development in a community where poverty was a barrier to its financial growth.I will give you a handout to begin your research process tomorrow. If you want to stop by my office the handouts will be in a folder in the bin by Tuesday, October 30.

Visit 3 websites this week -- Monday-Wednesday, October 29-31, and respond to the questions listed above for each social entrepreneur. Post here.

For your research project, I want you to find someone, if possible who uses his or her art for social change. This Thursday, November 1, poet, activist, Amiri Baraka is at UC Berkeley at a reading. Friday, November 2, he is at EastSide Arts Cultural Center. He would be a great topic for your research. He doesn't live here, so this
is an opportunity to talk to him about art, activism and social change.

An entrepreneur is a business person whether an educational background is included or not. However one that has seeked an educational background may be skilled with the proper knowledge to perhaps receive a greater result of the hard work that was put in. For example a social entrepreneur who is a business person who’s business promotes social and economical change in a society. Excitingly those than share these two qualities of entrepreneurship, including philanthropist which is someone that gives money to worthy causes. Are liable to gain prosperity in the desire of helping others,
Matt and Jessica Flannery ran into a realization that there are people around the world. Uganda to be specific. In fact pretty far away from here that are interested in Entrepreneurship but the needed funding to do so is not a their reach to receive what it takes to get started. So Matt and Jessica decided to start an organization as entrepreneurs themselves called Kiva. Kiva is a small operation consisting of only seven staff members. Kiva relies on donation from people all over the world to make loans possible to those who apply and qualify who want to seek a business. Often it is a small business that is desired.
Matt and Jessica decided to faithfully serve the community of Uganda. The relationship they shared with them was unique and quite strong due to the fact that they received their first seven components who were the first to challenge this project which would trial and error to see if the project would be successful. For the most part the connectivity that they have with one another is through email, and technology. Kava provided a site in which those that receive loan are able to post pictures and blogs about the successes of their business so that the one choosing to donate can visibly see the status.
They decided to address this issue because of the unfairness in suffering from poverty that these people in Uganda are faced with. They should receive the chance to be entrepreneurs and prosper in life and with Kiva this is possible. The local component with the databases and information are being apart of Kiva is in San Francisco. We as the community own this process because it is people like you and I that make these small donations to make it possible for the needy to be successful. With the standard that the loan is to be paid 100% back. Even if a payment isn’t given back the thought of helping someone should be enough.
Great definition Sophia and great recap of KIVA, how they got started and what they wanted to accomplish. Read over your posts before submissions to catch errors.
A social entrepreneur is an individual who builds their business on the basis of creating a positive social change. Philanthropy is the concern for human welfare and investment which is typically by monetary means. The problem with founding Kiva was the uncertainty in the future success or failure of the businesses that gain sponsorship through small loans. Matt and Jessica Flannery took great interest in the fact that with a small donation, many businesses in less fortunate areas have the ability to flourish. While they have no direct relation to the communities they serve, they take a keen interest in providing less fortunate communities with the opportunity to become more productive. The local component is that all of the lenders are typically from the Bay area, in which the organization was founded. Both communities share ownership in the process because we (the lenders) have the ability to decide which entrepreneurs we feel possess the greatest need and capability of prosperity and likewise the entrepreneurs have the chance to prove they can provide positive change in their communities in addition to repayment of the loans.
John Woods is the founder of Room to Read, a program that provides books and academic scholarships to young girls who suffer from poverty. He identified the problem of the lack of education and reading which most of the women experience in Nepal, which was the basis for which the organization was founded.
He decided to address this issued because he realized the vast impact that education could create for the young girls of Nepal. The local component is that this problem exists in America in addition to Nepal, although it is more devastating in Nepal. The community owns the process because it is our community that creates the catalyst for bringing about a change in our Nation. If these kids receive adequate education, image the impact it will have on generations to come.
Making room to read: Nepal

A social entrepreneur is a person who identifies and tries to solve social problems that is created from poverty or lack of information and education on a large scale. Social entrepreneurs seek to generate social value rather than profits, and their work pursue long-term change of a community.

I found an entrepreneur, John Wood and his innovative “Room to Read” program from the Frontline/World in PBS. The idea of the program was germinating when he visited a school in Nepal in 1998. In “a place of crushing poverty”, many children couldn’t get a chance to go to school, and school couldn’t provide books to read. The reality Wood faced made him transform from a footloose American into a committed entrepreneur to start a literacy program called Room to Read.

