Monday, May 05, 2008


Cinco de Mayo

Today in the early class we read student essays and gave critique. Raymond, Kay, Ewa, Theresa shared before we ran out of time. We'll continue Wednesday with the final drafts.

In the afternoon class only two students had completed drafts, Yun Yi and Sophia, Chesi had an introduction written, so after sharing and crituque, I gave students time to continue their research and planning phase of the essay.

Everyone is to bring in a complete draft of an essay, the outline and a planning sheet for Wednesday to share--no exceptions. Also, students are responsible for the next chapter in Letters from Mississippi. If you don't have the book, I will leave copies of the chapter outside my office tomorrow late morning.

We will spend class time responding in an essay to the chapter. The next chapters will be assigned for the following week. We will be finished with the book, by 5/14. Bring Their Eyes Were Watching God to class on 5/12. Does anyone have the movie?

For students interested in following the "60 Minutes"' story on innocent men behind bars, watch yesterday's show at this link

129 men were exonerated in Texas.

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