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Me Against the World Freewrite

We listened to "Me Against the World," and responded in a 3-paragraph essay. Writers can look at themes and key ideas, highlight language of the song itself, or compare this song to another with similar themes or context. Use a a paraphrase, a block quote and an in-text citation--one per paragraph. Take time to organize your essay before beginning. It will make the writing go more smoothly.

There is no wrong way to respond to this assignment. After you post your essay, respond to someone else's essay. Identify three aspects of the essay you like or that work well.

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My thesis:
Though Tupac’s protagonist in Me Against the World seems defeated and cowered by life and the plate in front of his place at the table is filled with food he'd rather not touch, let alone eat, the song ends with a ray of hope, almost like dessert after a horrible meal. The song, "Me Against the World" could be considered a pep talk for all those, "post-revolutionary kids like himself" (Chapter 2 Dyson). Tupac's narrator is telling his audience to "handle its business, to keep its head up, that it can do it, because if it doesn't, then no one--literally, not his parents, society, or friends, will.

Dalena Tran
English 201A
8 Oct. 2008
MW 1:00-2:50 PM

"Me Against the World"

Me Against the World
In Tupac Shakur’s lyrical song, “Me Against the World,” he presents to the audience a taste of his life. Tupac was a hip-hop legend to young generations across America. Although he was living a life as a well-known artist, Tupac wanted to present to his listeners that he was struggling just as much as anyone under violence and poverty. His life was a struggle, however, he believed that he was able to fight through it all.
Tupac shows a struggle with society and how he had to live in that society, in order to survive. Everyday was filled with death and violence. He saw people
“witnessin killings, leavin dead bodies in abandoned builidings
Carries to children cause they’re illin
Addicted to killin and the appeal from the cap peelin […]
More bodies being buried -- I'm losing my homies in a hurry
They're relocating to the cemetary” (Shakur)
Never was there a day where Tupac was able to live his life without worrying about seeing one of his closest friend or neighbor pass away. His neighborhood was filled with danger that he was unable to escape from. The life Tupacc lived in, was under poverty and violence. He believed that there was no way that he was able to fight through society. Although he was known to be a strong fighter, he struggld just as much as people in his condition.
Everyday surrounded with killings and violence. Tupac no longer wanted to face through the obstacle, however, he questioned himself everyday if he was ever going to be able to rest, before and after death (Shakur). Society would continue to harm one another due to seperation of race. He noted that as an African American man, he was struggling through what most of the population of African Americans were facing. They were never given a break to have a voice. However, Tupac never gave up. He did not want to continue to fight for what he knew was his own rights. He was tired of the segregation and announced to his generation, “always do your best, don’t let the pressure make you panic” (Shakur). Never give up in what one believes in. All you can do is try and do your best. Although society may not take one seriously, it’s always a great feeling to know that you’ve tried and you know you will continue to try. At the end of the song he states “Keep your head up, and handle it” (Shakur).
The life of a well known hip hop artist, Tupac Shakur, was not as glamorous and easy as many in today’s society may have thought of. Tupac struggled through every obstacle that the world has given him. Everyday was the same to him; death and violence. However, he never gave up the fight. He continued to fight for his rights and continued to defeat the world and it’s negative elements. His song “Me Against the World” demonstrated a fight against society and conquering it.
Sara Yusufi
English 201A
MW 1- 2:50 PM

