Monday, May 12, 2008


Reflective Writing

Today students were invited to reflect on their writing process. Students are to use 1-2 essays to illustrate their points. Students can use an essay from another course as evidence, one essay needs to be an essay written in our class. I suggest students use the research paper and the midterm.

We looked at Hacker, pages 26-27 and also read a couple essays using process analysis. The two essays read were, "How to Clean a House in a Hurry" and "12 Steps to Quit Smoking." Homework was to read the third essay and respond to the questions at the end. For students who have gotten a grade on their research essays, they were to continue working on their reflective paper. For the 201 A students the paper should be minimally 250 words, English 201 B, between 250-500 words.

What is the philosophical thinking behind the idea "draft" or "revision"? How does this free the writer's creative process?

After I give you a grade, you can post your final essay. Everyone should have an earlier draft that includes the planning sheets, document search and outline, introduction and conclusion.

Lewis read his paper on Joe Marshall today in the afternoon class. In the earlier class I read David's essay. Other students hadn't revised their essays. Everyone has to bring in an essay Wednesday to turn in and if we haven't heard it, to read. Remember to continue reading Letters from Mississippi and post your responses. I'll add a link for the next chapter by tomorrow.

Come see me tomorrow. I'm in the Writing Center from 10-12.

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