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Cyber-Posts for Dreams from My Father Preface and Introduction

Please post your paragraph summaries for the Preface and Introduction here. The Preface summarized is due now. I have not assigned the Introduction yet. Just read them both.

If you want to combine the two, that is fine.

Don't forget to keep a reading log. Look at the syllabus to recall what you should consider when writing the reading log. One thing you can look at are the important themes, the language and the writing. What you like about the passage, any confusing terms or references, characters, scenes, or anything from chapter or section to section that acts as a transition or a thread which holds the story together. You can also relate the story to yourself and what Obama experienced which resonates with your life experience or that of someone you know well.

If any students want to make me a CD with the songs Felicia Pride references in her book, that would really be lovely and you would get extra credit. Respond to this post if you can and let me know which chapters, so students are not duplicating each other's efforts.

I appreciate your openness to the process cyberspace, even if you are not quite comfortable yet with the process.

Sabah Said
English 201B

Preface Summary of Obama Book “Dreams of my Father”

Obama wrote this book almost 10 years ago. He was writing this book while in law school since he had time. He was the first African American president of Harvard law review. He wanted to talk about my family and his life as what he did 10 years later. Obama decided to teach constitutional law at the University of Chicago. During that time he a bought house for his wife and kids, and struggled in paying bills. He basically worked his way up, step by step. Then after a while Obama then became U.S. Senator for Illinois he felt weird being the only black person most likely. The black community were proud to see Obama accomplishing in life. In making a difference for African Americans. When ever problems happen we would capture what goes on and writes about it. Obama says history comes back which is true, matter of fact its never forgotten. He talks about his mom who basically inspired him. She always helped people all around the world. She always read and wrote a lot. Obama’s mother use to help him by correcting his errors he made in the book. She helped him and his sister in their lives, to follow their dreams and become successful even though she was really sick with cancer. She did so much for him and even though she had past away a few months after this book was published, Obama still see’s his mother in his daughter’s all the time. He felt like if he known she would die, that he could of wrote the book differently. He cherishes her and she was the most important person in his life. Obama cherish his mother and he thanks her for everything she did to be by his side.
Christine So
Eng 201B

In the Preface to the 2004 edition, Obama began a civil rights practice in 1992. He is married with two daughters and had a hard time managing bills. He ran for office in ’96 because his friends convinced him and he won. He also ran for the U.S. senator from Illinois and won too. He talks about the past, how all the terrible things that have happened, for example, September 11. Most of the characters in this book are in Obama’s life. He lost his mother to cancer.
Preface Summary of Obama's Book “Dreams from My Father”
While he was in law school, he started to write his own book about how he feels as African-America. The first time publishing his own book, he hopes that it would be a success and it did. A lot of readers’ thinks that he writes beautifully. Even though his career of writing was short, he made it memorable. In 19996, he ran for office in the state legislature, and he won. One day he was reading back on the books he published, thinking that it’s not his own voice and he would tell it differently today then he did before.

Kelley Yuen
English 201A MW 1-250 SPR09
Introduction Summary of Obama's Book “Dreams from My Father”

When Obama was in his last year of law school, he has organized his mind for publishing his own book and focusing on writing an essay about civil rights case. When he first starting his essay, he couldn’t concentrate and didn’t know where to start writing from. He had flashed back about when he was younger; his grandmother would describe to him about his father that he never knew. He thought of his family, how his wife’s cousin has a background of an African father and an America. He had a hard time making friends in school, and had thought of either moving to a mostly white suburb or being caught in a gang shooting community. It had reminded him of him, but it didn’t bother him, he is strong and proud of whom he is.

Kelley Yuen
English 201A MW 1-250 SPR09
Shaela Saunders

In the book, "Dreams from My Father", Barack Obama states that it has been 10 years since his book has been published. He is overwhelmed, nervous, and anxious about his book, and hopes that people understand and read it with great intent. Barack obama was the 1st African-American president of the Harvard Law Review and he was seemingly proud of it. After his book was published, though he wasn't sure how the public was going to react to it, he went on to try to tackle other areas in his life.
Barack Obama then became an activist, "I ran a voter registration project in the 1992 election cycle, began a civil rights practice, and started teaching constitutional law at the university of Chicago." And while doing that he maintained, and succeeded to have a beautiful family.

