Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Early class

Today in the morning class we reviewed the Argumentation video. Students shared notes and we discussed the ideas explored in the video. We then applied what we know about deductive and inductive reasoning to one of the four poems we read today from A Rose Grew in Concrete. (I think we startd on page 47.)If students have finished their essays and want to share their thoughts on one of the poems, please do so. Tell us what the point is and whether or not is is an inductive or deductive form of reasoning. We'll complete the exercises in Hacker tomorrow. I also have a handout for you tomorrow on propaganda as argument.

Students made comments on each other's essays in the Writing Center, using the comment function. Homework is to complete the essay and bring in an electronic version of the document tomorrow along with all the supplementary documents. Those can be given to me in a paper form. You can also give me your essay this way, though I prefer it on a CD or disk.

If you have completed the assignment, keep reading Guy. We will finish the book next week and write a skit we will perform. There will also be a final essay we will write in class taking a theme from Guy's exploration of Afeni Shakur's life.

The day of the final, students will present their research essay. This is where you can collaborate with classmates who have the same topic.

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