Monday, February 02, 2009


Literal/Free Paraphrasing

Today in class we continued our conversation on paraphrasing and practiced the literal and the free paraphrase in Stewart Pidd Hates English pp. 330 to 347. I made copies for students without books. The class is shrinking. If you are still enrolled, don't stop coming to class and arrive on time.

We also completed the index cards. The questions are in the syllabus under INDEX CARDS.

Homework is to keep doing the exercises in Pidd on paraphrasing and to post a summary for the Introduction where you posted the summary for the Preface last week. Keep reading Dreams from My Father. Start Chapter 1.

We'll practice literal and a free paraphrasing on Wednesday, Feb. 4.

I hope you are finding the exercises useful. If you can state something in your own words, this means you know it. The practice of literal paraphrasing, while not academically ethical, is a useful tool when struggling to comprehend an author's words. I ask students to use paraphrase, direct citations and block quotes in their essays. One of each in a 750 word essay is generally a sufficient use of the text.

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