“Me Against the World” Response
By watching Tupac Shakur’s “Me Against the World” he expresses his view on the world. He explains how he goes against it and that he has no other choice but to deal with it. He explains the struggles and all the problems a person has in the world. Basically he shows how a person is left alone in the world that is why he says he is against the world.
Tupac shows how the world is changing by the day and it separates people by the day. He says it as part of his lyrics
Everyday there’s mo’ death, and plus I’m dough-less I’m seein mo’ reasons for me to proceed with thieving Scheme on the scheming and leave they peeps grieving Cause ain’t go no bucks to stack up, my nuts is backed up I’m bout to act up, go load the Mac up, now watch me klacka Tried makin fat cuts, but yo it ain’t workin And Evil’s lurking, I can see him smirking when I gets to pervin, so what? (Shakur)
He shows how the society is and how he reacts to each incident. He shows that he does try to make a difference but at the end it just doesn’t end up working. Tupac was able to show that the world leaves him in situations when he is left alone because no one cares and he doesn’t seem to care much either. On the whole, the world is giving him this and he will do the same in return. Since the world seems to be getting at him in stressful ways; he feels like he shouldn’t be part of it anymore. He is able to give a give a strong message in just one song. He identifies the different aspects of the world and how it
Tupac Shakur is able to identify or make clear his emotions toward the world. He mentions how he wonders what will happen next. “With all this extra stressing The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath When will I finally get to rest?” (Shakur). He is able to show that he is tired of living the stressful life he does because it’s not really getting him anywhere. So he is waiting for it to all ends so he can be free from it. Even though he says a person should follow and do what they want; it just never seems to be possible. Tupac explains how he keeps on losing his “homies” so it just shows that he may be tired of losing people and is willing to just leave himself too. It is similar to the world fighting back and making him seem like he is the only one. He feels the world will always be against him and he will not be able to accomplish what he wants to and what he needs to.
Melissa Mah
English 210A
Professor Sabir
1-2:50 Pm
8 October 2008
Me Against the World Freewrite
Thesis: Me Against the World
In Tupac’s song “Me Against the World”, portrays one man’s struggle in a life in poverty. There are many different crimes happening everyday in the life of one in the Ghetto. Nobody is there to help one another because in this environment, everyone is against each other. The line “Me against the world” is the way Tupac describes his life in poverty.
Life in poverty is a life in loneliness; someone is not always there to offer help when times get bad. Tupac expresses in his song “Could somebody help me? I’m out here all by myself” (Shakur). As the saying goes, it’s a dog eat dog world, to survive in this environment you have to be the last man standing. Even if you are on the verge of loosing, you are unable to call for help, because nobody is there to help you. Tupac wonders
“With all this extra stressing when will I finally get to rest? Through this suppression they punish the people that’s askin questions and those that possess, steal from the ones without possessions. The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons, don’t settle for less even the genius asks-es questions. Be grateful for blessings” (Shakur).
Tupac wants to be able to stop living this life style, to finally break free of this and have a nicer life without so much violence. Society believes that the violence in the Ghetto will not stop because everyone is greedy. Since the people living in poverty do not have much, they tend to lose their temper more easily. “Everyday there are people dying, and the people stopped caring since it happens so regularly. But its not only men who die, women, and children get killed too. Its hard to bear with a life like this”.
Tupac wants to leave the ghetto and start a new life with less violence. But since he has experienced the violent lifestyle, this makes him stronger. He has learned not to trust people, hence the title of his song “Me against the world”. He became a strong and independent man because of his experiences.
i agree with sara's statement when she said "He explains how he goes against it and that he has no other choice but to deal with it".
I believe that this makes it seem like he is a strong individual.
Sara Yusufi

Re: Dalena Tran

I really like the way you began your response Dalena. I think you really explain what the song says and its purpose. I like the quotes your chose because it really shows your point and it also gives the main points of the song.
Dalena Tran

Re: Sarah Yusufi

I really like your intro sentence. I agree that Tupac is (in a way) going against the world however he knows that he must deal with it. However, I do believe that the world is also going against him, because in the situation he's put in.

Your choice in CD's are really good. It's strong and explains the paragraph topic you're discussing.

"He feels the world will always be against him and he will not be able to accomplish what he wants to and what he needs to." This was in your concluding paragraph and I think it was a really strong comment. It goes with the essay.
In the song “Me Against The World” by Tupac feat. Dramacydal. This song is about how in life you take risks and “I got nuttin to lose” says Tupac. Everyday is a struggle for him see the ghetto ripping each other out and bodies in the community in abandoned buildings. Most of his friends are relocated to the cemetaries. There is no hope for a thug or a villian, or Outlaw because one day there hustling days are ruined due to gun fights or getting locked up in prison for hustling drugs to stay on the feet to live another day.
Studying your life lessons of mistakes and goods and to not settle for less. Always push yourself to be better than your better and to hope that one day you achieve the goals in life in whatever way the meaning of good life is. Deal with lifes battles of up and downs because Tupac says “you are either against it or for it.
Tupac mentions that “the power in in the people and politics “ there is no hope if we give up in the system of the game and rules of the world and United States. But we shall not settle for less and be happy for our lives and try to plan and dream for a richer life. Tupac says that “I’d be ashamed to lose” because he feels that there are opportunities in the world and there is a new day the next day and “for every dark night there’s a bright day after that” says Tupac.
Cheyenne Gould
Eng 1A 1-3pm
Me Against The World
In the song “Me Against The World” by Tupac Shakur,He saying that people die and there is nothing you can do about it. This song talks about his life in the ghetto. How there is always killings, guns, and just him alone. As he gets more to the end of his song he tells about change and politics.

The world is always going to be filled with violence and no one is taking notice of the youth in his community. He says “I’m headed for danger, don’t trust strangers. Put one in the chamber whenever I’m feelin this anger. Don’t wanna make excuses, cause this is how it is. Whats the use unless we’re shootin no one notices the youth.” If everyone is killing eachother who will be left to teach the children? In his case he see’s life as no one loving him and so therefor no reason to care if he should live or die.

