Monday, December 15, 2008



Today we met and reviewed essays.

Presentations: You are presenting your research essay. Bring in copies of your abstract, enough copies for everyone. An abstract is a brief summary.

Your portfolios are due the day of the final, unless you have gotten an extension. You can give me copies of your notes and freewrites that day also (those written in longhand).

I'll see everyone in L-226 for finals: Wednesday, Dec. 17, 12-2 and Friday, Dec. 19, 8-10 AM.

Ise Lyfe is a young black man from East Oakland, who decided when he was 17 to write poetry that acknowledged the problems within the community around him. Being raised in a neighborhood filled with drugs, prostitution, robbery, rape, and lots of violence (gun violence being the most common) would make it almost impossible to steer clear of the negative lifestyles being observed, but Ise Lyfe proved that it can be done. Ise Lyfe chose a mixture of spoken word and rap to send a message that people in his community could relate to. He has recieved many awards such as "City Flight Magazine’s Top 25 under 35", Honored at the "12th Annual African American Excellence in Business", and one of the top “101 Black men in California making a Difference”, standing proud as the youngest honoree. He has made two hit albums, made a one man theater piece (this debuted in 2007 at a sold-out national Black Theater Festival in New Orleans.). People take Ise Lyfe’s words and teachings, and learn to grow and look at different things in the community that are holding them down with a perspective that can change a lot of the problems that are happening. He not only sends a message, he has started a Movement!

For more information about Ise Lyfe there are a few links that you can look at:
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