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Stewart Pidd

Today we started Stewart Pidd. After reviewing the parts of speech, clauses, and sentence errors, students completed pp. 14, 15, 29, and 30 from SPHE. We reviewed the answers together, referencing the textbook when needed for the "confused words." Homework is to complete the first section of the book: Part 1: Confused Words.

We got into smaller groups and completed the paragraphs analyzing Stewart's punctuation errors from Quiz 1. Some students couldn't fill in the blanks--but that's okay, you just know what you need to work on. Do your assignments in the Writing Center and if you need help, it is there for you.

Students are also encouraged to visit my office hours.

We read the syllabus. Make sure you leave me a comment on the syllabus where it is posted by Monday. Other homework is to read the Preface and Introduction in Dreams from My Father. Post a summary, a short one is fine, 5-10 sentences, at the link.

I'd also like you to tell me what you think of Stewart Pidd and the exercises we completed today. You can post those responses here.

Buy the books.

Sabah Said
English 201B
Mon Wed 10-12

what I think of Stewart Pidd Hates English exercises we did today.

I think it’s a great way to learn about confused words. For example what’s the different between its and it’s, their and there etc. It explains what’s run on sentences, fragments and so forth. It’s a better way to practice more English.
Mandukhai Andaan /Maggie/
Eng 201B
M,W 1-2:50pm

I still haven't bought the book yet, but I will buy before Monday class.
Yesterday I learned so much about grammar. For example, I didn't know what Run-On sentence was, and Comma Splide. I can't wait to learn more and improve my English.
C.Davis Brown(Geegan)
Engl.201B M/W 10-1150AM
JAN 28 2009

Upon first glance Stewart Pidd seems like a fun, yet informative book. It may trick one into learning what seemed hard or uninteresting in the past. It's simple(?)

I enjoyed the work today concerning grammer. It exposed what i remember or need to refresh my mind on.
Adries Ahmed
I enjoyed the excersie and work'n with my group,but i'm a little rusty,and need to refresh my memory.
Eric ton
English 201B
M-W 10-11:50

what I think of Stewart Pidd Hates English exercises we did today.

I think it's a very good exercise to refresh my English and it's a great way to learn about confused words, cause those words we use everyday and people included myself are mistakenly used and said it wrong. i get to learn about what is a run-on sentence, fragments,and comma splice. To me English is very confusing cause my self is an English as a second language.
Christine So
Eng 201B

I really enjoyed the activities that were in the Stewart Pidd Hates English. I couldn't believe I have forgotten so much, it was a really good way to refresh my memory.
The group activity on Stewart Pidd Hates English was a great way to learn and interact with other classmate. I actually learned how the confuse words are actually confusing when using it in a sentences.

Kelley Yuen
English 201A MW 1-250 SPR09
Soad Suarez
Eng 201B

I was not in class when you guys started with Stewart Pidd, but I do have the book and by skimming through it, it made me refresh my memory about things. I think this book is a good way to refresh our memories about grammar and also a good practice for everyone.
Keisha Simmons
Am class 201 A
February 1, 2009

Preface and Introduction of the book “Dreams of my Father”

Reading the Preface and the Introduction of the book “Dreams of my Father” has giving me a little more insight as to who and where Barack Obama was and came from. He is the first President I have ever had an interest as to learn more about. He talks about how he was in Law school when he wrote this book. The Preface is a revision from the book originally beginning published in 2004 and now we are in 2009. A man I never heard of to be our President of the United States of America five years later. He speaks of his family and friends in his introduction. So sad to know that his mother is no longer here and assuming that he never knew his father or he did, but his father was a deadbeat dad. He realized the book should have been for his mother, rather than his father.
Joseph Micallef
English 201A

I believe this a great way to learn, and i am lookin foward learing from this book. I think dealing with this book will improve my grammer and writing skills.
This textbook will better my writing skills as far as progressing generally in composing accurate essay's.

I just purchased the book and skimmed through it to find that the material is useful in order for me to maintain my grammar skills.

-Sameela Smith MON&WED 10am
Treana Penn
English 201B
M/W 10-12

I feel that Stewart Pidd Hates English is a great way to refresh our english skills. Even though, it looks like easy tasks for an elementary students. It is material that as elementary school we majority of the time do not remember way back then everything what we have learned. I know it will help me and the rest of my classmates with our basic English.
Carmen Truong
Professor Sabir
English 1A

The Stewart Pidd exercise book is a good way to begin learning our mistakes and try to fix it. No one is perfect. As we start going through the exercises I found some good meaning that I never learn before and may help my future writing assignments. I’m glad to know the meaning between paraphrasing and literal paraphrase. I believe that Steward Pidd the exercise will help me a better writer.
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