Tupac says in another line in this song “When will I finally get to rest?” to rest from the stress of not knowing what tomarrow brings and if he would finally get to rest in death. To make a change in the community you have to as tupac said “Dreamin of riches, in a position of makin a difference.” That’s what Tupac is all about, changes for the better in communities.
That was a good essay! If nobody has read the book i suggest that they read your essay.
Morwaried Kheri
MW 1-3

Tupac Lyrics- “Me Agaisnt The World”
The lyrics of the song “Me against the World” by Tupac Shakur expresses his feeling by saying the he has many problems and stress with what goes on in his life. Everyday is a new battle for him, but what he really thinks about is how life is going to be “after his last breath.” Everyday is a stuggle for him and always has to look over his sholders. He talks about how there is so much that is going on around him, and all he comcintrates on is theres no stopping him, and hes just making his millions, doing what he loves to. “There ain't no stoppin me, Constantly movin while makin millions.” Too many for his friends are dying, should he be scared? Constantly worring about his life.
Even thought there is all this violence around him, he still expresses on keeping his head up, and informing others to do the same. He is grateful, and blessed. He says “the message I stress: to make it stop, study your lesson” that shows that he is trying to have a clear note going out to many people that if you want to make a difference in your own way, the you should stop and think about what can you do differently. “Always do your best, don’t let the pressure make you panic” many thing come between who he really was and who he was after his fame, he still does his best not to let him completely cange into a different person.
Tupac Shakur had many ways to express himself in this song, but when he repeats, Me against the world, he is saying that nothing will come in his way of doing what he loves to do.
Stephanie Yu
English 201A
MW 1:00-2:50


In the song “Me against the World” by Tupac, representing the mind inside the African American children, that is the world against them. Even though the thesis of the song is “It’s just me against the world”, but in other way, Tupac tells us the world against the African American children. Because of they are colored people; everything to them is not as good as a white child. Also, for the teenagers, they used to have a lot of depress, then they might feel they are the only one person against the world.
Tupac is sing about the thought of African American children. There are a lot of detail is the thinking of the children to the world. “The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath, when will I finally get to rest?” This shows that the children feel tired to live in this world; they think they are opposite to the world. And they think that this world in not fit to them for living. They want to leave, and they want to find a place that they will feel happy. The world is too difficult for them to live, it gave them problems and conflicts, and they just want to have a rest, to find a peace place for themselves to calm their fugacious hearts.
All teenagers might have the feeling which is representing by the song. They will feel the world against them, but the African American children, they are under race, they would feel they are different to the other children, and they also have the depress of teenagers. Then they might feel only them against the world.
Renee Dumaguit
October 8, 2008

2pac Lyrics – “Me Against the World”

Tupac’s song, Me Against the World, proves that he conquers many difficulties in his life that he goes through.

Main Points:
“could somebody help me? I’m out here all by myself”

“[Everyday] there’s mo’ death, and plus I’m dough-less…”

“The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath
When will I finally get to rest?”

“don’t settle for less – even the genius ask-es questions”

“don’t let pressure make you panic”

Essay: "Me Against the World"

Do you ever think about the struggles people face against the world? How do they conquer the obstacles that they go through? By listening to the song, Me Against the World by Tupac Shakur, lists many difficulties that he has gone through in life. In the beginning of his song makes the listeners feel his loneliness in life and his yearn for help. He says, “[everyday] there’s mo’ death, and plus I’m dough-less. I’m seein mo] reasons for me to proceed with thieving… (verse2)”. Tupac says this because he has no money to survive and he needs to find a way to deal with this. As the song goes on, he wonders how he would get through it all and when he will ever have the time to get his rest. Therefore, in this song Tupac proves that he accomplishes many challenges in his life.

Tupac deals with stress in his environment. In the neighborhood he lives in, cops are everywhere. The place is full of people shooting and killing each other, dead bodies being left in empty buildings and witnesses being killed. He’s dealing with heavy restrictions around him that is hard for him to escape the environment, but he says “…there ain’t no stopping me. Constantly movin while makin millions… (verse1)” His stressed, wondering if he will live through this because he doesn’t trust anyone and it’s just him against the world.

In the end, he lists many phrases to keep him motivated to the better things in life. His song reaches out to many individuals who are going through the same things that he has gone through. Tupac shows and proves that there is a way out and to never give up on the world. There will be a better day and keep dreaming for the best. It will continuously be “[you] against the world,” and always remember that “[if] things don’t go the way you planned it, dreamin of riches, in a position of makin a difference… (verse3).” Life will always go on and do not let the hardships in life get the best of us. We almost keep our head up and see the brighter side of life.