At first, the program started as a project to provide books, but, now, it has grown into a full-scale educational campaign to build school, publish children’s books and offer scholarships, etc. In Nepal, this program has already established more than 1,300 libraries.They have special mission of education for girls who doesn’t have equal opportunity for education in Nepal. Room to Read is now run and staffed by Nepalese and has made great impact on education in the poorest rural areas in Nepal.
An entrepreneur is a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. A social entrepreneur is a businessperson whose business creates social good and economic development in a community where poverty was a barrier to its financial growth. Philanthropy means love of humankind in general or something such as an activity or institution, intended to promote human welfare.
“Room to Read” was founded on the belief that "World Change Starts with Educated Children". The entrepreneur John Wood who began his job in 1998. That is the program to help children to reach their educational dream. It is also the door to opening the lock of poverty.
They created the partnerships form with local communities to work to supply educational opportunities and build school for kids. This “Room to Read” program is operating in Nepal. In 2000 they created another new program called “Room to Grow Girl’s Scholarship” for girls who can get a higher education of ten years. In 2003, “Room to Rea ” began to publish the local children’s book. In 2004, they had the 1000th libraries in Cambodia.
Except Nepal, John Wood and his partners, are working in other many places such as: Cambodia, India, Laos, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and South Africa where are lacking of resources of education. John Wood created a new world for kids, also, with his leagues paid more and more attention to poverty for helping them. It may be the job from god. Affects human beings get more and more charity ideas for kids.
Luis Szaran is now a famous musician and a native of Paraguay which is a neighborhood that is said to be "built around the city dump". This is an area that is extremely poor and neglected. As a child Szaran's father forbade him from studying music because he too was a musician but did not have the means to pursue his career. Early on, Szaran knew that music was apart of him, and against his fathers wishes, he secretly played and studied. Subsequently, he was discovered and received a scholarship to study music in Europe. He later returned to his country and felt compelled to give less fortunate kids from his country the same chance that he may not have received. He created the "Sounds of the Earth" music program as an outlet for children to express their emotions, feelings, and to convey messages. The community owns the process because the music creates unity, friendships and gives them a sense of hope and change in their otherwise desolate lives.
Deon Johnson
English 201A 1-3
1 of 3
A social entrepreneur is a business person whose business creates social good and economic development in a community where poverty was a barrier to its financial growth.
Father Thomas Koshy identified street children in India being a problem. So he started a homeless shelter, asked by Vijayawada’s major, in 1989.
The organization started and run by Father Koshy, a Catholic Salesian priest, and his good-old friend, Anu Dasaka, a psychologist and high caste Hindu, is called New Life Children’s Home or Navajeevan Bala Bhavan.
The relationship that they serve to the community is wonderful and successful. It embraces children of all castes and religion.
They decided to address the issue because there are about 3,000 children living on the street of VIjayawada. The enormous social divide between the poor and the prosperous in India is growing wider.
The community owns the process simply because it’s raised by them. Money rose from foreign donors and support from the Indian government. In the 17 years Dasaka and Father Koshy have been running the program, they helped more than 25,000 children come off the street, and the organization now runs 12 centers in the city. Sheltering and educating both boys and girls.
Deon Jhnson
English 201A 1-3
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A social entrepreneur is a business person whose business creates social good and economic development in a community where poverty was a barrier to its financial growth.
The problem the profiled identify was that there aren’t many helps, to help, African entrepreneurs.
The name of the organization is Kiva, which means, “agreement” or “unity” in Swahili.
The relation to the community that they serve is very welcoming and grateful. Kiva allows people with a little bit extra cash to lend directly to African entrepreneurs. Trying to crave out, the microfinance world.
They decided to address the problem or issue because micro credit is offered through banks that charge as much as 35 percent interest which doesn’t allow the entrepreneurs to profit.
Kiva is building on its success as well. It gave out more than 400,000 in loans. What started in one small village in Uganda has spread to al countries, within one year.
Deon Johnson
English 201A 1-3
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A social entrepreneur is a business person whose business creates social good and economic development in a community where poverty was a barrier to its financial growth.
Most Kenyan runners are from the Kalenjin tribe, whose homeland lies in the lush, equatorial hills of northwest Kenya. But until recently, women have only watched from the sidelines as men competed. That’s the problem Lomah Kiplagat identified.
The name of the organization that was started is High Altitude Training Center, where women athletes can dedicate themselves wholly to their sport and experience a new sense of independence.
Lornah Kiplagat funds the center entirely from the money that she wins racing. She sees it as a social experiment and an oasis where Kenyan women can escape their traditional roles and flourish.
Lomah Kiplagat admits, “It’s a way of changing the whole lifestyle of women in Kenya.” There not just seeing themselves as bound to traditional domestic roles.
India A New Life: getting children off the streets. Gita Pullapilly travels the streets of India as she comes across the extreme chaos of a wedding reception on one side of thhe street, and a funeral procession on the other side. This revealed the fact that India has a very crowded population. In resulting to this overcrowded lifestyle with a very large line between the rich and the poor. Unfortunately young children live on the streets.
Gita Pullypilly comes across a priest in India named Thomas Koshy who worked closely with meeting the needs of these young children who live on the streets with no one to turn to due to the loses of their parents, and family. Koshy, worked together with psycholigst Anu Dasaka to form the New lifes children home called the Navajeen. This possible from the donations made from foreign donors.
Through this center Koshy has been able to develop both schools for boys and girls as well as many other activities to help children who suffer from pain and losses on the streets. Gain and endure prosperity.
Getting children off the streets

A social entrepreneur is a person who identifies and tries to solve social problems that is created from poverty or lack of information and education on a large scale. Social entrepreneurs seek to generate social value rather than profits, and their work pursue long-term change of a community.

