Thursday, November 08, 2007


Long weekend ahead

Today in class we reviewed the website evaluation assignment. Only one person completed the entire assignment. Students need to get it done. If you have questions refer them to the librarians at the COA reference desk. You can also get assistance at your neighborhood libraries. Most librarians, not library aides have master's degrees.

I have incorrect dates on the Research Essay schedule. Just remember that the documents are due the last class meeting day of the week, except Thanksgiving week.
Your final drafts are due when we return from the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Students also shared their planning sheets and resource lists for the research essay. We didn't get to talk about argumentation or watch the video. We will do this next week. At this point, students should be reading articles, watching broadcast reports, reading books, etc., so that you become an expert on your topic. The introduction and conclusion are due either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on when we meet. If your midterm grade was a C- or a D you have to revise your essay. Revisions need to include the original graded paper along with the essay you'd like considered. I also want students to write a separate narrative explaining what you did to improve the essay. This reflective piece doesn't have to be long.

Please turn in revisions by the end of next week or by arrangement. If you have the corrected essay electronically, you can email the package to me, or you can give it to me as a hardcopy. It's your choice.

Some students have not turned in their midterm essays. To pass the class you have to complete the midterm. The cut off for this essay is next week, so those who have not gotten it in, this is your last chance unless we have made other plans. My office hours are MW 9-11. I am sometimes a little tardy getting over to L-236, but I am coming, wait for me. Tuesday and Thursday after 12 noon is a possiblity if arranged in advance.

Keep reading the Guy book, "Evolution of a Revolutionary." My book has walked; my name is in it. If anyone knows it's whereabouts I'd appreciate its return. Thanks! You can read up to chapter 5 for the next meeting. Don't forget to keep reading logs.

Remember the veteran's over the holiday recess. I returned most if not all of the essays I received as hardcopies. If you missed class or left early, email me and I will send your grade to you. I am not leaving essays for people to pick up for confidentiality reasons.

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