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April Fools

Today in class we watched The Write Course video: "Argumentation." Most of the students in the later class remembered the video from last semester, but watched it again anyway. We then discussed it using the lens of the planning sheet. What is the topic of the film...purpose, question the creators had in mind, main rhetorical strategy, etc.

Homework is to read the section in Hacker on Argument and answer the questions on pages 367-368. Identify each fallacy with its corresponding page numbers. Also, we have completed the section in Letters from Mississippi: "At Home in a Black World." Students need to read 3 more letters and post an argument takes from 1 letter, show the proof(s) and then summarize the letter. Post it with the rest of the responses to this section. You should have 4 in total there. Check back for comments and read other student's work. Some of your classmates are doing a great job, among them are: Sophia, Seonhea, and Jessica, Kay, Alex and Javier.

I noticed students posting assignments in the wrong place. If you don't post the assignment where it is assigned I won't know you turned it in. If you are confused or make a mistake, you can always send it to me to post for you. Just be clear on the assignment.

I post comments on the blog when you submit work there. You can look for my comments on the midterms there. I mention students by name. I will grade the papers by the numerical system: 6, 5, 4. If the grade is lower, I will just tell you to revise or give you a NC for a rewrite. If you want to see a failing grade, ask me for it in person, or email me the request.

Reading in the new section of Letters from Mississippi: "That Long Walk to the Courthouse," pages 75 to the top of 80. Post 1 argument and its support, then summarize the entire letter. I will give you a separate post for this assignment.

Alejandro Aguilar
April 6, 08
English 102.B 10-12

Exercise 47-1

a.(Making assumptions)
It is not safe to assume that because all of the blind dates have been embrarrassing disasters that the next one will fall under that same claim. It is very possible that the next person will be very compatible and will work out.

I dont see the logic in that statement, just because we are given the right to vote at 18, does not mean that the drinking age should be lowered as well. There are obvious reasons for the 21 age drinking limit, people mature more (mostly) and are more responsible with the alcohol.

I think that the passage is generalzing on the polititians that have done wrong already, all of the polititians arent corrupt because like a few of them tend to be in history. There have been reports of this happening, but not by everyone.

d.(Tracing Cause And Effect)
Im not to sure about this passage, but I have an idea that this is dealing with Cause and Effect problems, the person did notice that before they were able to feed the family before with 100$, and now with a new person in office it has changed. From what the person said there is personal notice, but still no "proof".

e.(Making assumptions)
This is a well known claim. And i dont think there is any need for proof . Obviously if you arent part of the solution, you are part of the problem. I think its fair to say its true.

It sounds like this is more of a joke, nothing factual about this, but it does make sense, the idea works.

2.(Making assumption)
Not all job requires, will require for you to know how to make a website, there are different job sets out there and different job skills people know. So this is a false statement.

Because three out of five college professors are "sarcastic" does not mean that they tend to be sarcastic, each person might think differently about what sarcastic means. it does not give enough information for this to be true.

I dont agree with the tactics on this passage. A well researched book always falls under good paper to me, it would have nothing to do with the writer being Australian.

5.(Weighing options?/unsure)
The passage talks about the "non smoking" to be a freedom taker if you will, we have our natural right to do make our own decisions and it makes sense for this to be true no matter the situaton.

6.(False Analogy)
Both ideas in the passage do not even work together, the topics dont even match. It would not matter what professional athletes make, it would have no effect on kids breaking their legs.

This is an opinion of an indivual, It might be true that many people might not like a tuition increase, you would need to do a study in order to be acurate on this assumption.

I agree on this assumption but sometimes there are other issues, the idea is logical. In history if this is true several times over, its possible there is proof.

I dont think that because of a ten cent deposit will people be more likely to recycle. It is just an opinion.

This can be looked at in different ways, It is true that thousands of people dont have food and shelter but it is possible that people might rather give the money to whale/baby seal programs other then humane programs, that just has to do with those individuals.
Chesi brown
April 6, 2008
English 201B

Ther were still a lit of folks who didn't wnt to have anything to do with it all because it meant trouble.

Evidence #1
As I walk down the road with him, his mother came to warn him not to get mixed up with us.

Evidence: #2
she said they probably wouldn'y hurt us but would beat him as soon as we left.

Evidence: #3
She told me she was afraid for her boys.
Chesi brown
I fogot to put the page and tittle,

pg (92-93)
Tittle: July 2
Chesi Brown
April 6, 2008
English 201B

Pg (57)
Holmes County, July 8
Dear Mom,

It is such a human sight: such love oozes from this house I can't began to explain.

Evidence: #1
All evening I have little children crawling over me and big boys, 16, my buddies, combing my hair, confiding in me, appreciating me.

Evidence: #2
I will open my heart and mind to them and listen and care for them and show my concern.

Evidence: #3
I may be sex- and love- starve, as some like to picture me, but at least I have facd the problem and have found my own inner peace by being with people who have not fogotten how to love
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