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School for Freedom Cyber-Assignments

Begin to post your responses, summaries and arguments for this chapter. The first assignment will be given Monday, April 14.

Sophia Andrews
Ms. Sabir English 201 A

Holly Springs
Dear Mom and Dad; pg 108
the atmosphere in class is unbelievable. It is what every teacher dreams about
real honest enthusiasm and desire to leanr anything, and everything.
The girls come to class of their on free will
They respond to everything that is said .
They are excited about learning.
Thye drain me of everything I have to offer so that I go home at night completely exhausted but very happy…
In this letter Pam is expressing to her parents back home how comfortable she is with her self as a teacher, as well as the comfort that she recieves from her students. Pam states that the atmosphere that she teaches in is what every teacher can ever dream for. She talks about the subjects that she teaches to her students, and the interest that they have in those subjects. She seems to be excited about their excitement.

Mer idian , July 15
On thing that I’ve found here is that the students are on a much higher level than I had been led to expect.
A lot of books which I wouldn’t think of bringing because they would be “ on too high a level” or “too intellectual” are beign used d
Lewis holman 1-3
In the new chapter of letters from mississippi, the volunters share their experiences in the freedom school for the segregated black in the south. Many schools, before the freedom schools, were in bad condition. There were even orders not to teach negros certain subjects, but as the freedom schools opened ". . . . It changed from a celebration to a crisis. . . " (p. 108 L.M) And hundreds of unexpected students arrived wanting the knowlegde that the schools were giving.
Carmen Truong
Sabir 10-12

School for Freedom
Dear people, Ruleville, July (Pg. 104)
Mississippians finally have money for the Negro school. Unfortunately, the white school seems better.
“The following things found in white school are missing from the Negro school: lockers of any kind (even for the football team), ventilators, central such heating (they have those electric fan units in the ceiling such as you see in garages), water coolers.”
“Children get textbooks discarded by the white schools.”
This is just the beginning for them to build a new school; they are trying to build more to complete it.

Argument: (pg.105)
Although many teachers and staff are a low level and undergraduate student, yet they still want to teach.
“The teachers are underpaid, under everything”.
It seems like the Nero students is not going to learn a lot compare to the whites school, because the teachers is the “qualifications for teachers are low levels, including college”. (pg. 105)

Argument: (pg. 108)
The teachers are very happy that they can go school, and the students are very proud to learn.
“Every class is beautiful. The girls respond, respond, respond.”
“They drain me of everything that I have to offer so that I go home at night and completely exhausted but very happy…
Pam is a teacher; she is glad that the students is learning and respond back. She seems like a good teacher because she taught the students about the Southern whites, the Europeans, and the students just learned from it by responding.
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