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Continue reading and annotating. Post Thesis Sentences Here taken from themes in Chapter 2

We discussed Chapter 2 in Dyson and shared responses to the poem, "Eternal Lament" (17) in Rose. Homework was to develop a few thesis sentences (min. 3) from themes raised in "Son of a Panther." Post the thesis sentences here. We will meet in L-202E Thursday morning. I haven't heard from Sekou yet, so we are not going to Laney College yet. Remember the film Equinox is at 9 p.m. at the Grand Lake Theatre. We'll meet there. tickets are $5. I will be in the lobby at 8:30 p.m. Call me if you don't see me. I'd like to sit together.

The skimming exercises does not take the place of reading the chapters. It just helps you get a sense of where Dyson is going and helps you, I hope, grasp the key concept a little better.

We are going to speed through the rest of the book, so that we can begin to look at social entrepreneurs for our research project.

Dion Cade
English 201b

Thesis Sentences

Although Tupac was born into the revolution of the black panthers, he did not like the fact that his mom was one because they were always traveling and he did not spend much time with her.

With Tupac being born into the black panthers, his life has become a lot harder than many people's which shapes the way he acts toward life.

Even though Tupac was a thug, he still was a very intelligent individual who was actually raised well and always seeking knowledge to better understand society and his heritage.
As the son of a panther, Shakur represented the result of a shunned generation and people.

Born - or rather, forced - into such conditions, Tupac struggled with many of the issues that had been engendered into his generation as a result of what rapper Mos Def had so accurately coined as the "fall out" of the generation which came before him.

Through his own appreciation of knowledge and a constant seeking to understand society, Tupac shows through example a way to remedy th einjuries imparted to his generation.
Andrew Nguyen
English 201A

Tupac's mother has a huge impact on his way of approaching life and also how to deal with the obstacles within it.

According to Tupac, his family's history leaves him no choice, but to continue what they have done.

Tupac's way of life and his family's history are connected to one another.
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