Shakur, Tupac. "Me Against the World."
Thesis: Poverty Creates Killers and Thieves!
Will he wake up the next day Tupac asks himself? The life he is living is not the best out there and he says so in his song “Me Against The World”. Growing up in the ghetto as it is referred to be hard because there is constant disregard for each other and so everyone in the community becomes private from one another. When tension rises, they resort to violence and it is passed to their children who view that as something that is necessary.
The constant disregard for Law Enforcement shows that this person has been in trouble with the law but why? you ask. It is because Tupac had a point that he wanted to make and he probably felt like they were the enemy and that they were oppressing him. He is not able to rest because the world around him is deteriorating into destruction and that he is going to “constantly move to make millions.” Even though he says that he is making millions he also expresses that he is “ dough-less I’m seein mo reasons for me to precede with theivin”. There is a lot of thieving going on amongst the ghetto or the lower class projects. If the children view this than they are going to want to do it, and if they like it they will most likely carry it onto their children and it is like a cycle.
In the ghetto it is hard because there are most likely single-parent homes and the father is not present. The child will most likely not do what their parent says and goes to do what they want regardless the consequences. This will lead to further problems and maybe even criminal problems. The girls are most likely to get sexually and verbally abused and the boys feel like there are no men in my everyday life so I am the man of the house and I got to do what I got to do! He will go get associated with the wrong crowd and pick up habits that will bring him in a significant amount of money but it is through robbing, stealing, killing, selling drugs, etc.

Very good essay. I agree with your point of view on the song, and how u captured the essince of Tupac.
Jamila Brown
English 201A
Mon. - Wed. 1-3pm

“Me Against The World”

Most of Tupac’s music expresses his vision of what the young black male experiences in an everyday life. His infamous passion to his lyrics basically carries on from lyric to lyric about an injustice that is unseen or misunderstood by many. The chorus is a chant that he wants us (his audience) to hear; “It’s just me against the world”, “I got nothing to lose”, “It’s just me against the world”. And although this song was written over a decade ago, the people still don’t get it! As an African American woman I understand his message and the struggle but I can tell you that it’s worse now and the new generation chants the lyrics but they don’t listen to the message.

In verse one, line 15 & 16 he says, “The question is will I live? No one in the
world loves me. I’m headed for danger, don’t trust strangers,” but what is he feeling?
It’s clear that he feels alone in the world regardless of all of the love his family, friends, and fans show him, there is a void inside that can’t be filled. Tupac writes about his lack of love in a lot of his poems and in other lyrics throughout his music career. He always seems like he foresees his death because he mentions it often.

Tupac is not the only great artist that has felt alone this world and many times it’s the most talent that expresses this loneliness. Painters, actors, musicians, etc…. feel as if the joy they bring and the fans receive from the music doesn’t shine back through them. Lost souls with a known purpose is what I call it, I fell sorry for the many of us who haven’t found what we’re here for.
dalena, i also like how you expressed that he was a hip hop legend because he was as well as a revolutionary.
“Me against the World” –Tupac

Tupac wrote powerful lyrics describing what it feels like to be alone in a world that evolves around demonized people. This song addressed issues that Tupac faced with society and the outcomes of his actions. Tupac felt alone in the world because he felt the world was out to get him. His ambition was to address real life issues by including the involvement of mankind partake in uncaring acts such as useless killings. Lyrics “Me against the world"; illustrated the significance of how life is generated into one category:Stress.

In his lyrics he admitted that he was alone because of the daily struggles of being a young black man in America. The stereotypes that came along with being young and black being viewed as a target by the police. Tupac knew what it was like to be around people that were unwilling to take the time to acknowledge his feelings.

Tupac recognized the hardships that is apart of living. He noticed how cruel people are to go around killing one another for evil purposes. This song could be looked at as a poem because of the heart felt lyrics that were processed from his own knowledge. Tupac stated would he finally live in peace after his death since there is no peace here on earth.

*Evidence from “me against the world" lyrics:

-The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath
When will I finally get to rest?

-Witnessin killings, leavin dead bodies in abandoned buildings
Carries to children cause they're illin
Addicted to killin and the appeal from the cap peelin
Without feelin, but will they last or be blasted?

-Pictures of my birth on this Earth is what I'm dreamin
Seein Daddy's semen, full of crooked demons, already crazy

-Sameela Smith Eng 201A 1- 2:50
William Johnson
English 201A
1-2:50 pm

In the song “Me Against The World” he tells about the struggle that he is faced with in his life. He talks about what it is like for him cause he feels like it is him against the world. He feels like he has nothing to lose in this world and its him and only him out to face the world and all the challenges that its going to present to him. He talks about what going on in the world with like all the killing and the stress that he has to deal with in his life.