Obama talks about how he lost his dear mother to cancer right after his book was published. He talked about how strong and close they were and how they had a bond that could never be broken. Barck reminisced on his fondest memories of his mother, that he remembered right before she passed and spoke on how he carries his mother's joy throught the family everyday.
Linda Saelee
English 201A

Preface Summary of Obama Book “Dreams of my Father”

Obama Wrote the book “ Dreams from My Father,” when he was in law school. He starts off by talking a little bout himself, how he ran the voters registration project in 1992, began a civil rights practice and teached constitiutional law at a University. He talks about how him and his wife struggled to pay bills when they bought a house for them and their two daughters. Later, He then ran for state lesgislater when it opened in 1996 and won. Few months later he ran for U.S. senator from Illinois and won that too. Obama talks about what happened before in September 11, how the world fractured and how it touches him because of the struggle. He also mention he lost his mother to cancer a few months before the book was published. And how great of a person she was and that he see his mother when he look at his daugthers.
Larry Smith
English 201B
M, W 1- 2 50
Preface summary of Obama's book "Dreams From My Father"

Obama wrote this book about ten years ago while he was in law school. He mentioned he was the first African American president of the Harvard law review. He had high hopes for the book but the sales didn’t really live up to the expectations he had for it. In 1992 he started teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago as a part of a civil rights practice around the same time he had bought a new house for his wife and two children. He mentioned he had a hard time paying the bills. A while later he said a seat opened up in the state legislature a slot in which he won. He mentions that he won the democratic nominations to become the U.S. senator for Illinois, at first he thought it was going to be really hard for him to win but he ended up winning anyway. He lost his mother to cancer a few months before the book was published and he explained what she loved to do and what she did for a living and how she always wanted grandchildren, and he mentioned how she made some edits to this book.
Allison Griffin
201A mw 10-12

Barack Obama writes about how he originally got the opportunity to publish this book almost ten years ago. He was not sure just how successful his book would turn out to be, and after it was all done he believed that his career as an author would not continue for much longer, but was satisfied with what he had done. He first ran for office in 1996, and his career as a politician took off from there. He had a tough competition for different reasons. One being the fact that he was an African American man and another was his personal wealth. Obama writes about many issues that have taken place since the first publication of his book, such as 9/11 and how it has sort of made him re think his writings, though being content with them. He closes his preface by describing his mother and expressing his love for her.
Linda Saelee
Eng 201A

Introduction- “Dreams From My Father”

Obama talks about how he was kind of afraid how the book would turn out. That there would be essay on civil rights ligation and a lot of topics would fill a whole page. He would listen to his grandmother telling him about his father, who he never really gotten to know. Obama then proceed with how his wife’s cousion told his parents, his classmates would not play with him because of his color. They moved to an almost all white suburb to keep their son away from getting caught with gangs and bad schools. He talks about how people do not know him, and when they figure out his background, they had to make adjustments. There are a lot of people asking obama how what his book is really about, but he doesn’t give a lot of description. Obama also states that he changed a few of the characters name for privacy. And at the end he dedicate his book to his family.
Joseph Micallef
English 201A

When President Barack Obama finished writing Dreams Of My Father he was still in law school. Ironically he will later become the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. In 1992 Obama began a civil rights practice, and started teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago. He ran for a seat in the state legislature, and he won in 1996. After receiving votes in both white and black areas Obama became the U.S. senator of Illinois. In a battle of cancer Obama lost his mother a couple months after his book was published.
Preface Summary of “Dreams From My Father” by Barack Obama

It’s been almost ten years since the book “Dreams From My Father” by Barack Obama was first published. Obama wrote this book back when he was still attending law school. In 1992, he started to teach constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Obama and his wife bought a home and had 2 beautiful daughters but started to struggle to pay the bills. In 1996, he ran for office and won. Obama also won the Democratic nomination for a seat as the U.S, senator from Illinois.

Before this book was re-published, Obama took out an old copy of his book and read a few chapters to see how much his voice’s been changed. He stated that he wanted to cut the book by over fifty pages. He also stated that he would tell this story differently than he did over ten years ago. Obama’s mother passed away a few months after the book was published. While he was writing this book, Obama would share his drafts with his mother for corrections of stories that he has misunderstood for. He mentioned that if he had known of his mother’s illness, he would have written a different book.

