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Questions about due dates

Students who have not submitted their Changes essay can still do so. It needs to be in by Friday, Sept. 5. I want to return them to you with comments Monday, Sept. 8. If you have any questions, or can't post the essay, email it to me. Be sure to paste and attached, just in case I can't open it.

Again, paste the assignments where requested, not where I remind you it is past due, etc. If you posted it in the wrong place, paste it again in the correct place. Also, to keep the site interactive, each student is to comment on someone else's essay. Name the person, class and section in your response. Be constructive, talk about what works in the writing sylistically or what you like about the submission.

September 3, 2008

Janice Ratcliff
English 201-B
Mon/Wed (1-2:50)
Ms. Wanda Sabir

Changing My Terrible Eating Habit

I have a few changes that I need to make but what is important right now is changing my terrible eating habits. Eating terrible is not good, why? Because it can cause all kinds of health problems like, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problem, weight gain, etc; it also affect the inner body as well as the outer body. How can it affect my inner body? It can lead you to be emotionally depressed which lead to suicidal, loosing your self- esteem, not wanting to be around people, and can cause you to fall into a deep depression. If I am planning on working until I am at least 67years of age (retirement), I need to take better care of myself. So, how am I going to do that?. First, I need to make better healthy food choices like for instance, instead of getting a donut, get a fruit, or instead of fried rice get brown rice, there are so many great choices of foods to eat. Another important factor is drinking plenty of water and staying active.
Drinking plenty of water help flushes the kidney, increase bad skin problems and it get rid of toxic waste. Staying active help you with your stamina, strong heart, tone your muscles, and most importantly you will feel fantastic about yourself and live a great long healthy life.
What is the difference between unhealthiness and healthiness? Unhealthiness can mean retiring early from a bad health condition cause by not eating right and healthy eating can mean working until you reach your retirement and feeling great. Which one do you want to be? It is always your choice.
Cheyenne Gould
ENGL 201A 1-2:50
“Changes” essay

College is tough to a minimal point. I have overcome a series of changes that have happened in my life. The one I feel I must share is the move from high school to college life. This step toward my life in college was a big change for me. I had hoped I would be ready for all these new academics I would have to endure. As I was leaving my small eight roomed high school I had a fear of letting go of my past, and looking toward my future. In high school I was comfortable, familiarized with my environment. I knew everyone, I thought I knew every thing, my life seemed a lot more simple. In my first week here and the weeks leading up to my life at college of Alameda, I was unsure on how I was to behave. The school here is a lot bigger, a lot more students, and for some reason seems like a lot more home work.

Now in the third week of school I understand my meaning here, and what I have to do to succeed. I have concord my fear by understanding that it is better to leave that faze of high school life behind and start a new life of my own in college. The fear I had of going forward with my life was actually leading me two steps backward. I received help with my life and most of my other trouble times by consulting a book called The Book of Tao. It was given to me by one of my teachers a couple of years back when I was in eleventh grade, he told me to look beyond what I think is real and find the more important things in life. Reading this and listening to the teachings I get from elders in my community, who have been through way more then I have, has really given me the guidance that I needed.

The way I think has expanded, and the way I see people is different. The people in this English class have a beautiful way of thinking. With all the stress I had on my shoulders once before is now lifted. Everything seems to just flow naturally now, and most of the comprehension of things, have become clearer. My life is now moving in a more positive direction. Now I have a feeling not of dispare, but of accomplishment, motivated, and mature.
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