Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Afternoon notes

This afternoon we watched the Mimi Silbert, Delancy Street segment of the New Heroes series on Social Entrepreneurs. Afterwards we developed an essay plan, then split into groups to develop outlines and write introductory paragraphs. About 6 students are using Mimi Silbert as their SE, so those students were in one group sharing their homework due today.

I think it was a successful class. The hope is that students now have a model of how I want the essay done. Here is the planning sheet and a sample thesis. For the thesis sentence, we used the 3-part thesis guideline (handout). I also handed out a few more graded midterm essays, the floppy disks or CDs students gave them to me on, and a handout on revision from Hacker.

We still haven't had a chance to review the chapter on argument in Hacker. Please read and note any questions. If you post a lot of assignments at one time, please send me an email and alert me so I can look. If there are essays you've submitted and need grades you can also email me, perhaps it is an essay I have not returned.

Be certain to indicate which class you are in and the assignment. Monday's homework is to write the essay draft; it can be in longhand. Keep reading Guy's book. We're up to chapter 5. We will meet in the Writing Center Wednesday, Nov. 20 in the smaller lab. Wear your coats :-)

Students will learn to comment electronically on each other's essays in response to the four questions I ask in the assignment. The peer reviewer will look for the answers and respond to each one. The writer will also have an opportunity to ask the reviewer to look for specific things.

Thesis: Although participants in Delancy Street have lost hope in themselves due to society and family giving up on them, Delancy Street Foundation and its founder Mimi Silbert help its residents identify, rebuild and rejuvenate their lives, because over a the two year period most clients have been able to transition successfully into society.

(If you missed class, you can pick up a handout in the bin outside my office.)

Planning Sheet:

Topic: Mimi Silbert, Delancy Street Foundation; Rehabilitation

Audience: People who have hit rock bottom in every way possible and want a way out, also people (employers too) who are interested in social entrepreneurship. This paper is for those who doubt that change can happen for inmates, the homeless, drug abusers, etc.

Purpose: Why do you want to write about Mimi Silbert and DS? She is inspiring and motivating

Questions you want your paper to answer: What inspired Silbert to want to change something in society? How did MS get community support for DS? What are the measurable outcomes for MS and for the community?

What is the main writing strategy you will employ? Problem/solution, description and it goes without saying, argument

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