Jacky Leung
English 201B, MW 1-2:50
Timothy Grube

"Preface""Dreams of My Father"

Barack Obama accomplished many goals before he wrote the first edition of his book. He states he was influenced to write hi book by the achievement of being the the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. Some other goals Obama made before the publication of this book were running a voter registration project for the 1992 election cycle, Beginning a civil rights practice, teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago, and last but not not least holding a seat in the state legislature.

With all of these other achievements he was encouraged to write a book about his goals, that he had met and the achievements he made for him and his family. Obama thought his publicity would be a short run, and that people would soon forget, but it didn't really bother him. He just wanted to continue doing the best he could. He wanted to do the best with each jobb and goal he made at hand.

Then after about 10years he decided to use his political leverage to be the first black man elected as president
of the United States. With such a large goal to be met, but knowing it could be met. The publisher decided to have Obama make another edition to his book. He admits that he has changed and therefore, the book needed a revision to it as well. Writing this book out of remembrance of his mother who helped with creating the book and respect of his father. To show his parents and the world that anything is possible.
Christine So
Eng 201B


He was supposed to write a different book. After he was elected the first black president of the Harvard law review, he came up with the idea to write this book during the time he was in law school. He took one year off after law school to write his book. He started brainstorming on how the book would be and what he’d write. When he started to write, things from his past started to enter his mind, stuff like the stories his mother have told him when he was younger. He wanted to avoid writing about his past. He talks about his wife’s little cousin who is only six years old. The little cousin has classmates that wouldn’t play with him because of his skin color. They wanted to move to a mostly where the whites were in the suburbs but thought had to think twice after what happened to the little cousin. His father was a black man and his mother was a white woman. He has experienced racism, but he doesn’t blame them. The book is mainly about the histories of his family, he dedicates this book to his family.
Larry Smith
English 201 B
M/W 1- 250

Intro to "Dreams From My Father"

Obama’s initial plan was to write a different book, his whole chance to write the book came about when he was in law school. In his final year of law school he started thinking out how the book would fare. As he started writing the book he started thinking about past time like when his parents told him different stories as a child and how his grandmother used to describe his father to him. He didn’t really want to put his past life into his book because it doesn’t really reflect who he is now. He talks about how his wife’s cousin who is six years old is teased about his color because he goes to an all white school and he’s black but his parents thought that was the route they wanted because they didn’t want him to get caught up in a shooting or anything in Chicago. He says what the book end up being about is the search for his father and living life as an African American.
Sabah Said
English 201B
Mon/Wed 10-12

Summary of introduction to Obama’s book “Dreams of my Father”

Obama thought about writing this book when he was in law school, being first black president of the Harvard Law Review. He had many things to talk about. Obama also remember the stories his mother use to tell him as he was young about trying to explain their selves. So he decided to talk about his past into the book, from ups and down basically what he went through. Obama never will forget what his family use to go through, how they were discriminated. He wants to let people know that there not the only people that went through discriminated because he did too. Obama knows how much pain his parents use to go through when living in a white suburb, especially since his mom is white and dad black that caused more tension. They wanted to protect their child from gangs etc. Even discrimination towards his wife’s little cousin, the white boy didn’t play with him because he was dark, that’s the thing that bothered Obama. He spends most of his years talking about his life he dedicated this book to his family for the support and love they showed him. Obama basically shows his family how much they mean
Introduction to “Dreams from My Father” by Barack Obama

Obama’s original plan was to write a different book. He took a year off after graduation from Harvard Law School to write this book. As he set down and began to write, he started recalling memories from his past where his mother and grandparents told him stories as a child. He was against the idea of writing a book about his past. He stated that his wife’s six years old cousin’s first grade classmates would not play with him because of his ethnicity background. This could have been avoided if they didn’t move to a mostly white suburbs but if they had stayed in the city, there was a possibility of his son being in gang activities. Obama’s father was African American and his mother was white American. When people discover his background, it seems like he was a completely different person. Many of people’s names in this book will be changed to ensure people’s privacy with the exception of his family. Obama shows his gratitude to his family for their love and support that made him write this back which is also dedicated to them.

Jacky Leung
English 201B, MW 1-2:50
Soad Suarez
Eng 201B

Summary of obama's book: Preface and Intro.