In the song tupac says “the projects is full of bullets, the bodies dropping”. He is saying that his projects are full of killing and after that he says “there ain’t no stopping me”. He saying that even though all that stuff is happening around him he still got to do what he has to do to get where he wants to be at with making money and the music thing

This song has a lot of stuff that you can tell that it is him against the world but at the end he says “through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that”. That’s basically saying that even though it rough today you can always look forward to the next day cause it can only get better .
Isaiah Muhammad
Professor Sabir
English 201-B
Me against the World
Tupac, world class rapper, has always put out songs that spoke on the way how unfair life could be sometimes not only to black men but to women as well. “Me Against the World” speaks on how it feels like the whole world is just out to get him whether it’s being killed or put away for the rest of his life. It really captures the way the justice system is setup in a way that even when someone is released there still held down like in a prison; There unable to go anywhere freely, vote and get a job. “Me Against the World” is a quote that can be said from everyone that has been living under the feeling of oppression that makes it hard to do right and encourages you to do wrong. Though it always seemed that it would go from bad to worse he always tried to keep his head up.
Tupac has always been sympathetic towards the streets. Putting out records to try and better how we treated each other and how we felt about ourselves is what made him a big success. In the world there are a lot of problems that affect are way of living, at times I myself feel like I’m alone in all this.
Joshua Brown-James
English 201A

In Tupacs song, "Me Against The World" he argues that one has to learn to fight back and not take what their given in this world but have to ask questions and take what they want in life to succeed. He explained how it was just him left alone to fight back against the world that was trying to make him stay in poverty. He talked about how the world is a place that try’s to keep people in poverty but he learn not to except that and decided he was going to speak out about how the world doesn’t care about people so we are left alone trying to fight for what we believe in.

Tupac was a man of strong beliefs and always felt he should take a stand to make the world that he lived in better for him and all others. “The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons.” (Shakur) He knew that anyone that had the knowledge of what was going on in the world could have the potential to make a positive change within the world. The problem was that anyone who was up on their knowledge was always brought down by the world so they would have the potential to change how mostly everyone lives in poverty.

Tupac was questioning everything throughout life because he knew that his people weren’t suppose to be treated as they were and if no one would speak up for their rights he was going to speak out for everyone even though no one would really listen:

The power is in the people and politics we address

Always do your best, don't let the pressure make you panic

And when you get stranded

And things don't go the way you planned it

Dreaming of riches, in a position of makin difference

Politicians and hypocrites, they don’t wanna listen (Shakur)
He wanted people to know that they always have the power to ask questions but no one would ever use that power so he’s trying to tell them that they should because they don’t have to accept how the world is.
Lisa Ryan
MW 1:00-2:50
Professor Sabir

“Me Against the World”

In the lyrics from the song “Me Against the World” by Tupac Shakur, he invites his listeners to take a look at his life through his eyes. He shares what it feels like being poor, having to adapt to his surrounding, fight to survive and doing it alone in his dark world. His life is filled with destruction and desolation, there is rampant violence, people being killed around him, cops harassing him all of this because of the color of his skin. He wants to know could you image being him. It’s a life where he has to constantly watch is back and distrust everyone around him but remaining because that’s all he knows. He even admits that killing has become addictive for him. He sees the end to this life when he is dead, as he states, “hard headed bastard maybe he’ll listen in his casket—the aftermath.” Although this isn’t the life he would not have chosen for himself, he has become accustomed to it. The way he lives is normal in his world; everyone is doing the same thing and is faced with the same consequences. He knows that he could face dire penalties and prepares himself for the worst, but deep down he wants the best but he doesn’t know how to get it. He feels his fate is to take on the world the only way he knows how and he chooses to do it alone. And why should he change, when the world expects no less from him as he stated in the following lyrics: “what’s the use, unless we shootin no one notices the youth.” Tupac’s environment and life experiences have lead him to distrust everyone around him and he feels that he can only rely on himself to make it in this world.

In his lyrics, he reaches out for help but only in his mind so nobody can hear him. He reminisces of his birth and wonder if this was his destiny from conception. How eerie his words are to me when I think about the struggles he must have experienced in writing these lyric. It’ shear genius. He identified himself as the one of the least regarded human beings and knew he would one day die as a result of his lifestyle as stated in the lyrics, “veteran, a villain, a young thug, who one day shall fall.” There is a quirk of fate in his lyrics. Ten years after these lyrics were written I still see a great number of youth that are facing the same struggles in their lives. Some of them are hopeless, live in poverty and share the same level of paranoia about life displayed in this song. They too are stuck in a life where they are surrounded by dismal opportunities and prepare themselves for what has been passed to them from their communities or from the adults in their lives. They are simply responding to their environments and the expectation that society hold for them.

