Thursday, August 21, 2008



If you ever have a question about anything, shoot me an email: You can also call me, just be respectful of my time. Make certain that you identify yourself. I have four classes, three preps, all writing about some aspect of hip-hop culture. Read all the posts. If you don't read them, you are still responsible for the information contained there. The first one is the letter. The syllabus is in there also, read it all--there are two assignments there for the coming weeks. I will print copies of the syllabus for students, as well as assignments posted for this week and in the future whenever possible.

It's hard to plan too far in advance because the class assignments come from the discussions. I might have an idea and change it depending on the dynamic in the room. Stay loose and you'll be fine :-)

I am a jazz riff singing off the chart. I'll try to stay in view, but you have to look up

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