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First Day

Today was great! Students seemed focused and ready to commit to the journey and what it takes to be successful. The last class had an opportunity to both read and hear the Coup song, "Wear Clean Draws." So I'd like them to post their responses to the song and Felicia Pride's entry in The Message, here. Other students can post their freewrites also, but you don't have too. Students are also encouraged to respond to each other.

Please when posting assignments indicate which class and what level you are in. The homework is to read Letter from the Birmingham Jail, and to post your essay response to my letter. The response to the Dear Students should be minimally 250 words. Remember, type it in a Word Doc. and then paste it in the comment section of the blog post.

Next week there is no school Monday, January 19, the official Martin Luther King Birthday celebration. It is a national holiday, which means there is no school and all government offices are closed.

The following day, January 20, is the presidential inauguration. I'd like you to respond to the festivities and the ceremony on the blog. I will put a link here for the day and you can post your thoughts and feelings and it you have photos, send them to me and I'll post them also.

Have a great Martin King Birthday celebration tomorrow and next week. The books are in at the COA bookstore. You can order the Stewart Pidd book at or ask you local bookstore to get it for you. It isn't in presently at the bookstore.

I will post the syllabus here late today/early morning tomorrow. Copies will be available in the bin outside my office L-236 1/22.

We will practice writing summaries on 1/21 with the Birmingham assignment. Please bring in any questions you might have also about the letter and King's references.

This comment is in response to
your first day of school letter. It seems as though you actually went through some hard times and overcame a lot of hardship. It is really interesting that you grew up in the Nation of Islam and graduated when you were 15 yrs. old. It seems as though you had a tough time with learning english so I know that you will put in more work to help your students. What I got from your letter was very informative and I also learned things that I didn't know about, but, at the same time, it seems as though your class will not be easy. Here's to a good semester...
William Johnson
English 201B
1-2:50 MW

In the song “wear clean draws” I like the part of the song where he says “the world aint no fairy tale/ and its ran by some rich white scary males/ to make it simple for you lets call them the bosses/ they take money while the people take losses.” This part of the song I really agree with because while all the people are struggling with money problems in the world, the rich white man is probably sitting somewhere real comfortable with his money. This is the reason why the world aint no fairy tale
My response to “Wear Clean Draws

Song title: The Coup - Wear Clean Draws
Album: Party Music (2001)

When this song was being played in class, I wasn’t paying much attention to it because I was still writing my response to your letter. I decided to go on and search for a video on this song. I found a LIVE video clip of The Coup and Silk-e performing Wear Clean Draws at the Ottobar in 2006. If you have the time, you should definitely check out the video.

Website link to video:

Although this song isn’t the genre of music I listen to, I find this song quite interesting. The chorus is really catchy. I had no idea why my parents always asked if I was wearing clean underwear when I was young until we discussed this topic in class. I agree with everyone in class that it would be embarrassing if I was to be in the ambulance or emergency room with the doctors or EMT looking at my underwear with holes in them. Always wear clean draws!

Jacky Leung
English 201B, MW 1-2:50
Before the world became a scary place and my parents could no longer protect me when I fall. They have warned me many times that the world out there will not go the way you want it to go. I never really understood why everyday I was being reminded and lectured about the outside world until it was my time to do things on my own. Boys, money, friends. I was warned about all of that. The first time I’ve gotten my heart broken, I realized that I should have listened to my parents. They want nothing but the best and when I hurt, they hurt.
After high school, I was on my own. I had to work, start paying for my own bills, and buying my own stuff. It was hard and stressful. "Welcome to the real world", my dad said to me. He tells her in the song, "life is a challenge and you got to team up", that reminded me so much of my dad; he has said something similar like that to me when I was younger. Boys were always an issue, dad always said; "when a man cares and loves you, he'll never disrespect or lay one finger on you." did I listen? No. for some people, such as I, needs to experience it to realize it, make mistakes and learn from it. Now that I am older and wiser, I have stored all of what my parents told me in my head.

Eng 201B
Allison Griffin, English 201A 10:00-11:50 MW
Dear Mrs. Sabir;

My name is Allison Griffin, I am eighteen years old and graduated from Alameda High school this past June. I was sort of dreading college because I was so burnt out from high school, from the same old routines even in the teaching as well as the drama high school came along with. I decided to extend my summer vacation into the fall and continue my education now during the spring session.

It is obvious to me that college is not going to be the same as High School. The next few years in college will truly test my motivation skills. I am going to have to work hard if I want to obtain my goals. I will have to dedicate myself to college because I am not obligated to go like I was in high school. I hope to get a different understand of learning and receive new styles of teaching while adapting to the college environment.

