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Cyber-Assignment for Propaganda Techniques

Please post your response to the questions and 1 essay question pp. 311-312, 1-5 by Wednesday, April 16. The essay should be 3 paragraphs minimally. Do not chose the same question you responded to last semester Sspire students.

Erik Del Nero
English 201 B

The television show I am going to talk about is the show Friends. It is about six single people who just got out of college and live in New York. The story line is about what their life is like on a day to day basis. The show also, deals with relationships. This show also helps point out what life is like when you are trying to get career on track. The characters on the show if you don’t know are Ross, Rachael, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey. Each character has a different due to their nationality. Monica and Ross are from a Jewish family. Joey is from a big Italian family. Rachael is from a European rich family. Chandler is from a European family. Phoebe is from a French family, but one thing they have in common is that they are all from New York.
The show tells a comedy tale. If you are a fan of the show you know what I am talking about. You see a lot of romance between characters. It shows what dating is like in the real world and sometimes the brutal side of it to. The show is really easy to follow. It is hard not to laugh while watching the show because of all the crazy things the characters get into.
In conclusion, I think this one of the best shows ever made. The show was first brought on the air in the early or mid 90’s. You still can catch the reruns on TBS or FOX.
Ewa Dobrzynska
Enlish 201A/B
Prof. Sabir
1. Advertisers learn heavily on propaganda to sell products, whether the “products” are a brand of toothpaste, a candidate for office, or a particular viewpoint.
2. Propaganda is a systematic effort to influence people’s opinions, to win them over certain point of view.
3. #
4. McClintock believes we should be better informed about propaganda techniques to not be a victim of it. Propaganda work because appeal to our emotions not to our minds.
5. Seduced-to lead away from proper conduct; to win over
Warmonger- one who advocates or attempts to stir up war
Elite- a group or class who enjoy superior intellectual, social or economic class

Nowadays we meet with propaganda in everyday life. We have to be aware to not become a victim of commercials and color advertises. McClintock in her essay describes seven poropaganda techniques in advertising. It is very impotent to know how they work.
First one is called Name Calling. Name calling strategy is to negatively charge the name of oposit side. For instance during election we going to present other candidate in “black” negative side, so we can be this better person.
Second is Glittering Generalities. This one is opposite of the first one. We want that audience accept the product without much thinking about it. Third and forth are Transfer and Testimonial. Those techniques are alike. They use logos and famous people to make us more confidence to buy a product. We like the person so much so we going to buy the product do not meter what it is. Other technique is to present people in everyday life. This affects our emotion. We see in commercials that people are very ordinary like us. The do care about the same priorities us we do.
Commercials often use lies and they are not complete. For example “ This pain relief is twice stronger! “, but we don’t know is stronger then what. We let propaganda think for ourselves. We don’t try to find information about the product. We let propaganda choose for us.
In conclusion I would like to say that sometimes we should use our mind and logical thinking the we won’t be a victim of commercial. Propaganda is being use everywhere and in our everyday lives. Be aware and make sure you are not being used.
Chesi Brown
English 201B
April 21, 2008
Instructor: Sabir

Propaganda Assignment

Question # 4

Are you tires of detailing your car your self? Wouldn’t you like to see and come to an all girls detail shop were you can get your car wash immaculate and in style. You can sit, watch flat screen TV’s, have access to the internet, have service served to you from a lavish snack bar, with a well known chief who has work for plenty celebrity ( testimonial) and entertainment, from beautiful women do a man’s job.

We’ll I know just the place! “She Does It Best”. It is an all girl’s detail service, with women who have plenty experience in cleaning car. The women at “She Does It Best year are mothers, and daughters who have been cleaning for years. Rather, it was cars, houses, or their children. These women are a perfect example of “cleaning master’s.” The girls age range from 18 to 30 years-old and they are professional when it comes to entertainment. These women do it all they skate, they provided customer service, and look gorgeous while washing cars. “If you don’t believe come see it your self.”

She Does It Best” is the hottest detail service in the Bay Area. “No detail shop can compare.”(Name Calling) We are a well known, Hip- Hop rapper E-40 says, “ She Does It Best’ “ is the best detail shop in Northern California you smell me,” (Testimonial) and Barren Davis says, “ were the best.” We are located In Berkeley, California right off 880 South at 3227 San Pablo Blvd.

There are three different types of service at “She Does It Best” First; we have the regular wash which consists of a wash inside out, and access to all the services for $30 dollars. Second, is the Premium wash which consist of a regular wash plus a wax for $60 dollars. Last, there is the Premium Plus wash which consist of a regular wash, a wax, and shampoo inside and out for only $85 dollars.

Come down to “She Does It Best” where you can get your car wash “so fresh and so clean.”
Carmen Truong
Sabir 10-12
1. Americans, adults and children alike, are being seduced. They are being brainwashed.
2. Propaganda is a advertisement to trick or deceive people into buying their products or idea. Mostly people that hear propaganda think is bad.
3. Weasel is a word that use to trick people from buying the products due to propaganda.
4. McClintock believe we should be better informed about propaganda techniques so we wont get scam or trick and better prepare ourselves for propagandas.
5. Seduced- to persuade somebody to do something by making it seem desirable or exciting.
Warmonger- somebody who is eager for war or tries to start a war.
Elite- a small group people within a larger group who have more power, social standing, wealth, or talent than the rest of the group.

