Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Julie Guyot Cyber Response (The Other Country post also)

Students read from Letters from Mississippi, the chapter, "The Other Country." We discussed it and talked about the increasing violence in all counties in MS at the time of the writing. The section begins with a proclamation from the KKK and then in the first letter one of the organizers, the fifth district director, Lawrence Guyot, gives a speech where he addresses the apathy of the African Americans in the area to their voter registration efforts.

Students were given the essay on his daughter, Julie Guyot, from Children of the Movement to read and respond to in class. Post your response in 250 words here. You can also post your arguments and summaries based on The Other Country here also. Remember, read three letters, pull out three arguments, and then summarize the chapter. (Note this is different from previous assignments where you summarized a letter, not the chapter.)

Don't forget to send me your final draft of your essay today via email and once I have given you a grade post it.

This letter was about a judge the hearing will return on Thursday. The hearing was for some people who got arrested after being beaten. The man person who was on trial was Mr. Hartfield and everyone in the city at the time had to testify against him. The judge and Mr. Hartfield are both segregationist. They accused the defense attorney of being extremely stupid for the way he acts during trial. The best part of the defenses attorney’s work was when he decided to use the comrade which is another friend. This trial was very strange.
In conclusion the main idea is that you should not go to trial. You never know how the trial will turn out.
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