Barack Obama wrote his book about 10 years ago while he was in law school. He says that the reason that he wrote this book was because he wanted to learn more about his family and about his background; he was seeking for his identity. And like most writers he was excited and nervous, excited because it was his first book and nervous because he didn’t know if his book was going to be a success. But it was a success. He was the first African American president of Harvard law review. He also starts talking how in 1992 he began to teach in a Chicago University teaching a class of constitutional law. Than in 1996 there was an opening for the state legislature and one of his friends convince him to run for the position and he won. Than a couple of months ago he run for the Democratic nomination for a seat in the U.S senator. And although people saw him as a long shot and a black man with a funny name he still won. He then explains that he read his own book and he says that it is not his voice, and that he would tell the story differently. He also stats talking about how because of what happen in Sep 11, people started to look for his mane in web sites and so on. Obama then starts talking about his mother whom he lost and she died doing what she loved to do. She loved to travel the world and helped women in villages buy a sewing machine or helped with other things. It still hurts him that his mother past away, but he says he sees his mother in his daughters attitude. And to finish he begins talking about the characters in the book an how the names had to be change for the sake of their privacy. He also says that this book seeks for the father he never knew.
Mandukhai Andaan /Maggie
Eng 201B
Mon, Wed/1-2:50/

Preface Summary of Obama Book “Dreams of my Father”

Barack Obama got the chance to write the book “Dreams from My Father” while he was in law school, and started to organize his mind with a how to book would proceed.
When he actually sat down and started to write; he remembered that his mother and his grandmother described the father that he had, and he hardly known.
Ten years from today, when Barack Obama was thirty-three, he worked as a lawyer active in the social political life of Chicago. The what strikes him most was, his wife’s cousin who was only six years old, and has already lost such innocence because of his classmates made a joke on him just because he was the only dark student in the class.
Obama’s father was African American, and his mother was white American, and when people find out his ethnic background; he felt like he was from completely different people. However, he mentions about the book is basically about his father, and histories about his family. He dedicates this book to his family.
Joseph Micallef
English 201A

Intro to "Dreams From My Father"

When Barack Obama became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, a main stream of publicity arose. Many newspaper articles came out pin pointing many facts all across the bored from where Harvard Law stands in American Mythology to Barack Obama’s own accomplishments. That is when Obama began to have the erg to want to express himself, and put his personal thoughts onto paper. After graduating Obama took a year off to get mentally focused and begin preparing himself to write a book. Obama hated the idea of putting his personal information that would expose himself to the world in his book. But after Obama started writing he began to find out that his book has became a personal journal that represents everything that he is about today.
Preface to the 2004 Edition

I did not write this book, ten years ago, as my hobby to write but it is an outcome of the opportunity for me to be elected as the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. With the advance payment for this book from my publisher, I was convinced that this book, with the story of my family, would bring out the true meaning of being a human regardless of color, the multicultural dimension and the phase of time.
As many first time authors, I was too expecting that my effort of showing people see the different view through my words would be successful and that they will appreciate it. But to my great dismay and dislike, I was compelled to continue my business rather than continue as an author. But it did not stop me from living with dignity. After that I went along with project regarding election cycle, began a civil rights practice and started teaching constitutional Law. As a very common struggling man, I started my new life with my wife and two beautiful daughters. With luck, I got the office in the state legislature. Despite of many warnings of the hardness of job, mostly on simple topics, I was satisfied with the job.
In the open competition of crowd that filled with well-funded, skilled and prominent candidates, I won the Democratic nomination for a seat as the U.S senator from Illinois which was quite amazing for a black man like me with no organizational or personal wealth back up. Not only an amusement for me but the whole commentators were surprised and hoped that my victory showed a broader change in our racial politics. There was a mixture of pride and irritation among the Black Community for my achievement as it is still just the possibility to be the only African-American and only the third since Reconstruction to serve in the Senate after the pass of five decades. It was new and unfamiliar period for me, my family and friends to deal with the media’s constant attention.
This actually helped my publishers to think about the re-publication of this book.
I revisited few chapters of this book in many years to see my thinking have changed during this time. Certain passage would be inconvenient politically however I will try to make it best expressed than I did in my last publication.
I began writing this book with emerging concepts like backdrop of Silicon Valley and a booming stock market, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and other sensitive but true concepts.
And then , the most disastrous event occurred on September 11 2001. It is beyond my capacity to recollect and express what happened that day and the days after that. It was and still is thrilling experience for me to go through that situation again. It is beyond my thinking power that why would the blank stares would murder innocent with abstract.
By comparing the lives of children on the streets of Jakarta or Nairobi and on Chicago’s South Side, I can say how narrow the path is for them between humiliation and untrammeled fury, how easily the slip into violence and despair.
This is implications will certainly move me toward the topic for another book.
Now I will end with personal note to this.
The characterization of most of this book is a part of my life which may vary in degrees. The exception is my mother whom we lost after few months this book was published.
My mother is someone whom I always admire for many reasons. She left by doing what she loved like traveling world, working in distant villages, helping women buy a sewing machine and many other social works. I am inherited with her writing from her as she used to write reports and read novels.
With our unbroken bond, we would see each other frequently. I was commented and corrected many times on many aspects of this book like characterization and others by my mother while writing this book.
She was humorous and was successful mother who kept her illness with grace and let me and my sister live our lives always with happiness.
Sometimes, I think I would have written a different book than this one if I had known that she would not survive her illness. My daughters won’t let my mother’s grace fade way as I see her in them, same joy and same capacity of wonder. She was the most kindest and generous spirit I have ever known. I am thankful to her and owe my life to her.

