Monday, September 08, 2008


Homeless...A-200 reflections...L-202E hopes

We (English 201, 1-3) left the bungalow for cooler, more sophisticated digs in L-202E and found out that we were out of luck today because geography had dibs on the spot. So we regrouped and went over to the empty Writing Center--well almost empty. It could accommodate us and so we logged on and began to discuss three of Tupac's poems (they are listed below). We were too large a class to fit in L-234, so we also took a few seats in the other lab across the hall.

Students seemed to be engaged in the assignment and were having lively discussions and then we were told we had to sign off the computers. We did and then posted our comments using one of three other stations in the lab. What I liked was the way teachers and tutors already in the lab were available to facilitate the discussion. Students seemed less challenged by the technology and that most students had read the assignments and had books, which was great.

We want to finish Dyson this month.

Wednesday, we can meet in A-200, unless it is too hot and then we can relocate. Where? Who knows :-) No, seriously, we can use the Writing Center, just not the computers, so we'll probably keep L-234, 235, 231 as the default site. The only problem is, there is no DVD/CD player, but that can be arranged. If you arrive late and can't find us, call me on my mobile phone

Your hip hop archives presentations are due--really the American Cultures was due, but we haven't done the first presentation. We'll talk about chapter 1, Dear Mama. (Homework is to read chapter 1 and write a summary. You can post it at the link above.)

You will post the narrative (for hip hop culture) later on for homework.

Sara Yusufi
English 201A
MW 1-2:50 pm

An object representing Hip Hop Culture
There are many things that can be used to represent what hip hop culture is or can do. I used a CD to represent it. I think Hip Hop is spread by this and with each album there is a message sent to the fans. By having about a dozen or more songs in an album by one artist; they are able to show who they are and what they are trying to do. In just one CD a Hip Hop artist can say so much and we as the listeners of hip hop are able to listen to it. With CD’s is one of the ways to distribute the hip hop culture around to the society.
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