Father Tomas Koshy, a Catholic Salesian priest, is one of entrepreneur who works in the southern Indian city of Vijayawada. From 1989, he started the New Life Children’s Home with Anu Dasaka, a psychologist, to save the children in the streets of India; because of industrialization, more and more countryside people flood into urban center and create the bigger slum and street people in India. Father Koshy employs the “peer educators” who were former street kids and the team of social workers to approach streets kids and draw them into shelter and care. In the shelter, they have received more than 25,000 children and have been able to take home more than 11,000 children to their families. They also have educated and provided vocational training to almost 2,000 children, and some are completed university education.

In the 17 years, New Life Children’s Home has run by raising money from foreign donors and supported from the Indian government. Now they have 12 centers in the city and keep try to settle the kids to live an honest life. Lots of grown people in this program become positive role models serving the society and the program have a very strong presence in the street in Vijayawada.
English 201B
An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any business. Philanthropy is a person that donates money time or effort to support a charity cause. The video “Frontline: World” is a great example to show what a philanthropy and entrepreneur is. This video is about an organization named Kiva, found in San Francisco. This organization started in Uganda helping people that wanted to start their own business but didn’t have enough money. The job of Kiva is to lend money to this people called a micro loan by using their credit cards or using the Internet.

Many people in Uganda had been benefited with Kiva. An example is Grace Ayaa who lives in a neighborhood called Acholi Quarter. In this neighborhood most of the people work breaking rocks to earn money. But Grace doesn’t have to work like most of the people in this neighborhood, because she owns her own peanut butter business. She started making the peanut butter with basic things that she could afford and find in her neighborhood for example rocks. But later she bought a graining machine and a refrigerator thanks to a micro loan that Kiva provided her.

Like Grace many people had been benefited with this micro loans that Kiva has provided. What started in Uganda has spread all around the world helping more people to start their own business.
A social entrepreneur is someone who creates a business that beneficial to their community, this consist of good and economic development. Philanthropy is a person who cares about the well being of humans. They choose to invest their money and time to provide a better lifestyle for other and their community.
The problem that identify when dealing with KIVA is the unknown of their sponsors, and whether they will fail or succeed in getting a small business loans to progress in their community.
The name of the organization is Life in Africa, not only is she a member of KIVA she is founder of Life in Africa. An organization which help in small business loans.
Grace who founder with Life in Africa, Has shown dedicated to empowering and improving the quality and conditions and lifestyles in her community.
This issue is address because, lack of funding that lead to employment of the people in the city had known job and had to create small business to thrive on.
The local component is when the people of the community come together and decided on who deserves the loan.
KIVA is a small reliable foundation when bank don’t value emotion terms. The community decides on who deserves a small loan buy getting together as a group to see whose business is ready and worthy.
Delancey Street Foundation

A social entrepreneur is a person who identifies and tries to solve social problems that is created from poverty or lack of information and education on a large scale. Social entrepreneurs seek to generate social value rather than profits, and their work pursue long-term change of a community.

Delancey Street is one of the outstanding self-help organizations. It is a residential education center where former substance abuser, ex-convicts, homeless learn to lead productive, crime-free lives. In 1971 Mimi Silbert founded it with four residents in San Francisco. Without fund and staff, residents (from 2 to 4years staying) learn to work together through a principal called “each-one-teach-one” where each new resident is responsible for helping the next arrival. While they stay in Delancey Street, residents receive a high school equivalency degree, and they are trained different marketable skills. Moreover, residents learn social and interpersonal skills that allow them to live in the mainstream society. Delancey Street earn revenue by operating more than 20 businesses such as restaurant, café, and moving company etc.