Yeju Munankarmi

Professor Wanda Sabir

English 201A, 1:00-2:50
Timothy Grube
eng 201B mw

Introduction "Dreams of my Father"

When Obama constructed this book he wanted to write a different type of book. The concept was generated fro Obama's achievement of becoming the first African-American president of the Hrvard Law Firm. His achievements was followed by a lot of publicity in breaking down the American walls of segregation and opening the doors wider for racial equality. While Obama was brain-storming the ideas of his book, he knew that he wanted to focus on the American dream, building from the grassroots, into building a community.

He wanted to focus on his building of his organizations, and a list of ideas he felt were important. When he begun to write his book he wanted to relate to the audience, where he has came and where he will go. looking into his past, living the life of a child of a black man and a white woman from then to now. The challenges he and his parents have came into what he has developed. As Obama puts "the divided soul, the ghostly image of the tragic mulatto trapped between two worlds." Having the difficulty of all young men of self identity; understanding as he bbecomes older he understands that other people feel the same.

Only when he got older and the pain of the lost of his father has he understood fully he is mix and that is okay. He understands after many years of constructing his book, that the autobiography he sets to write is really just a form of closure. To his pain of the past and our dreams of the future. Writing as honest as he could. Dedicated to his parents with love and respect.
Mr. Timothy E.
Shaela Saunders
Summary of Intro to Dreams...

In the introduction to "Dreams of My Father" Barack states that when in law school he got his big break to write this book. Barack talks about being bi-racial and how it affected his upbringing and the people who he came in contact with in his life.
Obama talks about the stories that his grandmother used to sit under the tree and tell him about his past, family, and the father he never got to know.
Barack states, "I don't fault people their suspicions. I learned long ago to distrust my childhood and the stories that shaped it." Obama didn't understand his background and how to identify himself for a long time.
Barack explains that this book is made up of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and a journey all in one.
Eric Ton
English 201B
M/W 10-11:50

"Dream of My Father"
Preface summary

In the Preface of the 2004 edition, over ten year ago. Obama publish his first book while he was in law school, and also was the first African American president of the Harvard Law review. As a first time publisher, he was fill with hope and dream to be succeed with his publication. During his struggle year with his family, he ran for office legislature and he won. He also won the Democratic nomination for a seat as the U.S senator from Illinois. However it was a difficult race for because of his race. As of the 9/11 happened between the disorder and powerless, his name was mocking from website due to similarity and it was hard for him to go through. He end the preface with the memories of his peer, family and memory of his mother whom pass away from cancer a few months after his book was published.
Obama wrote this book almost a decade ago. He started while in Law school when he became the first African American president of the Harvard Law review. That is an amazing accomplishment for a black man in that age in time. Throughout the preface and introduction he continues to shine light on the struggles of growing up where he was and how they have affected him today. He knows that his mother and father are looking down on him and sending him their love despite him not knowing his father too well. He dedicates this book to all of his family members and to his staff that has helped him grow as an individual, a father, and a politician. He knew that if something ever went wrong, those were the people who would never walk out with the rest of the crowd.