This song was one of the most popular songs for Tupac, the young people loved it but I don’t think they got the entire message that Tupac conveyed through his lyrics. In the end of the song I felt that Tupac’s was trying to send a message of deterrent. When he states, “Be grateful for blessings.” Always do your best don’t let the pressure make you panic. “This to me was a positive message and was meant for those who are headed in his direction or for those who see a chance of getting out. He wanted them to avoid his path and push against the temptations of the streets, dream bigger and to contribute to society in a positive way. Because no matter what, it will always be you against the world. It’s up to you which route you choose.
Vonreesha Jackson
English 201

“Me Against the World” Free write

In Tupac song he is basically telling about his struggles that he was going through. He is also stating the obvious of every black man in America’s society. Black men today have so much to worry about. There main worries are trying to make it from day to day and trying to live in this ruff society. [Tupac talks about loosing his homies and more bodies being buried]. Lots of black men have been losing friends and watching friends get killed right in front of them. Black men think why not hang out they have nothing to lose. (Shakur)

Most men think that it is only them against the world. They have no idea that is everyone against the world. They feel that they have to duck and dodge bullets and the police. They feel that just because they have a child they don’t have to take care of that child. If they have nothing to offer they child then why bother with them. Just cause men don’t have materialistic things to give does not mean they can’t be around there child. If love is what you have then that’s all you can give.

In Tupacs last verse he says “Always do your best, don’t let the pressure make you panic”. I think that is a message to all black men, be it struggling or not. One can only do there best and hope for the better of it. Black men today have to learn to put there pride aside and ask for help. No one achieved successes on there own, they had helped. Tupac did it on his own with the foundation his mother laid down for him. If his mother hadn’t given him the knowledge we wouldn’t be reading and writing about him now.
Vonreesha Jackson
English 201 A

I agree with melissa Tupacs song is about what he went through as a black man and what all black males go through. Yes this is a dog it dog world every man is for him self. In the same since eveyone is for self. No one helps anyone, some like for people to struggle. I think all people want to break free of there current life and have a nicer life but its up to that person and that person only.



ENG.201 8-9 AM
Re: Delena

well written essay, particularly your prose, which is lush and thick.
Lisa you wrote a good essay i like the way you looked at showed how Tupc looked at his life the good and the bad
Dion Cade
English 201b

Me against the world

In Tupac’s song “Me against the world,” he expresses how cruel the world is to him and how it makes him angry which can then lead on to violence. He has seen and been through a lot of pain in his lifetime and he knows that one day he may not see it anymore. He explains how he is alone in the world and forced to survive on his own because his friends keep on dying and he says that “no one in the world loves me”. The world just seems to give him such a hard time. He wonders when his time will come when he finally gets to rest. Even though Tupac has gone through a lot and deals with many hard times throughout his life, he still believes that there is still hope for the future and for many generations to come.
In his first verse, it is very gloomy and gritty and filled with violence and turmoil. Very negative aspects of his life are talked about in this verse. He constantly talks about bodies dropping and many killings that are going on.

Witnessin killings, leavin dead bodies in abandoned buildings
Carries to children cause they illin
Addicted to killin and the appeal from the cap peelin

Just a couple of those lines explain how tore up society is according to Tupacs verse. There are way too many people dying in these societies and most of them if not all are the ones filled with poverty. In these places people must steal to survive. And its not because they want to, most of the time its because they have to.
Through all of these hardships and hard times and people dying, there is still hope in some way as is expressed in Tupac’s third verse. He says:

The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons
Don’t settle for less- even the genius ask-es questions
Be grateful for blessings
Don’t ever change, keep your essence
The power is in the people and politics we address

What he means by this is that people need to learn from their mistakes and learn how to improve on themselves. He says to not settle on something little. Once a person achieves one thing then they should go and achieve another and another and to be grateful for what they have already. People should be themselves and not change because someone told them to unless it is for the better. And that the power is in the people themselves to change society. If all of these things are met by most people, then that hope, that rose, will soon rise and bloom all around society and make that hope come true.
Dion Cade

I agree with lisa Ryan. She really explains how tupac feels very well and i agree that he is telling people how he views the world with his own eyes and that he has learned to grow accustomed to his surroundings and take life how it is but still try to make it better
Andrew Nguyen
English 201A

Response to Tupac's - "Me Against the World"

Tupac Shakur's inspiring song, "Me Against the World" shows his view of the world and the people who are struggling within it. The song describes how life is for Tupac. That includes poverty, guns, deaths, and of course, politics. The title of the song "Me Against the World" shows a sort of rise against these issues. With Tupac, he wants to rise against these issues and continue to face life's struggles. One of the issues Tupac wants to rise against is the violence within his life.