For over 35years the project empowered more than 14,000 people to lead crime-free, drug-free lives in mainstream society and established satellite programs in Los Angeles, New Mexico, North Carolina and New York. Delancey Street has functioned as an extended family and a community for the people who hit the bottom to live as a responsible member of society. They have been called the most successful rehabilitation project in the United States and developing a model of social entrepreneurship.
A girls life

American John wood encountered the problem that there are a lot of children that are unfortunately unable to attend school to receive an education which is absolutely needed I this world. This is an unfortunate do to the ensufficient funds, sufferage of property and other loses that make this a disadvantage. To children who deserve the opportunity. He also realized that those in poorer areas of the world that did have the opportunity to go t school were short of books.
To fix this problem wood started an organization called room to read which he decided to make into a non profit helping organization at the arms in reach of needy children lacking education.
a social entreprenuer is a person whose intentions is to be their own boss. a for whatever idea they may have, its goal is to be successful and add as a service to the world. they are a bussiness person with or without an educational background and they strive, strive to better themselves.a social entrepreneur who is a business person whose business promotes social and economical change in a society. new ideas share these two qualities of entrepreneurship, including philanthropist which is someone that gives money to worthy causes. Are liable to gain prosperity in the desire of helping others.
Social is a someone who is pertaining to,devoted to, charact- erized by friendly companionship and has relation of and or for others. For example a person who has a good and can either be spiritual and have a positive sense of humor.A person who is willing to be involed in activities. It can also be a person who is willing to be helpful to others. Example a social entreprenour. After seen the program called "The New Heroes", Jessica and Matt Flanner( couple from San Francisco, California) traveled to Africa to help Moises get a founding of thirdthy one thousand dollars wire and Moises broke the money down to the village.
A social entreprenour is a bussines person who business creates social goods and economic devolopment that starts in the community and expands thru out the interent, across the nation wide, and also thru credict-cards. When people asks for a loan they dont really like to go the bank because the bank charges thirthy percent of interest. Local lenders are worst because their interest are three thousand percent. A man name Nathan loan money to seventhy bussines.
he social entreprenours in
the organization called"Kiva". Kiva is a small organization that operates on small operations that realied on donations. Kiva has seven members. Kiva gaved over fourthousand dollars and expread them all over the United States.
A lot this social entreprenour that are experts got impower when they saw organizations, and that motivated them to keep doing what they are doing in each time they only get better. Like in Africa a lady name Grace who became a social entreprenour by making her business of penut butter. She was able to get a boost when she changed her busines. Grace is also an assitend director of a group called"Life in Africa".
She did that because she recieved a Micro loan from California, by man name Nathan Folker. He loan her fourhundred and seventhy five dollars.
A philonthropist is a person who engages and or donates his or her time and gives money for good causes. A philanthropist may not always find universal approval for his or her deeds. For example i have already stated and talk about in the above paragraphs about the different types people that have donated and devoted their time and money to the different types of organitions and people that need their help.
An entrepreneur is a buisiness person. A social entrepreneur is a business person whow work creates change, economically, an socially. And a philanthropist is someone who give money to a worthy cause. Kikuo Morimoto is a craftsman who travels the world, attends business meeting and volunteers at refugee camps. One day while volunteering at a refugee camp, he ran into the discovery, and attraction that he had to Cambodian silk making. He realized that peoples grandmothers had this beautiful talent. This was a tradition passed down from mother to daughter and people where getting paid nothing for it. He realized that if it was going to be a great talent used then peole should get paid great money to do it.
In 1996 Morimoto starting with seven silk grandmothers he set up a silk productin studio in Siem Reap over time it has expanded with now up to 40 people working there earning from $80 to $200 dollars a month. Which is not quite a lot but in a country facing poverty it is.
This great deed that morimoto did for Cambodia has helped other re-define there love and passion for silk making.
John Woods is the founder of room to read which is an organization at the reach of children that have educational goals that poverty is lacking them from receiving.

This program is available to all ages. However he targets young girls due to the realization that he has come across in Nepal that women are the main ones that suffer from unsatisfactory in reaching their goals, due to the unavailability and educational success.

John Wood sets up the organization to open the doors to women in society that has the power to create change know matter the circumstances that poverty creates for them. He realizes that they deserve a chance to become someone.

We all as human, know matter the sex deserves the equality of reaching our goals, and John alone with his social entrepreneurship is making this happen.
Johna’e wright

liitle goes a long way in uganda where social entreprenurs came up with a program to help people in uganda that are trying to develop small businesses but are need of help financially ,so people across the world from sanfransico are willing to help the people in uganda get things started, this nonprofit organization is a good one because it allows people in uganda to have a fair chance ot do what they want to do. And maybe be able to give there families a good rasing in uganda this proves that a little does go a long way.

Rom to read: room to read is a program that helps kids in nepal to read this program was made to support kids so that they may have enogh tools to help them build a much healthier education. Room to read is a non profit organization who wants to assisit young children that need to learn how to read. They didn’t have enough books to read. That’s how this program came about.

Sonds of hope: what I got from this program is that theres a entrepreur whos invloed with kids in paraguary who helps reedeem the lives of kids that are poor and negelted through msic. Thriugh this program kids are able to express themselves within threre music. Using music as a salvational get away to relieve the struggles of there present lives.
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