Lauryn Helling
Eng 201B M/Wed 1-250
Preface summary of Dreams
from my father
Adries Ahmed
Eng 201A

This was Obama's first book he wrote it about many things in his life for example family, function of work, geography and turns in fate. When Obama ran for the office to be a state legislature he won the position, and later on got advanced to be a U.S senator . after that he became famous, and his book was encouraged, and republished . He takes a look at it for the first time in many years and decides to update and shorten it a little, but keep his mother's support.

Summary of the Introduction

After Obama was elected for the first black president of Harvard law review he was interested about writing a book on his life. He began to write, but didn’t know from were to start. During his childhood years he faced racism and insecurity. When people wanted to know if he was black or white he would not tell them because his background gave him color acceptance. He found out that the past just lead him into circles on his search for the truth. The way he wrote the book was on his family experience
Hertema Gebrekristos
February 18, 2009

Dreams from my Father: A story of Race and Inheritance
The preface explains briefly pretty much how his journey is about himself as he painlessly takes his reader with him to find that identity. It begins his life’s journey in New York as well as Kansas and then Hawaii, prior to going to Kenya. It goes on to say how Obama was inspired to write the book. He explains how the book was received and how, although it was not enthusiastically received, it gave Obama the strength to continue on with his life.
It goes on to talk about Obama continuing his education, getting married and the couple having two daughters. He then started in state politics and finding that satisfying because he found it offered good results. From there he became a U.S. senator. He talks about the sense of pride that the black community felt after his accomplishment.
His book then went on to re-publication. He then talks about how he would have changed the way he told his story, largely due to how the book might possibly be read by his audience, and how he might now shorten the book.
He then reflects on September 11, 2001, and how and how he would probably not be able to convey just what occurred that day.
He does continue on to say that he condenses and simplifies all those reasons why some would justify cruelty to those who are different from us.
It goes on to indicate the parallelism between children in Jakarta or Nairoi might parallel children in Chicago. How these likenesses can make for similar outcomes.
Finally, he speaks about his mother and what she enjoyed doing. How she helped him with his book by correcting the facts. How she endured her illness while helping Obama as well as his sister continue on with their lives. He says he might have written his book differently had he known that his mother’s life would end as soon as it did. Finally, he tells how he owes the best in him to her. At last but not least he thanks All the people who contribiuted for the book to be possible.
Carmen Truong
Professor Sabir
English 1A

In the book Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama, as I start reading his past life story, it mainly talk about him growing up with his mom’s family side. He wasn’t a very rich or famous person, how he was struggling to pay his bills like every other human being. Life for him was tough growing up with a single parent. His father was black and his mother was white. Racism was still a huge issue at the time. Obama’s grandparents was against Obama’s father marriage. Through the drama that was given between his both parent side, he has remain focused in school.

Compare to his past life and his recent life, he is finally a well known person. A formal U.S. president Barack Obama has been a bless to serve our country. It was very interest to read about his life from the beginning and know that he has been successfully well done. It’s just a matter of time of effort that need to be given. Things is actually changing constantly.

Many of us in the world is facing difficulty. But that doesn’t mean its over. As we can see Obama has change in a matter of time. It relates to my parents who was sacrifice from being very poor, no nothing. People used to make fun at my parents by looking poor. But as time passes, my mom has finally raise my sisters, my brother, and I. My parents was working day and night just to support us. As we grew up, everything changes. My parents was able to be more relax, and we was able to go school and few of us have a well career. I learn not to give up and keep moving forward.
Nseke Ngilbus
English A

Obama elucidates in his book "Dreams of my Fahther" that has been published ten years ago, his emotions in his life and situation. He states that he was the First African American to be the president of the Harvard law review. I find this Ironic because he is the president now. Obama states that he was extremely happy of his accomplishment. But Obama had to work his way up, While in school, he barely had money to pay for his wife and children; he had to do various jobs to get money.

Obama states that he became an political activist; he organize an voter registration campaign. while doing this, He taught constitutional law at the university of Chicago and still maintain balance in his family. This is what gave him some influence to go into politics.

Obama talks about how he wish people do not misintrepret his book; he displayed nervousness and doubt. Obama also talks about how he lost his mother to cancer, he explains that she was very close and dear to him. He saids that they were really close and nothing could tear them apart. I believed this was a good piece.
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