Monday, September 22, 2008


Afternoon Class

Today we spoke about the library assignment posts, and looked at Hacker and practiced citing multimedia source: a film. See page 437 (sixth edition). You don't need to post the article, just the MLA citation in a works cited so your audience can locate the resource if she wants to read the entire article, watch the film, read the book.

Due dates for the afternoon class is: First draft Sept. 24; second draft: Sept. 29; final draft, Wednesday, October 1. You will have a facilitated study hour Wednesday, October 1 in the Writing Center. Elesha will have the assignment. It will be from Dyson.

Christopher Yee


English 201a


Hip hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes

Many people probably want to know why hip hop is the way it is is. Why does hip hop music have so much to do to with violence, money, drugs, girls, and many other very inappropriate things? Does the music really sound better when it is about killing or causing others pain? Hip hop has become a very popular culture and has a very large influence in many people’s lives, and something with so much power or control should be setting a better example to the many people who loves hip hop.

Why there are so many confrontations between so many rap artists, and they always feel like they have to speak of killing or hurting their enemies in their lyrics. These artists can have a really big impact on there young fans, and many of these artist make they’re fans think that they can go out and kill someone like nothing just happened. Many of these artists use violence, manhood, and hardness to sell records, and most of it is an act and isn’t how the artist really is. Artist also knows that many of there fans look up to them and they feel like they have to try to be hard to get respect from there fans.

I have always wondered if rap artists really mean the things they say in there lyrics or did they just say it because that is what helps them sell albums. Having “Beef” against other artist does bring more attention and draws more fans. Hip hop has changed a lot since its beginning and much of it has to do with money, drugs, girls, and violence, and hopefully one day hip hop can be much more than just that.
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