Sunday, August 31, 2008



Here is a rubric or grading criterion for the Changes essay. Each Student will get a checklist. I am looking to get the essays with grades to you (Pass/No Pass) by Thursday, no later than Friday.

Passing essays demonstrate the following characteristics:

1. Clearly stated thesis on the topic
2. Identifiable paragraphs (minimal 3)
3. The parts of the essay support and prove the thesis
4. The introduction introduces the topic and narrows the focus to one clearly articulated point, or thesis
5. The writer indicates a clear understanding of essay structure: introduction, body and conclusion
6. The topic sentences refer one back to the thesis
7. The paper stays on topic
8. The evidence is sufficient, appropriate and varied
9. The sentence structure is grammatically correct. The incidence of sentence fragment, run-on sentence (comma splices and fused sentences) are minimal
10. Grammatical errors do not interfere with meaning
11. Pronoun and antecedents agree
12. Student knows how to use a period and other forms of punctuation such as commas, semicolons, dashes, ellipses, etc.

No credit/Not passing essays

1. There is no thesis
2. No development of topic with supporting evidence
3. Essay structure doesn't indicate an understanding of essay structure: introduction, body and conclusion
4. The grasp of Standard English is limited and interferes with clarity and meaning
5. Too many grammatical errors and more than 10 sentence fragments
6. Misuse of punctuation

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