Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Michael Eric Dyson

We had a great time at MoAd this afternoon. Ammnah missed us, hopefully she is able to attend the evening event. Next time, we'll have to take lunch, but Dyson was wonderful, so entertaining and we took photos, shook hands with everyone. He was a great public person and so smart. Ashley said she felt like she understood most of what he said, but then there were those places where--if you remember Holler If You Hear Me, where the professor uses very precise and not easily comprehended language. Matthew asked a question and so did Chesi. Chesi also got a chance to meet Dr. Julia Hare, who is the subject for her research essay.

Dr. Hare was also wonderful to see again and gracious. Well I have to run now. I'm in the Writing Center tomorrow morning from 10-12 and in my office from 1-2 or 3. Call me with questions or drop by. Those essays are past their due dates people.

Ashley Dorsett

Thank you so much for giving us a chance to meet him. I really enjoyed myself t hear him spek in person was touching i could relate to what he was saying. It opened my eyes to so much more. I also thought the Martin L. King memorial was nice. Thanks Ms.Sabir o yea were can we find the pics.
Robert Walker

I would like to thank you for the field trip i really had fun. i knew since the first time that i heard Dr. Dyson on bet that i was goin to hear somethings and
word that made me say W.O.W. I wanted to ask him a question but Matt had a long question so now i know not to let matt ask a queiton before me. As of now I think that Dr.Dyson has the smoothest wat to describe a woman and i would like to get my word like that. Thank you Ms.sabir and you to classmates
Sophia Andrews
Ms. Sabir

Getting the chance to actually sit in the same room as Micheal Eric Dyson was an exreme pleasure! When I was younger I would hear people like my god mother telling my mother how she was going to a book signing for a new book release from a famous writer, and although these writers are famous celeberty’s like beyounce or tupac the power in their knowledge makes them famous to me. Micheal Eric Dyson is a very smart man with wrods that are sharp as a knife, I mean words so powerful and intelligent that it feels like your being attcked when he uses them. While he was introducing his book, and relating it to everyday life political issues. I found myself so intrigued it was amazing! I thank Ms. Sabir honestly for taking us to see him. It wasnot only an insipartion to obtain a degree and have the brains of becoming an intelligent person, but it was fun. Seeing Dyson made me wish that I had some one as intelligent as him closer to me daily, but because thast not the case it has motivated me to be my own inspiration, and be as intelligent as I desire to be, and the sky is the limit!
Chesi Brown
English 201B
May 12, 2008

Ms. Sabir I would like to say thank you so much for the opportunity to me a women that I admire. When I met her she was what I imagine her to be, very captivating, out spoken, and intelligent. I was motivated just by looking at her. When she presented Michael Eric Dyson she said some words that were so powerful I wanted to practice upgrade my vocabulary. Meeting her was like meeting a hero and I felt like star. When I walk up to her to ask her a few question and get a picture, I was so nervous I was thinking this women is way too busy to be taking picture, but it was so odd because she was so nice a had the pleasure of asking her a few important question concerning my research paper. When I told her that I was doing a research paper on her, she seems so surprise like she was honored this field trip has been in experience of a life time. When I went home and told my grandfather that I had the chance to me Dr. Julia Hare he was so happy for me and upset that he couldn’t make. Michael Dyson was breath taking he is like a book of knowledge. I enjoyed watching Michael Dyson and I love how he expressed his feeling for hip-hop because it is so hard to get supported when you are an artist
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