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This Morning, November 19

Today on the cover of the Oakland Tribune was the headline, "Oakland 4th-most Perilous US City." Of course this became the topic of discussion as we looked at the ramifications of such an announcement on the already tarnished image of the step-child of the Bay. Notice there was no mention of San Francisco's listing and Richmond, California was given the dubious honor of 9th place.

We looked the now we find out debatable fact, debatable fact because the FBI distances itself from the conclusions drawn from an analysis of information gleaned from its data on major US cities. This is a great example of evaluating sources. However, after reading the article aloud for students, it seemed as if CQ Press is after sensationalism rather than accuracy. I wouldn't be surprised if they were connected to a real estate firm or some such entity. Property values would certainly be affected in a demographic where per capita crime rates for homicide, aggravated assault, rape, and robbery. It's still expensive to live in Oakland, but in areas like West Oakland and East Oakland, property value is not necessarily affordable but less expensive than elsewhere.

This said, I'd certainly look at motive and look at who reads the rag sheet or CQ Press. I also thought is interesting that the former owners of CQ seem related or married. Who are they?

The mayor's office and/or the Oakland Police Dept. said the figures also reflected domestic violence statistics. I wondered if those numbers were the homicide or assault figures and if violence against women was up.

Homework is to post your introductory paragraph here regarding this issue. I'd suggested looking at the story in the Oakland Tribune again, along with the report and the FBI statement regarding this.

We used Shanelle's thesis, but you don't have to. The paragraph needs to be minimally 5 sentences long. The thesis needs to be the last sentence in the paragraph. We will develop an outline and a conclusion tomorrow as a few write. We will meet in the Writing Center again (L-235).

Keep reading Afeni. We'll talk about chapter 6 tomorrow or Wednesday, Nov. 21 along with sharing our essays, first draft. On Tuesday morning if you want me to look at your research writing up to this point, please bring it in and I will check your organization, evidence, thesis and anything else you want me to look at.

Here is the thesis we developed:
Although Oakland is the 4th most perilous city in the country according to a recent report by CQ Press, with records to date: 111 murders in 2007, compared to 134 murders in 2006, these records so not classify Oakland as a whole nor help us find a solution to this problem.

Here are a few links: (I can't find the statement. If you do, please post it here for us.)

In today's Oakland Tribune, a private research group published findings ranking Oakland among the top most dangerous cities.

Because of rising crime rates, Oakland now holds the number four position of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.

Statistics were calculated based on homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, auto theft, and burglary crimes compared in 378cities w/ a population of at least 75,000.

Claims against Oakland City officials stated that not enough had been done in the past year to address existing problems, thus the reason for the 4 rank climb from number 8 last year.

Although Oakland is currently the fourth perilous City in the Country, with records to date of 111 murders in 2007 compared to 134in 2006, these records do not classify Oakland as a whole, nor does it provide a solution for the problem.
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