# 1
McClintock is against propaganda is want to let us know not to get easily influence my propaganda. As we know Propaganda is not necessarily concerned with what is true or false, good or bad. (pg. 304-305) They try to express their best way by using difficult words to sell their products. For example: (pg. 305 there) are seven basic types of techniques and #2 state the Glittering Generalities, the name is just attractive and people just don’t even think about it.
Kids and perhaps adults should be aware of watching too much TV. The everyday commercials bring us the idea why do we want to buy the product. As a matter of fact, magazines, shopping carts, ads, and anywhere we go could presents much more stuff to people. The way it looks, the way they present it, and the style of it. Things can go wrong without us knowing, and as I concern people just want to make money and don’t care whether its good or bad, true or false. Although many product seems not to work, but people believe in it, so it does work for them.
Many advertisements can be easily disturbed for young children like toys, shoes, popular brand names, etc… “They work because they appeal to our emotions, not to our mind.” pg. 310 Seeing something is pretty will influence them also. It is important not to let propaganda affect us.
201B 1-3

1. What is the selection’s thesis?
Advertisers lean heavily on propaganda to sell products, whether the “products” are a brand of toothpaste, a candidate for office, or a particular political viewpoint.
2. What is Propaganda? What mistaken associations do people often have with this term?
Propaganda is a systematic effort to influence people’s opinions, to win them over to a certain view or side. Propaganda just wants people to believe the messages being sent, and they aren’t very concerned if what they use is true of false good or bad.
3. What are “weasel words”? How do they trick listeners?
They are small words that usually slip right past us, but make the difference between reality and illusion. For example: “Helps control dandruff symptoms” and t he audience usually takes ‘helps control’ as ‘stops’ dandruff.
4. Why does McClintock believe we should be better informed about propaganda techniques?
McClintock says that propagandas “work because they appeal to our emotions, not to our minds” (310). She also says that “ clear thinking requires hard work: analyzing a claim, researching the facts, examining both sides of an issue, using logic to see the flaws in an argument. Many of us would rather let the propagandists do out thinking for us” (310). We should be more informed about the propaganda techniques because not everything on propaganda is true.
5. Define seduced, warmonger, and elite
seduced: to win over; attract
warmonger: a person who advocates, endorses, or tries to precipitate war.
elite: group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status.
Sophia Andrews

A brighter smile is what we all would love to have. When I say brighter I do mean the color and the shape of your teeth. Having wonderful teeth is a wonderful thing, wouldn’t you think? To not only be attractive, drive a nice car, live in a wonderful, home be a great parent, and take fancy trip, but t o also have the prettiest smile that anyone can ever imagine. I would think that your life is suitable for more then just the average human being. However I know you get tired and tired and tired of paying off these teeth cleaning bills, as well as making room for the dentist every 4-6 months, when you take a look at you budget you cant even imagine being about to afford a 3,700 bill for braces. So the thought of having great teeth just slips your mind!
Well my name is Dr. Glow and I am launching a new 2 in one fantastic product call the straight n glow go kit. This is a whitening device that is used orally 3 times a day for only 4 months, and as you go your teeth being to not only glow, but the begin to form a better smile for you to love and others to admire. Don’t even worrying about not being able to afford it because I am offering it at the lowest price with a warranty guarantee for only $29.99 WOW! You cant beat that. All you do it apply the gel 3 times a day before eating breakfast, before eating lunch, and before eating your dinner, and after you eat your dinner every night sleep with the mouth guard, and I promise in as soon as 4 months your teeth will be white as snow, and if there were any crowded teeth or any overbite action taking place it will no longer exsist.
Ammnah Babikir
Eng. 201b

Questions for Close Reading

1. What is the selections thesis? How to recognize our mind's and emotions being used to trick us into being sold for the gain of manufacturers that create these advertisements. Locate the sentence(s) in which McClintock states her main idea. If she doesn’t state the thesis explicitly, express it in your own words. We must be aware of propaganda being used. oterwise, we have vouluntarily given up our independance of thought and action. (pg. 310)

2. What is Propaganda?Propaganda - is a systematic effort to influence people's opinions, to win them over to a certain view or side. Propaganda is not necessarily concerned with what is true or false, good or bad (pg . 304). What mistaken associations do people often have with this term? Foreighn menace: anti- American radio programs broadcast by a totalitarian regime or brainwashing tactics practiced on hostages.

3. What are “weasel words”? these are small words that usually slip right past us, but that make the difference between reality and illusion (pg. 309). How do they trick listeners? It helps to sway people's decision and distort their claim.

4. Why does McClintock believe we should be better informed about propaganda techniques? We need to know when our minds and emotions are trying to be bought and taken advantage of. Otherwise we are being subconsciously subjected to being used in this scientific experiment called "Propaganda techniques"- the mind controls of the 21st century.

5. Refer to your dictionary as needed to define the following words used in the selection:

Seduced (paragraph 1):

Warmonger (5): One who advocates or attempts to stir up war.

Elite (17): A group or class enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status.

Questions about the Writer’s Craft

2. In her introduction, McClintock uses loaded words such as seduced and brainwashed. What effect do these words have on the reader? It makes the reader more interested in her opinion and what resarch and information she has on the subject at hand that is " Propaganda". From this, the reader could conclude that in finding out this information and reading this hand out, that propaganda is often used as advertisement to sway the decision o fthe opposing viewpiont in order to win them over enough to buy into whatever is being sold to them. therefore in knowing their tacticts, we can protect ourselves beyond the degree of not allowing ourselves to be susceptible to being sold on words or flashy lights.
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