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Some students are confused. This is what happens when you skip class. Read the blog. the checklist I handed out today can be picked up from my office. The assignments are taken from the blog. If you don't remember the assignment, just read the blog. It is there.

Your final essay is due ASAP, no later than 9 a.m. Monday, Dec. 15. I might not be able to give you feedback. Some of the essays I am reading are pretty drafty. Students need to edit their essays before submission and if it is a research essay, include the works cited. You should have no more than one citation per page. Each essay should be 3-4 pages long, this includes the works cited page.

If you want to see the minimum required to pass the course, check below. Get help on your essays. The writing center is open and tutoring is available. My eyes should not be the first professional eyes that have seen your early draft. I don't have time to spend three hours with one student going back and forth on drafts. What you turn in should be as polished as possible.

The goal is a passing grade the first draft.

Some students are really behind...really behind, other students stopped coming and then showed up today LOST. You get out of the course what you put into it and many of you didn't take advantage of academic resources. If you pass the course, learn from this close call and use the Writing Center, Tutoring services and of course, your professor's office hours for one-on-one consultations.

I have been very available this semester and only a few students came to see me, none of them on a regular basis. This will show in your grade.

Come to the study hour Monday, Dec. 15, 9-1, L-226, with your papers digitized.

I sent you my SE paper days ago waiting for reply on what SPECIFICALLY needed to be improved for a passing grade. Since you are my judge, I must get word directly from you on what you want. I haven't heard anything from you yet. My ability to pass a writing class apparently depends greatly on your personal judgement of this one paper...

Please e-mail me one day of these long days and tell me what you want from me. I wish you talked to me more...

I asked you to give me my progress report and you never did. I have no idea how I am doing in this class. Am I doing ok? What do you think? Where do I stand? Am I on the verge of failing right now? If I am, then there should be some urgency on both of our parts right now.


For me, help me understand.
I don't know what you are talking about Thomas. I responded to your essay earlier today. I told you in the IM that I was reading it, or I thought I did.

You do skip class a lot, come to class without your mterials, but despite all this you are a great writer and a great thinker.

You are late on your essay. We have been sharing these research essays over the past month. You JUST turned your first draft in and we are finished with the essay.

I sit in my office every week for 16-17-18 weeks and wait for students to come by or call me people who need help--you are doing okay.

What is the rank all about? Give me a break!

My reader has been sick for the past week. Sorry about the delay, but when you turn in your assignment late you don't get the kind of response you might like had you followed the scheduled due dates. I am sorry those students who have met the deadlines had to wait so long for feedback.

I handed out progress reports weeks ago, over a month ago. If you haven't received yours email Elesha. You have one.

I have conferred with you regarding your essays often this semester. You should know exactly how you are doing.

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