Monday, November 05, 2007


Afternoon notes

The afternoon class met in the classroom. Most of the students weren't prepared, so after several attempts at a topic we settled on the article from Ode magazine about Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunnis, whose Grameen Bank has changed the thinking of lenders the world over. This article is an example of what I am looking for in a social entrepreneur essay this month.

Homework is to complete the Evaluating a Website assignment. The links are below. Homework, is also to read Evolution of a Revolutionary up to Chapter 3. Continue the Afeni profile.

The first part of the research assignment is due Wednesday. The assignment is also posted here. If you haven't looked at the Frontline World profiles of social entrepreneurs, do so. You are supposed to watch three (3) and respond at the post.

Our freewrite was a response to "Nothing Can Come Between Us" (Rose 37).

In order to pass the class, students must have passing grades on all the major essays: Hip Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes, Midterm, Social Entrepreneur Essay, Evolution of a Revolutionary essay assignment. This will guarantee a C in the class. If you are shooting for a B or better, then you have to complete all the assignments with B or better grades. Those essays are the blog essays, plus other essays assignments such as Too Short as Career Counselor and Jeff Chang on Jay-Z, reading logs, freewrites. The 10 hours spent in the Writing Center also counts toward the grade.

If you are behind, you have until November 15 to catch up on the blog assignments. Afterwards, you can still earn a C in the course. The final day to drop with a W is towards the end of this month. We will have conferences on Wednesday. Bring in the assignment sheet and all your graded work so we can talk.

thesis: at that time, if you wanted to help the poor people you gave them money. lending? it simply wasnt done.

the subject of the essay is microcredit, how m. yunus began a system by lending poor people money. since that was a new idea and people werent used to that then, lots of people began to ridicule him. but stats began to show that this system actually helped poor people become successful. how the grameen bank was established.
Hi Jameisha:

A way to figure out what an essay or article is about it by noticing how many different ways the author(s) repeats important concepts. M Yunnus is more an illustration than the topic of the essay. Look again at how he is used to illustrate a key point. A clue: Look at the authors use of Ghandi, Gladwell and Victor Hugo. What are they saying? This is the point. Revise your summary to take this into account.
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