Tupac descrbies many issues that roams the world in his song. One of the many issues including, is the rising deaths in the community. Tupac describes his community with "projects is full of bullets, the bodies is droppin... Witnessin killings, leavin dead bodies in abandoned buildings" (Shakur - World). With that in mind, it is almost a constant look-out. People want to survive and they have to remain alert. In this "dog eat dog" world, one needs to protect oneself against others to live:

I'm headed for danger, don't trust strangers/Put one in the chamber whenever I'm feelin this anger/Don't wanna make excuses, cause this is how it is/What's the use unless we're shootin no one notices the youth (Shakur - World)

Throughout the song, there is a sense of restlessness and a need for change in how life is. Issues do not have to stay the way they are. People will take notice with a large base of people and the issues that those people address to the community. With that in mind, people are really against the world.

With violence being one of the most addressed issue in the community, Tupac expresses in his song that that can be changed. Life may be difficult to carry on, especially with so many obstacles ahead, but one must stand up and continue. In time, issues like violence will be overcome by the people themselves, shaping the world that is more ideal to live in.
Andrew Nguyen
English 201A

Response to Dion

I agree with you that society is torn up. I also agree that majority of people who are dying are mostly from poverty. People are dying to make a living.
In Tupac Shakur's song Me against the world he expresses his life as being filled with violence and stress. His metaphor in my opinion "Me against the world" means life is meaningless and you cant trust anybody bt yourself. Tupac says in the song, "mo' death, and plus I'm dough-less". So basically Tupac felt that this was one of the big issues in the ghetto cause being broke is very stressful.

Tupac brought violence to the audience eyes multiple times in the song. Tupac states,"I'm bout to act up, go load the Mac up, now watch me klacka". What he meant when saying this was that he obviously had some anger when saying he was going to act up. He also was saying that he was going to load his gun and shoot it. Violence is a serious issue in his life.

In the song Tupac makes it clear that him being against the world also comes with stress. Tupac says,"With all this extra stressin...The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath when will I finaly get to rest?" Shakur in my opinoin looked at life as a journey because no matter what obstacle life has to bring he always kept it moving. Shakur's soul will live on and so will this song.

Julian Pete
English 201A
In the world there are people and there are stories. People make the stories, but do stories not also make them? The world is made of story. Inside the stumbling breast of an ancient glacier there are legends asleep, deep in the leafy jungle floors there are romances unbounded dancing beneath footsteps, and there in the whirling and bustling cities of men - here too - are there stories. Even there, in the dark and forgotten concrete thickets, there are stories that grow, like twisting branches from a decaying tree, to form a tormented puzzle. Rapper Tupac Shakur invites us to listen to this story of confused navigation through an almost hopeless night in one of his many (yet so few) songs "Me Against the World".

The story of "Me Against the World" can be segmented in two distinct shapes as Shakur describes how fairy tale can warp into tragedy and, later still, how tragedy can contort again. Shakur captures the former with these sentiments:

"Got me worried, stressin, my vision's blurried//
The question is will I live? No one in the world loves me
I'm headed for danger, don't trust strangers//
Put one in the chamber whenever I'm feelin this anger//
Don't wanna make excuses, cause this is how it is//
What's the use unless we're shootin no one notices the youth//
It's just me against the world baby//"

A bleak and seemingly hopeless story is constructed. However faint a glimmer of hope may look from here, Shakur sharpens his sights and locks his eyes onto that dim spark in the distance, hoping to kindle the dying flame into a newly reinvigorated, effulgent blaze. Shakur declares, "the message I stress: to make it, stop study your lessons// don't settle for less - even the genius asks questions// be grateful for blessings" and "don't ever change, keep your essence// the power is in the people and politics we address// always do your best, don't let the pressure make you panic". Shakur asks us to take in these ingredients. The injury was not fatal and - should only we choose to take it - a remedy for healing is there, Shakur concludes.

The world is story upon story. Rapper Tupac Shakur was born into a story not his own; a story pre-assembled by the world that had preceded him. Thus, the stories make the people, but do people not also make the stories? The world itself is a story being told, constantly unfolding, constantly changing. The story is never over. What is here now can change in the future, should only we decide to write our story this way. Rapper Tupac Shakur must have realized this.
Francisco Marcial
English 201A
MW 1-2:50pm

In the song Me Against the World by Tupac Shakur is a song where Tupac talks about all of the challenges that he has to face in his life. In this verse “The projects is full of bullets, the bodies is dropping” Tupac is trying to say that violence is one of his biggest challenge that he is trying to stop. He wants to stop violence because “More bodies being buried, I’m loosing my homies in a hurry” and he doesn’t want to see more of his friends dyeing or being buried. He is just trying to stop all of this violence so it could be a better and safer world to live in.

