Monday, October 13, 2008


Assignments...Keep Reading Dyson

Today in the early class we had to evacuate because fumes were making students lightheaded. We are meeting in L-202E in the morning. I got a call from Police Services who stated the fumes were from work occurring on campus and that the fumes posed no threat to safety, but if students are feeling lightheaded we don't need to be in the classroom. I don't know when the work will be complete, but we'll meet in L-202E this week.

The afternoon class went over a handout from the book: Writing with a Thesis, chapter 1: The Persuasive Principle. We reviewed the material and went over the first set of exercises together. Homework was to read up to page 17 and do all the exercises in between. You can write on the handout. If you missed class, you can pick up a copy outside my office.

Homework was to read Chapter 5, which we skimmed, and write a summary. We will write a scene in class Wednesday.

The early class were assigned chapters to develop a scene from. We will continue writing tomorrow and perhaps do a run through. Wednesday is curtain. You can bring props and music and art. The scenes need to be written out. Everyone should have a copy. Look at a published play to see how to structure the writing. You can use the text for dialogue and characters, you can also develop your own.

A scene is a part of a story, as such there needs to be an introductory section of the piece or prologue to bring the audience up to speed. You can also include an epilogue, to let us know what happens later.

The scene should have characters, dialogue, and a setting or place where the action takes place….Describe this in the opening section of the scene.

Your scene can have a name
List the characters, including a narrator
Cast: student names and characters

In this chapter “Son of a Panther” Dyson shares with us the struggles Tupac and Afeni went through with her being apart of Black Panther Party and also with her drug addiction. Tupac 17 years of age at the time did not appreciate or understand why his mother worked so hard for the black community and neglected her own family. Tupac becomes bitter with the Black Panther Party. However later on in life he understands the sacrifices his mother made for her family as well as her community
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