I am not a big reader at all and usually only read because I have to. I can however get hooked on some writing if I find it interesting. I am interested in reading “The Message: 100 Life Lessons from Hip-Hop’s greatest songs. I love listening to music and am interested in analyzing different songs and the meanings the artist is trying to give out as well as others points of views and analysis of different lyrics.

Writing is not something I feel I enjoy as much as could because I have not learned how to express my thoughts to my best ability through my writing. I feel as if I have a lot to say and don’t know exactly how to put it down on paper. I want to improve by writing skills by finding a new style of writing. I hope to be able to take a new topic, even if it’s not of a particular interest to me and have something decent to write.

This is my first course of my college career and only one of many English classes to come. I am eager to gain all I can from this experience. The journey to accomplishing my future goal has only begun. It will be a time consuming process but a rewarding one too.
Allison Griffin
My responses to this song is that it’s talking about not to give up on life for any reasons. A lot of things are happening everyday, just stay strong and you can face anything that will be coming at you. From this song I quote one line, it said that “Life if a challenge and you gotta team up”, I think this line is true, with this line of saying it made me realize that I have challenge myself more. Another line form this song said that “If you start something, now Remember, follow through”, this have encourage me to never give up from what I have started and finish it not matter how difficult or how long it will take.

I am responding to “Wear Clean Draws”, this artist is talking about how difficult it is to leave our parents’ house and into the real world. Our parents; house is like a safe place to be, and once you leave the house you will have to beware of your surroundings. She has mention that her parents have taught her well enough to face the real world. Wearing clean draws everyday before you go out is like saying be prepare for anything that can happen; you don’t want to be embarrass by whatever the reason of being end up in the hospital and not having clean draws on. She also mention that before leaving parents’ house, wearing clean draws is one thing, the other important thing that need to be worry about is having health insurance.

Kelley Yuen
English 201A MW 1-250 SPR09
Shaela Saunders

This comment is in response to your first day letter. It seems as though you actually went through some hard times and overcame alot of hardships and set backs. It is really interestring that you grew up in The Nation of Islam and graduated when you were 15 years old. It seems as though you had a tough time with learning so I know that you will put in more time and work to help your students. What I got from your letter was very informative and I also learned things that I didn't know about, but, at the same time, it seems as though your class will not be easy. Here's to a good semester...
Sabah Said

English 201B
Mon/Wed 10-12


Response to your letter

To Professor Sabir;

Through out your letter, I have learned a lot about your life and who you are, also what you have accomplished. It seemed like it was tough for you in your earlier years when raising your children as a single parents. From attending to different schools, and working different jobs. You are really a hard worker, you kept on going to accomplish many things in life, which always led to you going back to school which I admire. I am also interested about you growing up in the nation of Islam. What was it like? Or what did you do? You kept going back for an education and that is never too late to do.

You were skilled and well educated. You got through life from one thing to another. I agree with high school being a big difference then college environment, but at the same time it does have some similarities to universities but also there’s differences too. I would say that your letter pointed out you struggling through out life. You worked so hard. Now Your daughters are in school getting their education in what they want to be in life and you have a career that you enjoy working at. Basically you reached all your goals and was focused to get this far.

This spring semester of 2009, I am planning to learn a lot. I am encouraged to do well and work hard. I want to be more skilled in reading and writing. I'm glad that you will be there to help me when needed. I’m looking forward to this semester and I plan on doing my best.


Sabah Said
Adries Ahmed
The letter was really great, I have got a good picture of your life. From growing up in the nation of Islam to graduating from high school early. Getting into UCB, but having confusion with the courses. Then moving to west Oakland , raising your daughters and working at the YMCA seemed like a lot of things to do at one time. Later on getting the education from the colleges gave you the skill to teach English.. This semester I would like get prepared and familiar with the college environment so I can move forward with my goals.
Julia Mc Donah
English 201A
mon/wed 1-2:50

The song by The Coup Wear Clean Draws is about the teaching of adults to their children. what they teach you about right and wrong and how to live like an upstanding citizen.When the song talks about life is a challenge you gotta team up. this line is talking about how life is rough and brutal and harsh. you will have lots of up and downs in life and you got to know who you can rely on whether that is family or friends. The next line when it talks about playing house pretend that a man cleans up. it is talking about changing times where women are not obligated to stay home and raise the children and clean the house. that also women can work and make a living while the man does too.This song is all about life and consequences to actions and life while you are growing up and decide what you want to be when you get older and finding out also who you are as an individual.
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