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6th Anniversary of the War

Wedensday, March 18, we spoke about the anniversary of the War in Afghanistan today, March 19, read poems (from a handout), and discussed student responses. You can post your responses here. If you need a copy of the poems I can email the package to you. Let me know.

There was a problem with the printers in the Open Lab, so many students emailed their papers to me. It's hard with Pid essays to respond via email, so I'll give them back to you on Monday with comments.

In the morning class we reviewed exercises from Part 4, Pronoun Agreement (108-123). The homework is to locate the errors in the Synthetica essay (124-126). If you do the error exercises then you don't have to complete them Monday, March 23.

There is no class Wednesday, March 25. It is a staff in-service and the college is closed.

We listened to the audio book: Dreams for My Father.Students in the afternoon class said they enjoyed it, so I'll play more at the next class.

What else?
Keep reading Dreams and writing your logs.

Sabah Said
English 201B
Mon/Wed 10-12

Free Write: choose a poem(s) and reflect on it and its topic: “war”

The poem that I was interested in is called, “the Hero” by Felix Pollak. It made sense it showed how the soldiers were forced to kill people, and fight in the war even though they didn’t want to. He talks about how he’s been in pain, how he didn’t want to shoot and they said he’ scared. In the end he died, and people thought he was a hero. But he was forced and how he had no choice. He wanted to live his life. They buried him and gave him a speech of how he’s a hero, even though his mother cried, and they said there proud of him. Even in the speech they told lies about him. I think the speech is something soldiers could relate to. I was interested in this poem because throughout his life at war he didn’t want to do bad things but they made him. He tried to avoid getting killed and killing others. They wouldn’t let him go. He suffered a lot, and he lost his life which is really sad. Some soldiers really have true stories that end up they way he did. Reading this poem show how a lot of lives are killed ad people are forced to do so. The way not only affected people at the war but everybody else to. Basically wars are based on loosing lives, and that’s sad and should be stopped.
Kelley Yuen
Professor Sabir
English 201A
MW 1-250pm

Free Write:
Give Back Peace by Sankichi Toge Japan (1917-1953)
In this poem “Give Back Peace,” it talks about how they have been taken over by other people. They will fight no matter how long it will take. All they wanted was their life back and especially their peace and freedom.

Rain on a Battlefield by Yehuda Amichai
In this poem “Rain on a Battlefield,” it talks about the rain is raining on everyone even on the dead people. Because they couldn’t bury the fallen soldiers, they have to be on the battlefield ground where the rains are hitting their faces. Some soldiers have a cloth cover them, but the others are not. I think they should have buried them for helping out fighting in the war that is the least they can do.
Mandukhai Andaan /Maggie/
English 201B
Mon/Wed 1-250

Free Write: choose a poem(s) and reflect on it and its topic: “war"

I chose "Speaking The Hero" by Felix Pollak. This poem is about a hero who left their home, family, and friends for fight in Iraq.
I really liked this poem because it's short and written well about the main point.

I like the line:
"I did not want to go,
But they inducted me.
They said I gave my life,
I had struggled to keep it.
I died a coward,
They called me a hero."

I think this line says, this person didn't wanted to go to war, but they put a pressure on him to go. This person died in scared but they called him a hero.
Adries Ahmed
English 201

The article about war for colonialism by Thomas Paine is on America for freedom. It wasn’t easy, but the soldiers were strong. The country Britain have laws that are not equal. Their cannot be freedom. All people deciding disagree have the right.
Carmen Truong
Professor Sabir
English 1A

Speak Out

I like the “Speak Out” poem the most because it represents liberty and freedom of speech. Everyone should standup for themselves regardless of any bad conditions that may occur. Young men and who are being drafted and killing each other is just a bloody war. We are living with full of love, we are not suppose to be drafted to die. Our mother, our father, our siblings is a piece of our heart. No one wants to be separate from their family and their love ones. “So now is the time for you to speak…”(Lawrence Ferlinghetti).
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