Monday, January 28, 2008


Homework for Sept. 28

Tonight's homework is to watch the presidential State of the Union Address, 6 PM on all major networks: TV and radio. It's always more fun to watch than to just listen; however if you aren't home then you can visit the White House on-line or look at or for taped broadcasts.

Identify 3-4 arguments and respond to them in agreement or disagreement. The essay should be 250 words or 1 typed page. Read the Walker essay on Coretta Scott King also. You will write a summary in class.

Please also check the bookstore for Letters from Mississippi. I have added the book, Children of the Movement. So the books for the class are: The Fire Next Time, Diana Hacker's Rules for Writers and Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Theresa Smith
January 29, 2008
English 201A 10-11
The George Bush Speech
In response to the George Bush speech I did receive informative information for myself and my children. Recently I read the Alameda Star Newspaper, I was really shocked at what I read in the news letter. Alameda Unified School District speaker informed us that the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to take 4 billion dollars from the Alameda Unified School District, and 11 percent will be taken from the mandated state funding program for children with disabilities. I was shocked that the children funding for education was going to altered the year of 2009 because he did not want to mess with the budget of 2008 he figured he wait until 2009. The article that I read in the newspaper was terrible. I was very interested in what Bush had to say to the rest of the world and what more did we have to loose.
I sat and watched the television speech never being interested in what Bush had to say had my attention? The speech began at exactly 6:00 in the evening Bush spoke for exactly sixty three minutes as Bush walked to the podium shaking hands and putting on a fake smile. Before Bush begins his speech he shakes the Superintendent hand at least three times before he began his speech. This would be Bush’s tenth speech; this is his final State of the Union speech. Once Bush begins his speech he immediately starts to talk about tax reduction and further in his speech Bush began to talk about homeowners and how he would like a tax break for the homeowners so that they can refinance there homes and don’t loose them. Bush speech began to make a lot of since to me and I can see where the miscommunication comes in, he puts on a very good speech.
The three arguments that I found interesting were “No child left behind law” that passed in the year of 2007, “2,600 children found new hope as the president said”. Funding to help everybody receive health insurance rather they have a job or not. And the funding to support single parents that are attending college full time too further there education.
There is a three million dollar plan to support single parents who are attending college full time by providing them with a Pell Grant, money they don’t have to pay back. Providing health insurance to people who can’t afford to pay would eliminate fatalities. My last argument I enjoyed coming from the president was his fight to protect Social Security benefits. The president said if this world continued in these foot steps our country would be in a world of trouble by 2013 their will not be any Social Security benefits left. Bush also said he wanted to help displaced workers find jobs. That is the support displaces workers need and depending on the accident on how sever it is, the healing process could take months, years to recover. That money would help keep stress down.
The topic that I did not agree with was Bush continuing the war against Iraq. Prior to the speech we were informed that nine million troops had died the year of 2007 so why would we continue the fight. They are changing the gas to air to save the world and stop pollution and lower gas prices. Bush is still starving for power and wants it all Bush informed the country that Ben laden said that he would retaliate against Washington State no matter how long it took. Bush is scared he doesn’t know when Iraq will attack so meaning he has to stay on top of the war. After the speech Bush looked relieved none of the things Bush said was going to take place that day. Bush would like Congress to vote and pass all the laws he requested which would be good for him and his Country.
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