Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Finals are over!

Whew! I'm tired. This afternoon the second round of finals for English 201 went well. We didn't get to the skits. Some students did not turn in their portfolios. Others did not fill out a checklist or fill it out completely. I still need this. I will be in the Writing Center tomorrow, Thursday, May 29, 10-12. You can turn your work in then.

If you were one of the students I told to turn in work on Friday, I will be in my office at 12 noon. I will be leaving at 1 p.m. If you miss me, you have missed an opportunity to complete the course.

We had outstanding presentations. Among them were, Chesi, Yun Yee, Jessica, Javier, Mike and Danzell, Robert, Lewis, Deanna, Raymond, and Ashley.

Thanks Mrs. Sabir I had a wonderful semester and I will see you in the fall your favorite student Chesi Brown
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