Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The Color Purple and other events

We had a great time last night. I lagged and didn't get in touch with the publicist in time for her to see if any actors wanted to meet us afterward, but we are going again. Elesha is getting together a group and we are going to use the education discount. This time I will get in touch with the publicist in advance.

I also want to let students know about another play that opens today, Wednesday, Nov. 7 and continues through Nov. 25, in San Francisco called "Stardust and Empty Wagons," at Brava Theatre Center, 2789 24th Street, (at York). The play is about Katrina survivors who now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. These are their stories. There are free tickets for college students and substantial discounts for groups. Speak to the box office manager (415) 647-2822. You can also visit

Tonight at the Black New World Amiri Baraka is in conversation with Marcel Diallo.

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