Tupac says that he is against the world because “No one in the world loves me.” He's saying that he feels alone, that he feels like no one wants to help him. Because people are always trying to bring him down just because he is trying to show everyone how the real world is, and also all of the things that people that come from the ghetto have to go through and all of their challenges. There all always people criticizing him although he is just talking about how is against the world.

Tupac also said “When will I finally get to rest?” He was saying that he thinks that all of these challenges are going to keep on going for a long time. He says that because he sees that there aren’t a lot of people trying to stop these kinds of things for example racism, poverty, violence, etc. He said that all of these things will stop until people realize that “The power is in the people and politics that we address”. People should always try to fight for everything and they should never give up.
Treana Penn
English 201

"Me Against the World" by Tupac Shakur

In class, we listened to “Me Against the World” by Tupac Shakur, young male, African-American rapper and we annotated parts that stood out to us. Tupac is widely known for his gangster rap, but he is also known for his outspoken lyrics about the issues of the lower class society. In the song, “Me Against the World” he speaks about the problems of his hood and other hoods and how there is no change. He quotes “Stress in the city, the cops is hot for me, the projects are full of bullets, the bodies is dropping” in the cities, so people there is no hope for the community. I consider Tupac as a victim of the city he grew up in and he has been affected like everyone else struggling. While he is saying “Me Against the World” I feel like he is really speaking for every other infected person who could relate.

Just like in many of Tupac's songs, the themes are always vivid and explicit. He always sets a main audience for his songs and accomplishes to get his point across. Tupac sent messages not just to his fans, he was sharing his life story "The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons, Don't settle for less, even the genius ask-es questions, Be grate full for blessings, Don't change, keep your essence, The power is in the people and the politics we address, Always do your best, Don't let the pressure make you panic, And when you get stranded, And things don't go the way you planned it, Dreamin of riches, in a position of making a difference" his music lives in many of us, because we can relate to the struggle. However, he was sending out a message, it is advice that he is passing from his own personal life experience. Tupasc was very optimistic throughout all the darkness he was always searching for the sun.

In Tupac's lyrics of “Me Against the World" he shows another visual of himself at war with hurt and paint, trying reconstruct himself for the better. He says "Every day there's mo' death" showing that life is repetitious and there is no change, so if the government will not help they are forced to come accustom to the lifestyle to continue to struggle. Tupac explains how he is hungry for the better things in life, but if the only way to get it is the illegal way, then let it be. He is blaming his environment for his actions to act out against the world and be apart of the world's negative actions. Even though Tupac felt as if everything around him was going to end he continued to fight his battle like a true soldier.
Treana Penn

Response to Isaiah:

I agree with your statement about how "Tupac was sympathetic to the streets". This is complete irony, because Tupac was the outcome of the streets. It was a great point to make and it shows Tupac's sensitive side.
Lisa Ryan's response to Andrew's essay:

Your essay was positive and I like the way you interpreted Tupac's lyrics.
I enjoyed reading your comment Sara. You hit it right on the nose.
Dung Nguyen
English 201A

In the song " Me Against the World" by Tupac Shakur, he expresses his feelings about the world around him. He presents to the listeners that he is struggle to lives in this world where no one cares for another one. They always ended up in violence and killing each other. he does try to do something in changing the society but in the end it doesnt make any different. throughout the song, Tupac describes how the world is changing by days and it isnt the same as he imagines anymore. he wants to do something to stop this violence and the killing but just by himself it is just an impossible task to complete. eventhough it is impossible to stop this violence, he never gives up and continue to do what he thinks is right.

In his lyrics,he says that being an African American in this world of discrimination where colored pepople have no opportunity to keep their heads up. he wants to fight against the society that he lives in. he wants to have a new life without the violence. he is hoping that everyone will starts to making changes in thier own way.

With so much violence each day, Tupac wants the audience to exprience what it like to live in that kind of enviroment. everyday, people killing each other for what? better life? better houses? better cars?. or was it because the world that they live in doesnt give them a chance, the opportunity to make the different, to get them out of this rotten society. Tupac wants each ones to be able to fight against the world around them because there is nothing to help them, they have to do it by themselve.
Francisco Marcial
English 201A
MW 1-2:50pm

Dalena Tran,I really like how you wrote your essay and i think that you explain really good what the song was talking about in your essay.
Renee D.

Melissa, your essay was very good and caught my attention. Good work and keep it up!
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