Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Readings for the weekend

Today in class we practiced summarizing and identifying arguments in the first few pages of Letters from Mississippi, "The Long Road to the Court House." I read the letters aloud and students then put away their books or reading material and summarized the passages. Students seemed to be engaged, especially, Robert, Lewis, Chesi, and Matthew, although the other students participated. It was a good afternoon class. In the early class we were able to also go into the Writing Center and begin looking at the Frontline World video program. Check the folder tomorrow for paper copies of the links for research essay library forms.

Lewis asked me if he could continue on in Letters from Mississippi.I told him yes, so students who would like to begin responding to School for Freedom. I have added a cuber-post.

Children of the Movement
We also spoke about the next generation, the children of these leaders in the movement for social justice. Students were assigned the first part of Chapter 7, pages 227-237. We will also read the chapter: The Next Generation and the profiles on Chaka Foreman and James Foreman Jr. These men are examples of children who have taken up the social change mantle.

Freedom on My Mind
Post comments about the film here. Visit You didn't miss much. I will let you watch the rest next week; we will also go over the answers to the argument exercises. Some students posted their answers on the blog.

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